Monday, 17 April 2017

Nam Seng Coffee Shop @ Hutton Lane, Penang.

When talking about the wantan mee at Nam Seng Coffee shop, it reminds me with their sui kow and wantan. 
While writing this blog at this hour, I really hope that I can savour it right now. 

Restaurant that we reviewed:

Nam Seng Coffee Shop @ Hutton Lane, Penang.
Address: No. 124 Jalan Hutton Lane, Georgetown 10050, Penang, Malaysia.

Food that we savour:

Wantan Mee
The wantan noodle is perfectly cook. I just love the texture of the noodles. Springy textures.

Sui Kow (Dumplings)
I kinda fell in love with the Sui Kow very much. The fillings of the Sui Kow is really tasty. There are 4 pieces of Sui Kow in a bowl. They have quite generous in their filling. You can taste the combination of prawn and meat in there. 
The Sui Kow is very big though. If not mistaken it cost RM6 for this.
Pan Mee
At this coffee shop, they also sell pan mee. But I still prefer the Sui Kow the most.

FoOd PaRaDiSe verdict:

Apart from the wantan mee, Sui Kow and pan mee stall. It is also very popular for chicken rice but they would be for lunch hour. As we dine in mostly for the breakfast therefore I will not elaborate more about the chicken rice in this post. 
Overall, I would recommend to try for the Sui Kow (dumpling) if you are Sui Kow lover.


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