Friday, 31 October 2008

Batu Maung Seafood Restaurant

Location: 205 BLK-k, MK-12, Batu Maung, 11960 Bayan Lepas, Penang.
H/P: 019-4159958
Business Hours: 11.30am -2.30pm
Hubby suggests us to go to Batu Maung Seafood Restaurant for dinner. The last time we went there was few years back. So it's time for another visit and reviews the foods. lol
Batu Maung Seafood Restaurant

Stair case lead to the restaurant.......
I brought my gal to their mini aquarium to look at their fresh fishes...... oysters, lobsters........

Fresh Oysters & Lobsters

Fresh fishes and flower crabs

Scenery from the restaurants

Interior of the restaurant
Braised Peanuts
After you order your foods and drinks, they will serve you this braised peanuts. And this is my gal favourite. So she gobble all into her tummy. lol

Stir fry Asparagus

Deep fried Ang Sai with special sauce
The fish is super crunchy and the sauce is quite nice. My gal loves it.

Cheese Bake Oysters
We order two of the oysters as my hubby cannot stand to see the oysters are so BIG. lol And this time, we try cheese bake. And it tastes not bad.

Deep Fried Mini Squids
wow..... this is another super crunchy foods. The mini squids are so cute and yet very crunchy and tasty.

Steam Kappa with garlic
Well..... if you are not garlic fans then it is better not to order this dish as there are lots of garlics in there. But we love it. lol
Overall..... we are very satisfy with our meals. And the total cost for the day is just RM79.00 (including rice + drinks)

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Nippon Yatamaimura Japanese Restaurant

Location: LG-83 Queensbay Mall, Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Tel: 604-6468763
After unsatisfactory dinner, hubby still feel hungry. So I suggest him to dine in Nippon Yataimura since we wanted to try out this restaurant for quite some time. We been there a few times in the past and it is always long queue. lol

Entrance of Nippon Yatamaimura Japanese Restaurant

Interior of Nippon Yatamaimura
After the disappointing choice that we made previously, I decided to stick to the good review of Gekikara Ramen from Penang Tua Pui and Makan King and Queen. lol

Gekikara Ramen
The waitress asked me which level I want to choose. She recommend me Level 4 as she say it is not too spicy. So I chose Level 4. It is not really spicy. And it taste nice. I guess can go for another level up next time. lol The ramen is ok.
I told hubby that I don't want to order anything else as I heard that the ramen is very BIG bowl. Hubby thought that I am kidding. So he went on and order the following dishes:

White Tuna Sashimi
Yum... Yum...... hubby and I like this one. As the white tuna is so tender and melt in the mouth. This time hubby make a right choice. lol

This is my gal order and she finished it all by herself.

Deluxe Combo
Hubby order this for himself. I asked him several times is he sure that he can finish it???
And he says yes......
I get to try the Chawanmushi from the set. And it tastes very nice. I tried the prawn tempura..... fresh salmon, fresh tuna, grilled unagi, watermelon.... and it tastes nice but the sushi is just so-so.

Rice Paper Roll Ebi

Rice Paper Roll Salmon
Overall..... their foods are quite nice and the price is very reasonable. At least after we walked out from the restaurants, hubby did not show unsatisfied face to us. lol


Location: Grd Flr No.26, Queensbay Mall, Penang.
Tel: 04 - 6455872
We went out for dinner few days ago and since I was in a hurry I forgot to bring along the camera. At first we went to check out some restaurants next to QBM. But hubby does not feel like having any foods from there. So I recall that hubby make a comments few months back that the food @ MACEDOINE looks nice. So we went to........


Set Menu

After browsing the menu, we decided to take their set dinner as it is very cheap. Where you can Soup + Drink + Main course for just RM13.80++ and RM14.80++

Hot Chocolate
This is extra order for my gal and she says that the hot chocolate is nice.

Crystanethum Drink ~ Our drinks

Mushroom Soup
After we placed our order, immediately we were served with mushroom soup. We were impressed with their nice presentation of the soup.  And we try the soup which is not bad. So we were hoping that the main course won't disappoint us. lol

100% Drum Wheat Flour Spaghetti
Hubby order came first. B4 he started eating, both my gal and hubby already told me that it has a very strong Parmesan cheese aroma. lol After hubby tried, he asked our gal to try as she loves spaghetti too. Immediately after she try..... she comments that it taste not good. Then I suggest to hubby that I swap with him. He can have my Charbroiled Macedoine Mix Grill.

Charbroiled Macedoine Mix Grill
After few minutes, mix grill arrived. And the presentation is nice. And they start dig in. They start with the sausage and gal say is ok. Follow by the chicken and they comments so-so and the lamb is too hard to bite. Overall.... I think their food is towards fusion type.
We did not finished both of the main course and we asked for the bill. The waitress came over and asked hubby what he thinks about the food. lol Hubby just comments the drinks is a bit too sweet for him. Then we pay and left. :P
I told hubby perhaps that their special is the fisherman's basket. Actually we asked for recommendation from the waitress and she recommends the above foods for us. She also suggest fisherman's basket to us but since it is deep fried, we did not order that.

Ritz Cakes & Pastries Sdn. Bhd.

Location: 98-G-23, Medan Fettes, Prima Tanjung 11200 Penang. (opp Island Plaza)
Tel: 04-8991254
Since we were nearby Island Plaza over the weekend, I asked hubby to drop by Ritz Cakes & Pastries Sdn. Bhd. to try out their cakes.

Ritz Cakes & Pastries Sdn. Bhd.

Green Tea Cake
Cariso did mention about their green tea cake b4. So off course I need to try it out. lol
Well.... I am not a green tea cake fans. But if you are one of them, then you must really try this cake. My hubby loves it very much. This is better than the cake story green tea cake as they put lots of blend red bean in there. lol Hubby reckon that he might order this for grandma birthday next year. lol
*****We were told by the cake shops that we should put the green tea cake at room temperature for half an hour b4 we consume*****
Chocolate Moist Cake
This is my gal choice. She loves chocolates cake. lol But out of surprise she did not finished it as she told me it is just so-so. I get to try some and the cake is too moist. My gal prefer the cake story moist cake.

Black Forest Cake
And the last cake that we try is the black forest cake. Well.... their black forest cake is not bad.
We will drop by  to Ritz again next time to try their other cakes. So anyone got any suggestion of which cake I should try in my next visit there?
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