Thursday, 9 April 2009

E.T. Steam Boat Restoran @ Rangoon Road, Penang

Sound familiar? Simple yet delicious meal can be found @ No.4 Rangoon Road, Penang. This restaurant has been operating over 10 years or may be even more. You can contact them @ 04-2266025.
It has been many years that we did not visit this restaurant. And during one weekend outing, we drop by this restaurant and give it a try again!
Setting of E.T. Steam Boat Restoran
We went there numerous time in the past but we never try their steam boat. ^o^ We always wanted to try their steam boat but each time end up with their "chu char". ^o^
So hubby ordered the following for lunch:
Sesame Chicken
Well.... their sesame chicken is a bit different from what we usually had. The sesame aroma is mainly in the ginger slice. The ginger is thinly slice and deep fried. So it is very crunchy. I think this must be one of their special dishes. As every time we went there, they always recommend us this.
Stir fry Cabbage
Although it is a very simple dish but the cabbage tastes very crunchy and sweet. And my gal enjoyed it very much.
Curry Fish
The person who take our order asked if we want some curry. And my gal quickly say "YES"...... so we ordered this curry for her. And she loves it although a bit spicy for her. ^o^
Overall..... the foods are nice and hope next time when we went back we would able to try their steamboat. ^o^ And the total bill is RM40.50 (including 4 rice (my gal had 2 plate), nuts, tea and towels).


Unknown said... they have an outlet at Gottlied Road too?

Lingzie said...

wah! havent been to this place in a long long time! i remember when i was a kid i used to love going there for their crunchy wantons!lol

Little Inbox said...

I believe I saw ET Steamboat at Gottlieb road when I studied at Penang Chinese Girls' High School.

Anonymous said...

never know they have nice chu char as well....the sesame chicken looks good

Unknown said...

Mycocoland - I am not too sure. But you might be right as Little Inbox mention that E.T. Steamboat is @ Gottlieb Road.

Lingzie - really? Then perhaps I should try that next time. ^o^

Little Inbox - Perhaps they moved or they have an outlet there too. I am not too sure as when I start dining in E.T. Steamboat it's already located in Rangoon Road. ^o^

Unknown said...

SimpleGirl - I always dine in there for their chu char and never try the steamboat before. Have you try their steamboat? Is it nice? Well... the sesame chicken tastes nice. Give it a try next time. ^o^

email2me said...

The curry spice is prepared fresh or got maggie taste? Looks good to me though. But I still prefer the one in Jalan Perak for my stingray curry.

soo sean said...

Haha...The blog tittle is steam boat restaurant, but ended up with chu char dishes...

J2Kfm said...

creative use of ginger strips, normally they garnish fried fish with those.

allie said...

the chicken and curry looks great!

Unknown said...

email2me - Which one @ Perak Road?

soo sean - ya lor..... never try their steam boat. ^o^

J2Kfm - That's why a bit different. ^o^

allie - Tastes nice too. Give it a try!

sakaigirl said...

The curry and chicken looks inviting! I love the smell and taste of ginger!

Unknown said...

sakaigirl - Perhaps you and KK should try it out! It is very easy to locate the place. If you coming from Burma Road, turn left to Rangoon Road and the restaurant is somewhere in your right. ^o^

My Taste Heaven said...

Oh, almost forget about this place. Used to go there with my school mates to celebrate birthday " thousand " years back. haha! Will go back one day. Thanks for reminding! It's a place full of sweet memories for me!

Unknown said...

My Taste Heaven - You are welcome! I am waiting to see your review soon. ^o^

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