Monday, 6 April 2009

兴發咖啡店煮炒飯档 @ Pantai Jerejak, Penang

During one outing, we run out of idea where to have our dinner. Then after much thinking, I recall that there is one chu char stall in Pantai Jerejak which we visited many years ago. I am not too sure whether they have change owner or not. But we dine in @
The stall is located @ Pantai Jerejak, Penang. It is located as the same row of Restaurant Kampar Fish Ball Jelly.
For the night we ordered:
Curry Fish ~ RM8
Their curry fish has a very strong curry powder flavour. And the fishes are fresh and taste not bad. With the value of RM8 we were thrilled as there are so many fishes and other ingredients in there.
Stir fry Choy Sam with garlic ~ RM4
Bean curd ~ RM6
Look at the ingredients..... there are lots of them..... and it only costs us RM6. Unbelievable.... and the tastes vice are not bad.
Overall..... we were so surprise when hubby foot the bill. The total bill is only RM19.60 (which include 3 rice). They also serving the economy rice during lunch and dinner time.


cariso said...

Hey, this one CHEAP oi! I open my eyes wide already :)

minchow said...

Really cheap! Value for money! But I'd stay away from curry where the use of curry powder is so obvious.

阙爱芬╭* said...

哇~ 那个咖哩鱼看起来很好吃呢! 连我这个大肚婆也看到流口水,应该很不错.价格也很便宜,谢谢介绍.

New Kid on the Blog said...

ai yo, this is cheap. i think day to day meal at home that costs that cheap.

Christina Kim said...

Hey, I also agree that it's really value for money!!
Must go try...Pantai Jerejak, you say??

soo sean said...

You have tried quite a lot of the chur char stall in Penang, huh? :)

Little Inbox said...

Wow, now a days, your family really dine out a lot on Chu Char. The food is really cheap!

foodbin said...

cheap and looks delicious too

Anonymous said...

really a great deal!!! Pantai jerejak is near pulau jerejak??

Unknown said...

cariso - yes.... my reaction also like you when hubby foot the bill. ^o^

550ml jar of faith - yes... really cheap and value for money. ^o^

Fanny - yes.... it's very cheap and you can try it out! ^o^

NKOTB - Agree with you.... when we cooked for small family... sometime the price is more than this. ^o^

Unknown said...

Christy - Yes... value for money. Yes, in Pantai Jerejak. It is the same row as the Restaurant Kampar Fish Ball Jelly. Wait to see your review. ^o^

soo sean - yes.... as I don't cook during weekend. And sometime my hubby and gal want chu char so we went around Penang and food hunt chu char. ^o^

Little Inbox - yes.... as recently they like chu char than other foods. So mainly my posts now are chu char..... ^o^

foodbin - yes very cheap. ^o^

SimpleGirl - yes... very good deal. err.... quite near I could say.... but need some driving distance. ^o^

BC said...

waa..very nice intro... Is is at the same block of shop lots with the public bank? Or the shop lots opposite the PBB where it has yaki-teppan and pioneer accessory shop..?? Thanks!

Unknown said...

BC - Thanks for dropping by. ^-^ It is located at the same shop lot as yaki-teppan.

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