Monday, 31 December 2007


Location: Queensbay Mall, Penang.
Interior of Bakerzin
Their Dessert Tapas offers variety choices from a range of petite servings. I choose
Chocolate & caramel ice cream with hazelnut rice crispies
Well, hubby love this........hubby say something special. He reckon you have to take some chocolate and some caramel ice cream together then it taste GOOD! (But Sweet)
Raspberry panna cotta
Well...... I love this..... Don't know why recently I love yougurt taste..... this is rasberry with yougurt. It taste FABULOUS!!!!!!
Strawberry chocolate fondue
Basically it is strawberry with chocolate. Well, my gal loves this. She finished it. We only have the chance to taste once.

Coeur Noir - layers of dark chocolate mousse and sacher sponge, with brandy cherries and hazelnut dacquoise at the base.
This is nice...... chew had the middle of the cake it fill with brandy cherries.
Warm Chocolate Cake
Wow..... this is their popular desserts. It really taste good. Once you cut the cake, the hot chocolate will flow out. On top of the cake is vanila ice-cream. Below of the cake is a slice of orange. You must go with little bit of everything. Then it taste FABULOUS!!!!!!!
Hot Chocolate
This is my gal favourite "I LOVE YOU" hot chocolate. She ask me to mention it in the blog. As it got heart shape on top of the hot chocolate.
I told my gal I also had a heart shape. hahhahahha..... Cappuccino is ok. Not Bad!!!!

Sunday, 30 December 2007

Secret Recipe

Yougurt Cheese Cake
I have the crave for yougurt cheesecake few weeks ago. I missed the yougurt cheesecake from THE VIEW. So I went to Secret recipe to try their yougurt cheesecake. Their cheesecake is divided into three layers. The top is imported raspberry fruit filling, follow by natural home-made yogurt and light cheese. It taste wonderful if you like yougurt. The one I had in THE VIEW is different. They blend everything together. hmm........ really missed that.

Saturday, 29 December 2007

Koay Chap, Loh Chicken Maryland and Chicken Feet

Location: Kimberly Street, Penang
Koay Chap Porridge
This stall they serve Koay Chap and Koay Chap Porridge. Well, today i had the porridge and Chew had the Koay Chap. I don't know the Koay Chap can go with porridge. Wa...... is taste FABULOUS. Really Yummy! Chew like the Koay because it got the texture. But I like the koay thin. (Especially the one in Sarawak) But their soup and ingredients is EXCELLENT!!!!!
Loh Chicken Feet and Chicken Gilbret
Loh Chicken Maryland
This stall serve loh Chicken Feet, Chicken Gilbret, Chicken Maryland, Chicken Drumstick, Chicken Wings........... Their loh is not bad. Make all food become very tender.

Curry Mee

Location: Sungai Ara

Curry Mee
I don't know the name of the cafe as I forgot to look. hehehhehehee..... We went there to have breakfast since is nearer to my gal school. Well, the curry mee is ok. Different taste. Really like the uncle..... he gave many pepermint leaves......... hmmm...... a bit spicy......

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Almond Tea with Eu Char Koay

Location: Kimberly Street, Penang

Almond Tea with Eu Char Koay

Well, not many people like almond tea. As some will say it smell like cockroach and some say it has very strong smell. hahaha.... but they say it is good for beauty. hahhahaha..... Actually, I am not the fan of Almond tea but still can drink. The Eu Char Koay is EXCELLENT. After we reach home, it still taste very crunchy!!!!

Hawaii Sweet Corn

Location: Jalan Magazine, Penang
Hawaii Sweet Corn
Steam Kacang Putih
This evening, hubby crave for sweet corn. So after dinner we went to Jalan Magazine to buy some sweet corn. And hubby also saw some Kacang Putih. So he bought some for gal to try but gal don't like it. Gal love the corn and she finished it. They say the corn is NICE!!!! Kacang Putih as usual. Nothing special.

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Pizza Hut Delivery

Today, I am lazy to cook since I need to pick up Nee Nee from airport around 3.40pm. So after we reached home is around 4.30pm. So decided to take away. We order pizza hut for delivery. Hmm...... Chew complaint about the pizza is tasteless. haahhahah....... Off course we cannot compare the pizza from Melbourne. :P But it really don't taste good!!!!!
Chicken Supreme
Veggie Lover

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Jade Blossom Restaurant S/B (Our Christmas Dinner)

Location: 1-1-22 Krystal Point 2, Bayan lepas, Penang.
Old Cucumber with Spare Ribs Soup
EE Fu Noodles with Brinjal and Pork Mince
Duck with Mango and Lemon
Scallop with Lili Bud, Celery, Mushroom and Snow Peas
Salad Chicken
Red Bean with Dumpling
We decided not to cook this year as hubby feel tired. So this year is chinese christmas. hahhahahhaahaa We went to Jade Blosoom to have dinner and it's my treat.
Overall, Jade Blossom food is awesome. Actually this is hubby and my gal favourite restaurant. We use to go there very often but not this year. hahhahahahaaa.....
All the above food we try b4 except the EE Fu noodles with Brinjal and Pork Mince. It taste alright a bit spicy only. Quite special. If you love mango and duck, the above duck with mango and lemon is fabulous. Oh yeah, regina love the salad chicken. She almost finish it all. We just get to try 2 pieces each. hahahhahahah..........
Hubby favourite dessert - Red Bean with dumpling. If he want dessert, he will always order that. It is very nice.

Christmas Lunch @ home

We went to Queensbay shopping and we bought something from Jusco 4 lunch.

Korea Strawberry

Assorted Sushi

Honey Chicken
Well, this is our Christmas Lunch. We love the Korea Strawberry. It is juicy and sweet. It cost us $15.90 for 16 Strawberry. My gal loves the sushi. She almost finished the sushi. Just left 5 pieces for us. The honey chicken is not nice today. No taste at all. hahhahahahah......

Chee Chong Chok

Location: Super Tanker, Penang
Chee Chong Chok
Well, this stall Chee Chong Chok is so - so. You want to have the best Chee Chong Chok, go down town Penang. That one is fabulous. Will blog that next time I went there.

Monday, 24 December 2007

Bayan Baru Market

Deep Fried Fish with Bee Hoon Soup
My gal loves this Bee Hoon as the bee hoon cook perfectly. As some stall tend to overcook and it became too soft. And this stall fried fish is GOOD but have to be extra careful as sometime they might have some fish bones attach.
Western Food - Maryland
My gal ate this Maryland twice and each time she couldn't finish it. This stall western food is ok. But not the best. hahhahahahhahhaah

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Gurney Drive

A1 Ice Kacang


Muah Chee
After the dinner, we walk to gurney drive to have some dessert as Shek never try the rojak b4. Then we order muah chee too for them to try. Personally, I think gurney drive does not offer the best food in town. hahhahhahahaaaaaa.....

Oriental Seafood Gurney Sdn. Bhd.

Location: 42 Tanjong Tokong, 10470 Penang

Fried Mussel

Marmite Prawn

Black Pepper Crab

Hong Kong Kailan with Garlic
Geo Duck with Spring Onion

This is the photo of fresh Geo Duck
Overall the food is ok. The Marmite Prawn is nice. Black Pepper Crab is a bit spicy for them. Kailan is nice and crunchy. Fried Mussel is a bit salty. Geo Duck is fabulous and the most expensive dishes of the night. It is about 14.90 per 100gms. Guess how much is our Geo Duck???? If you want to know, write to me and i will let you know. hahahhahahahaaaaaa

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Ocean Green Restaurant & Seafood

Location: 48F, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10500 Penang.
Opening hours: 9.00am - 11.00pm
Chicken with Plum Sauce
Steam Promfret Fish

Tiger Shrimp
Fry Kailan with Macademian Nuts, Mushroom and Top Shell.
Mantis Prawn with garlic and chilli

"O" Chien

Deep-fried Chicken
How to describe our lunch????? Hmm...... FANTASTIC!!!! most of the dishes are good apart from the steam promfret and tiger shrimp. Actually their satay is nice too but it only available @ night. I highly recommend you must try their deep fried chicken, "O" - Chien and Mantis Prawn with garlic and chilli.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Nasi Kandar Ayam Bawang

Location: Jalan Tengah, Penang

Nasi with curry sauce, lady fingers, potatoes, brinjal, ayam bawang and deep fried beancurd
Usually when the stall open @ 5.30pm there will be people queue up to buy their ayam bawang. So if you want to try out, please go early to avoid dissapointment. Well, I try their ayam bawang b4 and it is very nice and the aroma is fabulous. Today, I found out their deep fried beancurd is excellent too. After chew try the beancurd, he also say is GOOD!

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Cafe Sin Chin San @ Macalister Road, Penang

Location: Macalister Road, Penang

Wantan Mee

Mee Sua Soup

BBQ Chicken Wings

Char Koay Tiaw

Lala with Spicy Sauce
Their spicy LALA is nice, BBQ chicken wings not bad, Mee Sua soup is wonderful and wantan mee is just ok. However, Char Koay Tiaw is not nice. Use to be good but don't know why today it taste bad. A bit dissapointment. :(
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