Thursday, 23 April 2009

Kafe 78 @ Corner of Jalan Seri Bahari and Penang Road, Penang

Since hubby need to visit one of of the shops in Penang Road, we dropped by the following coffee shop to have our breakfast cum lunch. ^o^
Kafe 78
Location: Corner of Jalan Bahari and Penang Road (Opposite of Kek Seng)
There are lots of food choices in this coffee shop. So we ordered the following food to try:
Sauces for Yong Tao Hu
Yong Tao Hu
This stall located at the corner front of the shop. And you can choose to have your yong tao hu with bee hoon, noodles, tang hoon......... or without. And we opt for the last option as we ordered other foods to try too. And there are lots of choices of yong tao hu. Such as different kinds of fish ball, meat ball, seaweed. lady fingers, bitter gourd, vegetables, chillies.......... I am sure you can find some that suits you.
The soup base is nice as there are lots of deep fried garlic and shallot in the soup. Nice aroma. But I found that the fish ball is a bit too salty for my liking. ^o^
Nasi Lemak
Zoom version of ikan billis and sambal
Curry Chicken
Additional stir fry french beans and potatoes curry
Hubby went around the shop as usual. So he will do all the ordering for us. And I am very easy person as I loves to try out different kind of food. ^o^
Hubby was attracted by this stall nasi lemak with the aroma. And secondly, there are lots of people patronise this stall. So hubby think that it must be good. ^o^ Then he order this plate of Nasi Lemak for me to try. The verdict is........ indeed not bad..... My gal also try it out as it is not too spicy. So for non- spicy lover, you can check out this stall. Apart from the dishes hubby ordered, there are also plenty of choices. Do drop by and check it out yourself.
Wantan Mee
Hubby had this. By the look of the noodle textures, I can know that the noodles taste nice. And I am right, hubby told me that the wantan mee taste good.
Hokkien Mee
oh...... this is off course my gal bowl of hokkien mee. Look not spicy at all, right? As photo taken before added the chillies. This time round, my gal does not want to add the chillies in her bowl of hokkien mee. And she told me it tastes great. Hubby asked me to try the soup base whether it tastes nice according to my gal. So I asked permission from my gal is that ok for me to try and she let me try some. Without the chillies, the soup base is still so sweet and have a nice aroma of prawn. No wonder, she kept digging this bowl of hokkien mee once she starts to having it. ^o^


worldwindows said...

A good collection of food. As usual YTF would be my choice followed by the nasi lemak.

Anonymous said...

hey, nasi lemak look so nice....but I love spicy type for Penang Hokkien Mee..generally they are good ya!

allie said...

the nasi lemak looks good!

gill gill said...

georgetown, indeed alot of food to hunt!

Selba said...

I want the curry chicken! Looks so good!

minchow said...

The nasi lemak is SOO huge! Are you sure that's for breakfast alone? Sure no space for lunch after this.

cariso said...

Hehe, the no-chilli version suits me. :)

New Kid on the Blog said...

The wanton mee looks good!!!

Unknown said...

worldwindows - Thanks!

SimpleGirl - Yes, Nasi Lemak and Hokkien Mee tastes nice. Nevermind, next time I search spicy one for you ya....

allie - yes... give it a try!

gill gill - ya lor.... too many liao..... ^o^

Selba - Yes tastes nice too. ^o^

Unknown said...

550ml jar of faith - yes... its breakfast + lunch. ^o^

cariso - I know.... that's especially for you ah..... ^o^

NKOTB - hubby reckon is nice. ^o^

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