Thursday, 2 April 2009

Kopitiam May ~ Beijing Seafood @ Relau, Penang

We wanted to try out the "Chu Char" for quiet some time. As each time we passed by this shop, we saw there are lots of people patronise this shop. So during one food hunt, we decided to try it out. The "Chu Char" is actually located inside
Kopitiam May
The "Chu Char" stall is call Beijing Seafood. They are located at
823-G-16, Hilir Paya Terubong, Mukim 13, 11900, Penang.
Contact number: 016-4868522 (Annie Yew)
And they are closed on Monday.
Map Location
We asked the auntie who took our orders to suggest us their popular dishes. And she asked us whether we would like to try their
Siam Pig Trotter
Then hubby is like err....... and look at me.......^o^ Since we were told it's their specialty..... both of us decided to order it and try. can see from the photos..... it is very crunchy in the outside and very tender in the inside of the pig trotter. We quite enjoy it.
Stir Fry Vegetables ~ RM5
Kerabu Chicken ~ RM6
The kerabu chicken is not bad.....the chicken is very tender and the kerabu is very appetising.
Actually hubby wants to order more but we were told by the auntie to order extra only if we feel we had not enough after all the dishes served. ^o^
ABC potatoes soup
We did not ordered this. And we were so puzzle and about to ask. And the auntie who took our orders came to us and asked us how the Pig Trotter tastes? We told her that it is very nice. Then she told me that the soup is free for us. ^o^ And the soup tastes very nice.
Luckily..... the auntie stop us from ordering extra..... as we were too full after all the dishes being serves. And the total bill is only RM28.80(including 3 rice). Cheap????
*****Please went there early to avoid longer waiting time. Especially weekend.*****


Unknown said...

just drop by to say Hi and let u know that i'm food blogger also.. Tata.. :-)

Sunny said...

I have been reading your blog with great joy since I am an ex-Penangnite. Still miss all these great food. Just a stupid question from me:

What is "Chu Char"?

I see this term a lot but am not sure what it means. Please enlighten.

Anonymous said...

another nice and cheap chu char place....the kerabu chicken looks good...

Little Inbox said...

Quite a number of chu car stall close on Monday. Hmm...another cheap chu char to savor. :)

allie said...

Siam Pig Trotter is good if the meat is not too dry. :p

Unknown said...

Life Of Continues - Will drop by your blog's. Keep up the good job and happy blogging. Thanks for dropping by! ^o^

Sunny - I am glad that you enjoy reading my blog. Do drop by more often with new updates. ^o^
Regarding your question, it's not stupid at all. ^o^ Well.... some people call it "Chu Char", "Zhu Char"....... it's actually economy type of cooking. And the pricing is a slightly cheaper compares to the upper class restaurant. ^o^

SimpleGirl - Yes.... another place for cheap chu char... the kerabu chicken tastes nice. ^o^

Unknown said...

Little Inbox - yes.... mostly closed on Monday. ^o^ Yes... give it a try!

allie - yes.... if the inside meat is succulent and tender. ^o^ I thought you will say sinful for the Siam Pig Trotter. :P

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