Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Tasty P & C Restaurant - Anson Road, Penang

During one outing @ town area, we run out of idea what to have for lunch. While we passed by Tasty P & C Restaurant, hubby asked us whether we would like to have something to eat in Tasty P & C Restaurant. Since my gal did not make any comments, we chose to dine in
Tasty P & C Restaurant
Location: 72-1, Jalan Anson, 10400 Penang.
Tel: 04 - 2275542/ 0164589434
Business Hours: 11am to 3pm and 6pm - 9pm
We order the following drinks:
Home Made Soya Bean
It tastes nice as most of the place you will get very sweet tastes as for this shop, the soya bean tastes alright for my hubby and gal.
Ice Passion Fruit Juice
I opt for passion fruit juice and I love it very much as it is very cooling and refreshing for a hot day. ^-^
After browsing through the menu, hubby ordered few dishes as my gal want to have some rice. Then after our order, we were looking around and noticed that they have Poon Choi. We wanted to try Poon Choi for quite sometime but Poon Choi usually come in very big bowl and it needs about 10 people to order it in most of the restaurants and have to be pre-booked.
So when the auntie sending us the drinks, we asked her about the Poon Choi, whether need to pre-booked? Is it very big served? and.......
Then auntie told us, would you like to try now? My hubby and I puzzled!!!
Auntie continued and told us that we can have it right now and no need to pre-booked. Since that is the case, we order that and the auntie cancel all of our orders. Then auntie change us to a bigger table even though it's just three of us. ^-^ As they need to put a stove to heat up the Poon Choi while eating it. (Can see that in my pictures below)
Poon Choi on top of stove
When the Poon Choi arrived, we named this Poon Choi as Economy Poon Choi...... ^-^ It is totally different with the Poon Choi that we had in our minds. But still we are happy that we try it out.
Poon Choi
It consists of sea cucumber, roast pork, broccoli deep fried fish fillets, deep fried mussels, lotus root, pork belly, deep fried prawns, turnip, mushrooms.....
Closed up version of Poon Choi
More close up
Sauces for the Poon Choi
Basically everything from the Poon Choi in my plate with rice.
It is a nice experience for us to enjoy this economy type of Poon Choi. Next time, we will go for the real Poon Choi. ^-^ If you would like to try this Poon Choi, please drop by Tasty P & C Restaurant.

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Little Inbox said...

Years back, they had one branch in Sri Nibong, then in Sunway Tunas. Now no more.

Selba said...

It looks like a nice restaurant and the food also looks delicious :)

J2Kfm said...

far from a poor man's poon choi lah ... i've had the same also last time in another restaurant in Ipoh.

the sweet stock's the star of the dish. but of course, some put MSG lah ... hmm.

Anonymous said...

For my personal point of view, what u can find in Dragon-I or Canton-I, you pay less at Tasty.These restaurant charges their food over their rental,renovations and staff.

Anonymous said...

modern version on Phoon choy....creative ya! was it expensive?

cariso said...

Yea, the sunway tunas one tutup odi and move down here kah?

Unknown said...

Little Inbox - Yes.... I been to the Sunway Tunas one before. ^-^

Selba - The foods taste nice. ^-^

J2Kfm - Off course is far from poor man's poon choi. ^-^ Yes the soup tastes ok. ^-^

Anonymous - Yes... it's a bit cheaper in Tasty compares to the other two.

SimpleGirl - Not expensive. That's why I am saying it's economy type of poon choi. ^-^

cariso - As far as I know, this is their main branch. ^-^

**忻忻妈咪** said...

the phoon chooi looks yummy! Will bring my family there to try out. Is this dish avaible during lunch time?

Unknown said...

忻忻妈咪 - yes.... it is available at lunch. We went there to have lunch too. ^-^

buzzingbee said...

hehe economy pun chooi...interesting! and how much is it?

vincent said...


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Unknown said...

buzzingbee - can't remember the price already. But it is very reasonable. ^-^

Vincent - Sure.... it's my pleasure. ^-^

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