Sunday, 12 April 2009

Xin Jiang Cafe @ Sungai Ara, Penang

We saw the advertisement banner of Xin Jiang Cafe few months ago when it start it's operation. But we did not have the chance to try it out. We passed by there once and did not see any customers there and thought that it was closed but after reading Cariso posts about this place, we decided to give it a try. 
Xin Jiang Stall
Location: 14 A Lengkok Kenari, Desa Ria, Sungai Ara.
Tel: 04-6437885, 016-4227885
Stir fry enokitake mushroom with garlic ~ RM7
Hubby is asking the person who took our order what sort of vegetables available for the night and she gave us a list and we decided to order enokitake mushroom. As we asked how they cook the enokitake mushroom and she told us just stir fry with garlic. Since we never try it before, so we ordered this dish to try.
And it turns out to be nice. So this is another way for me to prepare a quick dinner. ^o^
Three cup chicken
Then we ordered three cup chicken too. There are lots of basil aroma in there and hubby loves it but however, I find that if they could deep fried the chicken to more crispy, it would taste more better. ^o^
Seafood Claypot ~ RM18
This is one of the dishes that attracts hubby and I to visit this place from Cariso's blog. As we think that there are lots of ingredients in the seafood claypot. ^o^ And the tastes vice is not bad. Look at the pictures and you will know what ingredients are inside the seafood claypot. And the prawns are quite big too. ^o^
Overall......the total bill is RM31.80(which include 1 rice). 


Steven Goh said...

Wah, nice woo... No wonder I see the name is like I read from other blog before, not until I see you mentioned about Cariso. So many people blog about this place, it must be very good. I am going there too :)

Penang Tua Pui said...

hmmm cheap wor... okok... can go and try liao.. :P

Little Inbox said...

Har?? Both of u share a rice?

Unknown said...

Steven Goh - Have a try and wait to see your review. ^o^

PTP - Yes.... I think is cheap too. Try it out! Will wait to see your review soon. ^o^

Little Inbox - Surprise??? lol Actually.... no.... my gal and I had a late lunch so we were so full, so we just eat the dishes. So hubby are the only one who eat rice. ^o^

Anonymous said...

the food look a bit bland...doesn't look like the Penang style of cooking...?!

Selba said...

The three cup chicken looks so yummy :)

worldwindows said...

Great Chu Char stuff. Its stalls like this that will feed the starving urbanites.

soo sean said...

Your blog has a lot of chur char place. Like it. :)

foodbin said...

i would go for the seafood claypot.

meiyi said...

hey.. the duck meat looks good!
i wonder if you could find roasted goose in penang?

cariso said...

I like this zhu char stall lah, cheap and good SO FAR. :)

Unknown said...

SimpleGirl - ^o^

Selba - Tastes s0 -so for me but great for hunny. ^o^

worldwindows - yes.....^o^

soo sean - Thanks! Great that you like it. ^o^

foodbin - yes.... worth for value and so many ingredients in the claypot.

meiyi - I think you suppose to leave message in the next posts. ^o^ Well..... the only roasted goose I know is Canton-i but too bad now it's out of stock. ^o^

cariso - Hope that the stall can survive lah......

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