Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Restoran Sin Hwa Lam Seafood Restaurant @ Batu Maung, Penang

If you are familiar with this place, then you should know that they have moved from here
Kafe Sin Hai Beng to
Restoran Sin Hwa Lam Seafood Restaurant
Today I am going to combine the 2 dining posts together. The upper part of the post are posts that I dine in Sin Hai Beng whereas the second part was dine in Restoran Sin Hwa Lam Seafood Restaurant.
Steamed Fish with Teochew Style
The fish is very fresh and the Teochew style tastes nice......

Pai Kut Ong
Hubby ordered this for my gal and the Pai Kut is very tender and thin. and it tastes nice..... my gal loves it very much.
Stir fry vegetables with garlic
Following are the meal that we order from Restoran Sin Hwa Lam Seafood Restaurant:
Watercress Soup with Spare Ribs
Spare Ribs
My gal also enjoying this dish very much.
Sizzling Bean curd
The bean curd is very smooth and soft. Tastes nice.
Stir fry Broccoli with mushrooms
Overall, their foods taste nice and yet with reasonable price. ^o^

Monday, 27 April 2009

Kheng Pin Cafe @ Penang Road, Penang

During one weekend, we stop by Penang Road again to have something to eat since hubby needs to get something done along Penang Road. So we went to Kheng Pin Cafe to have something to eat. And we order the following foods:
Loh Bak
When you come to Keng Pin Cafe, one thing usually people will order is their loh bak. I remember few years back when I tried loh bak, I fall in love with it as it still stayed very crunchy after some time. ^o^ This time round, hubby orders some squid. And it tastes nice. My gal enjoys it very much as it is very tender. ^o^
Century Egg and Pork Porridge
Well..... for me I go for the porridge that day. So I ordered the century egg and pork porridge. And the porridge tastes not bad.
Hokkien Mee
Actually this is suppose to be hubby's order but when this arrived, my gal told my hubby that she wants hokkien mee instead of wantan mee. ^o^ And she enjoys this bowl of hokkien mee even though she comments it is spicy. ^o^
Wantan Mee
Hubby had this and we try this wantan mee before and it tastes nice.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Kedai Kopi Golden Happy @ Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, Sungai Nibong, Penang

During one weekend, hubby want to have some chu char and he is running out of idea where to have some chu char that we have not tested. Then I recall this shop located at Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, Sungai Nibong. Which are few shops before the Kedai Ayamas, Sungai Nibong.
The chu char stall provide us with a simple menu. Then we have a look and we ordered:
Stir fry bean sprout with salted vegetables ~ RM6
We enjoys this stir fry bean sprout very much although it is quite an easy dish.
Omelette (Fu Yong Tan) ~ RM6
Hubby ordered this for my gal but we found that it is a bit too salty to our liking.
Winter Melon Spare Ribs Soup ~ RM4
The soup is nice....... and the spare ribs is very tender. My gal drank most of this soup. ^o^
Stew Fermented Black Beans Spare Ribs ~ RM10
This is their special for the day. And out of surprise it is not salty at all. But i would prefer that if they can stew a bit longer so that the spare ribs will be more tender. ^o^
Total bill came to RM28.40 (including 3 rice). When you stop by this shop, you could try the other stall Beef Claypot Noodles. There are lots of people ordering it and it smells nice. And by the look of it the beef must be very tender. ^o^

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Kafe 78 @ Corner of Jalan Seri Bahari and Penang Road, Penang

Since hubby need to visit one of of the shops in Penang Road, we dropped by the following coffee shop to have our breakfast cum lunch. ^o^
Kafe 78
Location: Corner of Jalan Bahari and Penang Road (Opposite of Kek Seng)
There are lots of food choices in this coffee shop. So we ordered the following food to try:
Sauces for Yong Tao Hu
Yong Tao Hu
This stall located at the corner front of the shop. And you can choose to have your yong tao hu with bee hoon, noodles, tang hoon......... or without. And we opt for the last option as we ordered other foods to try too. And there are lots of choices of yong tao hu. Such as different kinds of fish ball, meat ball, seaweed. lady fingers, bitter gourd, vegetables, chillies.......... I am sure you can find some that suits you.
The soup base is nice as there are lots of deep fried garlic and shallot in the soup. Nice aroma. But I found that the fish ball is a bit too salty for my liking. ^o^
Nasi Lemak
Zoom version of ikan billis and sambal
Curry Chicken
Additional stir fry french beans and potatoes curry
Hubby went around the shop as usual. So he will do all the ordering for us. And I am very easy person as I loves to try out different kind of food. ^o^
Hubby was attracted by this stall nasi lemak with the aroma. And secondly, there are lots of people patronise this stall. So hubby think that it must be good. ^o^ Then he order this plate of Nasi Lemak for me to try. The verdict is........ indeed not bad..... My gal also try it out as it is not too spicy. So for non- spicy lover, you can check out this stall. Apart from the dishes hubby ordered, there are also plenty of choices. Do drop by and check it out yourself.
Wantan Mee
Hubby had this. By the look of the noodle textures, I can know that the noodles taste nice. And I am right, hubby told me that the wantan mee taste good.
Hokkien Mee
oh...... this is off course my gal bowl of hokkien mee. Look not spicy at all, right? As photo taken before added the chillies. This time round, my gal does not want to add the chillies in her bowl of hokkien mee. And she told me it tastes great. Hubby asked me to try the soup base whether it tastes nice according to my gal. So I asked permission from my gal is that ok for me to try and she let me try some. Without the chillies, the soup base is still so sweet and have a nice aroma of prawn. No wonder, she kept digging this bowl of hokkien mee once she starts to having it. ^o^

Monday, 20 April 2009

Invited Review - Haven Delights @ Penang Times Square

Last Saturday, I was invited to attend the review of Haven Delights @ Penang Times Square by Criz Lai. First of all, I would like to thanks Criz Lai and Mr. Ng Boon Tong (Chairman and Managing Director of Haven Delights) for their invitation. And also to all the Chefs and staff of Haven Delights. We are very well take care by them.
Location: Penang Times Square, 77-L1-34, Jalan Dato Keramat, 10150 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: 604-210 8855, 604-210 8856
Business Hours: 10.30am -11.00pm
I did not took any of the interior photos for this visit as I already took that on my previous visit. My previous visit can be viewed from here. Apart from the  A la Carte dishes, Haven Delights  also serves buffet lunch and dinner.  It cost RM49.90++ per person and whereas for kid is 50% off. You can order from the buffet menu section as many as you could within the time frame of 2 hours from the time you step into the restaurant. Buffet would be open from 10.30am - 11pm daily.
You must be wonder what is this right? Well, it is a questionnaire prepared by Criz for us (Food Floggers) who attend this review. We have to tick on the appropriate box from bad to superb about the tastes and food presentation. Apart from that we can write our remarks (if any) and also overall rating of the restaurant ambience's, customer service, food choices, pricing........
Hotzz Abalone and Unagi Tofu
We started of by having the cold cuts. And we are honoured to try two types of cold cuts ~ Hotzzz Abalone and Unagi Tofu. Hotzz Abalone is basically abalone slices with home made spicy paste and eel sauce. For this dish, it is a bit spicy for kids. However, I find it very appetising.
For Unagi Tofu, the tofu is very silky, like Tau Fu Fah but it is firmer and cold. It is topped with grilled eel and garnished with sweet sauce. Which I found that it tastes nice.
Chicken Ban Ban ~ Rm10
Next, we had Chicken Ban Ban. Chicken Ban Ban is Fusion Japanese fried chicken with egg in chef's special mayo sauce. The Chicken texture is like chicken nuggets texture. It is a bit hard. I prefer the chicken to be more tender. Regarding this dish there are 2 other specialties which are the deep fried egg and the chef's special mayo sauce. The deep fried egg is very crunchy and nice. The sauces are actually mayonnaise, wasabi mayonnaise and Japanese special sweet sauce.
Tip: You should combine all the sauces together with the egg and chicken , that would be fabulous. ^o^
Red Dragon Prawn with Jammy Sauce ~ RM20
When I look at the menu list provided by Criz, I already spotted this dish as Criz blog about this dish before. This dish consists of deep fried prawns, white dragon fruit and jammy sauce. I found that this dish is very appetising as the sweet and sour is well blend together.
Motoyaki Scallop ~ RM14
Grilled scallop with home made spicy mayo sauce. It is a bit spicy for those who cannot take spicy food like my gal as I think the chef put some chili flakes, Tabasco sauce and mayonnaise on top of the scallop. ^o^
Korean Beef Kimchi ~ RM16
Basically the chef fry the home made kimchi with beef slices. The kimchi is very appetising.
Lamb Terriyaki ~ RM18
Grilled lamb with herbs in homemade sweet sauce. Well, I personally enjoyed this dish. As the grilled lamb is very tender, juicy and succulent.
Homemade Spicy Chicken ~ RM15
This is another nice dish that I enjoyed. It is deep fried chicken with home made spicy sauce. From the pictures you can see that they use fermented black bean, curry leaves, garlic, pepper.....
The chicken is very tender and succulent. Love it after the first bite. ^o^ And it is a bit spicy for those who cannot take spicy foods.
Shanghai Honey Spare Ribs ~ RM 18
Basically it is fried spare ribs with honey sauce. However, it is too salty towards my liking.
Chicken Bomb
This dish is not in the menu, it is a surprise dish by the executive chef.Basically the outer part is chicken and the inside of the chicken bomb is grilled salmon with onion, lots of herbs.........
The name is quite creative.......^o^
Tempura Cheese Maki
Hong Kong Special Wan Tan Noodle ~ RM22
The noodle is same as the noodle that I ordered previously ~ Silky Lau Mee. The textures of the noodles is very QQ. Their wantan is is very big. And the taste vice is nice. The soup base is very sweet.
Japanese Yaki Udon ~ RM12
It is basically a stir fry Japanese rice noodles with bonito flakes.
Next...... desserts time.........
We try their home made desserts - Kuru Goma Ice cream (RM8) and Macha Ice Cream (RM8). I have tried both of the desserts on my first visit but without the toppings.
Kuru Goma Ice Cream is black sesame ice cream. It is top with crushed peanuts. It has a strong aroma of black sesame and it tastes sweet. Whereas Macha Ice Cream is a bit bitter with a strong green tea aroma top with red bean paste and mochi. I find that it tastes better with red bean instead of the green tea ice-cream alone. As it balance up the bitterness from the green tea ice-cream.
You can drop by to other attended food floggers website to check out their review and they are:
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