Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Ho Ping @ Kampong Malabar, Penang

We have been wanting to try Ho Ping for quite some times but the problem is to get a car park there. But during one weekend, we are so fortunate just to get a car park near Ho Ping in Kampong Malabar.
Ho Ping
It is located @ junction of Kampung Malabar (Japanese Street) and Penang Road.
My main purpose is to try their loh bak as Gill Gill recommend me to try it out when I posted about lor bak last year.
The coffee shop is full of people when we were there. We managed to get a table but hard to find chairs around. ^o^ Anyway.... we were quite lucky to get that sorted out in just a minute. After seating, I asked hubby to order some loh bak first as many people is ordering that. And hubby orders the following:

Bean curd, Spring Roll and Prawn Fritters
When this is being served, I asked hubby where is the loh bak? And he recall that he forgot to order. ^o^ Then he went back to order another plate of loh bak. My gal enjoys the prawn fritters.
Loh Bak
The loh bak is very different from the loh bak I tried before. As this loh bak is very crispy but it is not the same loh bak that I was after. But this loh bak is not bad. I am glad that I make an effort to try it out. ^o^
Normally you will get the black colour loh bak sauce and this is in clear colour.
Chili Sauce

Chicken and Char Siew
We saw many people is after the chicken rice and each time I passed by Penang Road, I saw the Chicken Rice stall always full of people. So we give it a try!
The chicken and char siew is very tender.
The soup is quite nice too.... very mild type though with chinese herbs aroma in it.
Mee Goreng
My gal is after mee goreng. My hubby did not see that another stall is offering fried noodles. As he thought it is only Char Koay Tiaw and also fried rice. We should have ordered from another stall as my gal finds the mee goreng is too spicy for her even hubby asked not to put chillies. ^o^
We would like to try the Char Koay Tiaw, Char Mee and Fried Rice from another stall for our next visit as we cannot resist the aroma.....^o^


allie said...

I ate the char koay teow, it's taste good. But too bad my picture is blur, so yet to post. :P
Lor Bak nice ar... will sure try it out on my nx visit.

firefly said...


I have been reading your blog for some time and I find it very interesting. There is one question I would like to ask you which has nothing related to food! You see, my sister is coming back from London with her two boys and we plan to spend a few days in Penang(that's why I look out for makan places in your blog). She wanted to stay in a beach front hotel which mostly located in Bt Ferringhi ( so far away from food) so I try look for hotel around Tg Bungah area and I found two 1) Sandy Beach Resort and 2)Tg Bungah Beach hotel. I have gone thru many hotel reviews but the comment given was quite brief. So I am wondering If you could give me some idea about these hotels such as if the hotel well maintained, the service etc.
Thanks in advance!

worldwindows said...

Authentic Penang Lobak where to find in KL?

sakaigirl said...

i use to have difficulties finding food at georgetown area, mainly cos i'm not familiar with that area and duno which stall to go. its really enjoyable seeing you and ur family going around penang to find great food and blog about it! jia you!

soo sean said...

Has been a long time since my last visit to this shop.

ck lam said...

This place also serve nice bak moi (pork porridge) at night but prepare to wait as it can be quite crowded at times.

Unknown said...

allie - I saw char koay teow stall and have nice aroma... too bad... my tummy cannot fill the char koay teow liao. So will be back for that next time. Yes... Gill Gill recommended for the lor bak. Give it a try next time. ^o^

firefly - I wil write email to you regarding the accomodation. Please check your email. ^o^

worldwindows - come Penang and have it. ^o^

Unknown said...

sakaigirl - Thanks.... "Jia You" for yourself too. After we start food blogging, we explore more and know more foods. Sometime, we just go in to whichever coffee shops/ stalls to try. As who knows.... the foods might turn out to be delicious. ^o^ Once you familiar with the place, you will not have problem.

soo sean - so may be it's time for revisit?

ck lam - really... ok will go back and try their bak moi next time. Thanks for your recommendation. ^o^

Hong CN said...

the loh bak is very tempting :-) I'm drooling :-)

Unknown said...

Hong CN - Go and try it and blog about it. Wait to see you review. ^o^

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