Friday, 3 April 2009

Canton-i @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

Today I am going to blog about Canton - i, I believe that most of you in Penang and KL should known this place. As most floggers have blogged about this place. I am going to combine my two visit in this blog. The first visit is with my friend and gal and the second visit is with my gal only. ^o^
I will begin with my first visit during February 2009. At first we intend to go to another outlet but we keep chatting with each other and forgot where we want to go and I just realise that we are nearby Canton-i, then my friend asked me whether I dine in there before and I told her "No". Then my friend told me to have a look, if we need to wait, we better change to another place as my gal is complaining she is so hungry. ^o^
And so surprise and cum lucky I guessed...... we no need to wait. We were straight lead by the waitress to our place. And after browsing through the menu, we ordered:

Soya Bean (RM3.50 and Ice Yin Yong (RM5.50)
Siew Mai ~ RM9.00
My friend asked my gal whether she would like to have some siew mai as most kids love it. And my gal say "YES", so we proceed with our order. And my gal enjoyed eating this and she finished 3 of them. This is another reason why she demand to go back the second time. Just because of this siew mai. ^o^
Egg Tart
I knew my friend take egg tart. So I suggested to her that we try the egg tart as it is their signature dish. The egg tart tastes not bad and I think it will taste nicer when the tart just came out from the oven. ^o^ 
Char Leong (RM7.80)
Wow..... when my friend saw this, she straight away ordered this as we hardly see "Char Leong" in Penang. This is one of the dish that we will order when we had our "Yum Cha" session in the good old days. ^o^ And I quickly share this news to my hubby. As I think it's been more than 15 years that he never tastes "Char Leong". ^o^
Char Leong Sauce
Normally we will put the sauce above the "char leong" before we start digging in.
Cuttle Fish and Jelly Fish (RM9.80)
This is also one of my friend favourites and also one of the dishes we used to order. Guess what? My gal enjoy having the cuttle fish......^o^
Lean meat with Century Egg Porridge (RM10.80)
My friend opts for lean meat with century egg porridge. And she comments that it tastes not bad.
Char Siew Rice ~ Rm11.80
My gal chose Char Siew Rice and she comments that it taste ok.
During the March school holiday, my gal and I went to Queensbay Mall for a late lunch. And I asked what she want to eat? And the answer is Canton-i. ^o^ She is after the "Siew Mai".
Hot Yin Yong
At first I did not realised the design of the cup. As the cup is facing another direction. It's my gal told me...... "Mum.... look at the cup..... so cute!" ^o^ Then I took the photo of this hot yin yong.
Fried rice with chicken and salted fish (RM14)
After browsing through the menu, I asked my gal whether she would love to try fried rice with chicken and salted fish as our Sabah Trip, she likes this type of fried rice very much which she tried @ Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe.
The fried rice is indeed very nice. With the "Wok Hei". It is an excellent choice that we had make. ^o^
Five Treasure Rice (RM15)
This rice consists of 5 treasures. They are Roast Pork, loh bean curd, loh egg, cuttle fish and loh chicken.
My gal chose this as she can have the cuttlefish again and also tried other things.
Roast Pork
The roast pork tastes nice and crunchy. My gal enjoys having it.

Chili Sauce
Orange Egg Custard
From the last visit we were so full and we did not ordered any deserts. So this visit, I decided to order one and try. And I chose Fresh Orange Egg Custard. I told the waiter not to serve me right away as I would like to have it after my lunch. So after I almost finished my meal, I asked the waiter for my orange egg custard as they need time to prepare it and it is nice to have it while it is hot.
The verdict is my gal does not like it. As she doesn't really enjoy egg custard. So I have it all by myself. It has a strong orange aroma as the egg custard is steam inside the orange. If you like egg custard, you might want to check this out. ^o^
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foodbin said...

i like their roast pork.

Anonymous said...

the orange egg custard looks cute..I guess the orange lover will love it!

New Kid on the Blog said...

know what?? this is the worst char leong that i ever have... the best is till imbi palace.... :)
oh dear... i miss the dim sum there... and am sure Food for Tots will agree with me. :)

Unknown said...

foodbin - yes their roast pork tastes nice. ^o^

SimpleGirl - yes.... it looks cute. That's why I ordered it. ^0^ Yes.... orange and egg custard lover might like it.

NKOTB - Well.... this is not the best char leong I ever tested but it is hard to get any char leong in Penang. Do you know any other place that have nice Char Leong in Penang?

Lingzie said...

nice photos!! especially of the roast pork. hehe. i did hear that the siew mai here is nice. havent tried it yet. :)

Unknown said...

Lingzie - Thanks! do try it next time when you are @ Canton-i. My gal loves it very much. ^o^

Faye fly said...

i like it cha leong !! but a little sweet...

My Taste Heaven said...

I like food @ Canton-i but for the fried rice, you should give a try to the cheese fried rice at Shanghai Ding ( near Queensbay Mall, same row as HSBC), very nice!!

Anonymous said...

that orange custard is so interesting! so cute to come in an orange. I would just LOVE a huge roll of that char leong. mmm! how come I never heard of this place the last time I was at KL and Penang?

gill gill said...

Bad experience here. for this kind of price, their quality of food is still not up to standard, they are up selling their image, but not the food.

Becklee said...

I wonder if Canton-i is "related" to Dragon-i because I like the food there. Haven't tried Canton-i though. The dim sum dishes sure look good and mouth-watering.

cariso said...

cha leong in chinese is=?

sakaigirl said...

i've been here once for tea-time, love their egg tarts! but it's really expensive dining out here! Tasted their yin yong, still prefer our teh tarik! i think penang hawker stall's char siew rice tasted better, and much more cheaper!

Unknown said...

Faye fly - nice to know that you like it. Too bad a bit sweet for you. ^o^ Thanks for dropping by.

My Taste Heaven - ok.... noted... will try the cheese fried rice @ Shanghai Ding. Thanks for your recommendation and thanks for dropping by. ^o^

burpandslurp - yes... it is very cute. Canton - i just started operating in Penang few months ago. So how long is your last visit to Penang? Thanks for droping by. ^o^

Unknown said...

gill gill - too bad that you have bad experience there. ^o^

Becklee - I am not too sure whether they are related. But do give it a try!

cariso - 炸两

Unknown said...

sakaigirl - yes... I agree with you that their food are expensive. It's great that you like their egg tarts.

Hong CN said...

the char siew and siew bak are very tempting. The combination of fat and lean meat are just in proper composition scale. Not too fat and not too lean. The bite definitely perfect :-)

Still figuring out the Char Leong, will try one day for sure.

Unknown said...

Hong CN - Go and have a try and wait to see your review soon. ^o^

J2Kfm said...

hmm, and i expected the orange egg custard to be good, presented well, like souffle?

the roast pork looks sinful ...

Unknown said...

J2Kfm - The presentation of the orange custard is nice...... sinful roast pork ya... ^-^

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