Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Invited Review - JL Steamboat Restaurant @ Nagore Road, Penang

I would like to take this opportunity to thanks Mr. Dennis and Criz for arranging this review for us. JL Steamboat Restaurant is located at No.27 Nagore Road.
Business Hours: 11.30am - 3pm and 5pm -11pm
JL Steamboat Restaurant
They are running promotion for the time being with their set lunch of RM6.90 from 11.30am -3pm. The set lunch including one dessert and free flow of drinks (Ice- Lemon Tea and Honey Green Tea). ^-^ Few Set Lunch choices such as Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken, Seafood Tom Yam Noodle and Yong Tao Fu and Congee (fish or meat).
Apart from set lunch, they are popular for "All you can eat buffet steamboat". And it cost (Monday to Friday Lunch time) RM17.90 for adults, senior citizen RM14.90 and children is RM8.90 (children below 3 years old is free).
Whereas for weekend and dinner it cost RM21.90 for adults and RM16.90 for senior citizen.
Oh yes.....a reminder of not to waste any foods......
Unfinished food will be charge RM5.00 per 100gm. So make sure you finished everything. ^-^
You can become their members too. If you are interested, please enquiries with them.
You can reach them by calling 04-2101122.
Ok...... enough of information, so now....... let us see what kind of foods that you can get in JL steamboat......

First of all, there are so many choice of sauces to choose from....... we try and get most of the sauces in the saucer to take pictures and there are also soy sauce and so on which are not show in the photos above.

Above photos show one section of the foods for steamboats.... there are varieties of fish ball, vegetables, assorted mushrooms, beef balls, noodles, vermicelli, eggs.........
Pork paste, cockles, fresh prawns, chicken slices, octopus, hot dog slice, cuttle fish, bean curd, quail eggs, black fungus, assorted mushrooms.........
There are 4 different types of soup base to choose from. They have Chicken Soup, Fish Soup, Tom Yam Soup and Herbs Soup. We are so fortunate that we able to tastes the 4 different kind of soups. And our table for the night is number 6. I am just sitting in front of the switch control...... ^-^ and there are 5 mode from low to high. So you can control it by yourself easily.
Apart from the steamboat, they also have the teppanyaki corners.......... above are some of the foods offer from the teppanyaki corners. And sometime they also have crabs and other seafood's. It depends on the season.......
This is what we had from the teppanyaki corners...... apart from the teppanyaki corner, they also have some ready to eat foods such as nuggets, deep fried chicken, fried rice and fry noodles.....
Thanks to Jian, she took some bean curd and seafood tofu to teppanyaki corner and we had delicious bean curd and seafood tofu after being grilled. And we had two plates of those. ^-^
Next..... the drinks and desserts........
They offer two different types of drink that are Ice Lemon Tea and Honey Green Tea and from memory..... each of us had the Honey Green tea. Don't be fool with the name honey green tea and thought that it will tastes sweet..... it is not very sweet. ^-^
They offer some desserts such as jelly, fresh fruits, red bean soup and Chocolate fountain. Yes..... you did not heard wrongly.... it's chocolate fountain. Normally.... you will get chocolate fountain in some hotel cafe...... but now.... you can get it in JL steamboat...... ^-^ get tempted?
And they also offered ice cream....... There are 4 choices of ice-creams to choose from. And also some toppings to go with it. See the above photos, you will find that there are so many different kind of ice-creams design right? It's all done by us.... and the most creative one would be the one in the plates...... guess who did it? The answers off course is Mr. Criz........^-^
After reading this blog post, if you get tempted....... please call them and try it out yourself. And please share your experience with me too.
Other attendee are Criz from Criz Bon Appetite , Steven Goh, Bee from Buzzing Bee, Allen from Yummy Station, Jian from Cokeworld Citizen.
You can also browse through their own website ~ www.jlsteamboat.com

Monday, 25 May 2009

Gim Hin Cafe @ Sungai Dua, Penang

I have been busy for the past weeks with visitors flocking in one after another and also busy with my gal revision for exam. And now.... still busy... but I decided to take some time out to do some blog posts. ^-^
So today I chose to blog about "Chu Char" since all the photos have been uploaded. We wanted to try this restaurant for long long time. And if you are familiar with this area, you will know this place. It is always full of people. As mostly I think it is student from USM.
Gim Hin Cafe
Front part of Gin Hin Cafe
While we were seated, one uncle came and take our orders. Hubby asked the uncle what is the best seller dishes. Uncle replied...... "all of our dishes are ho chiak and best selling". ^-^
Then uncle asked what kind of foods we would like to have....... then after much conversation with the uncle, hubby ordered:
Steam Fish ~ RM15
As for the fish, it is very fresh.
Mantis Prawn with dry chillies ~ RM8
At first we thought that my gal will not have this since it is stir fry with dry chillies. But end up she finished most of this. As she loves it very much.
Marmite Chicken ~ RM8
Hubby ordered this for my gal but end up she doesn't like the way it's cooked. They are using chicken breast to cook this marmite chicken. They deep fried it first. So it makes the chicken a bit hard and crispy. It is also a bit salty to our liking but off course I am the one who finished it since it is not good to waste foods. ^-^
Stir fry vegetables with bean paste ~ RM5
Everybody loves this dish. We thought that this dish would be salty too since it is cooked with bean paste. But out of surprise, it is not salty at all. So this plate of vegetables finished in no time. ^-^
Overall..... the foods are nice and it is very cheap too. The above meal cost us RM38.10 (including 3 rice). Cheap???

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Steven's HotSpot @ Lorong Bayan Indah 3, Bayan Lepas, Penang

We were invited to attend a soft launch on 9th May 2009 for Steven's HotSpot. Some of you might not known Steven's HotSpot as this is their first branch in Penang. And they have other branches in Kuala Lumpur - Pandan Indah, Setepak and OUG. They are opening more branches in other states as well. Such as Johor, Kuantan, Ipoh..........
The location in Penang is at
Lorong Bayan Indah 3,11900 Bayan Lepas
Some might puzzle where is this place? Well, it is just located few shops away from Queensbay Mall and the shop is just located directly behind Rockwills.
We have a nice briefing from the Marketing Director of Mr. Michael Ng about Steven's HotSpot. From the conversation, we were told that they will also open Steven's TeaGarden in the near future. The different between Steven's Hotspot and Steven's TeaGarden is one concentrate in business centre whereas another is concentrating in foods.

Interior of Steven's HotSpot
Customer Service Counter
They have a customer service counter, where you can photocopy, print, fax your documents, pay your bills such as Celcom Bill, Maxis Bill, utility bill, prepaid phone card and many mores. Their aim is to provide customer services with "convenient" ~ all in one shop concept.
Apart from the services provided, they also serves:
Muffins, Cakes, Pies.........
Kuih - Muih and also Nasi Lemak......
During the soft launch, we have the opportunity to try some of the foods and drink as following:
Teh Tarik ~ RM 2.50
The teh tarik is the award winning of 1996 by the Tourism of Malaysia, The Sun and Mix FM.
Seafood Croissants ~ RM8
Tuna Croissants ~ RM8
Blueberry Cheese Pie - RM6
Lychee Cake ~ RM8.50

Tiramisu ~ RM8.50
All the foods and drinks sold in Steven's Hotspot are all quality Halal Certified by the local suppliers.

Membership Card
There are 4 types of membership card available. If you want to know more about their membership card details, please enquiries with them. The classic card start with RM360 and top up after you run out of the credit. It is like prepaid card.
I would like to take this opportunity to thanks Mr. Michael Ng and Mr. Edward Tan for their time and special arrangement for us.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Song Yen Seafood ~ Part 2

Since the last visit to Song Yen Seafood, we were told by the auntie to go back and try their other foods. And since my MIL and hubby auntie came over with the niece, we decide to bring them to try it out. Another motive is to order more dishes to try and share with my readers. ^-^
First hubby ordered:
2 different flavours fish
Hubby wanted to order this in our previous visit but was told that it was too big for just 3 of us. ^-^ So this time round, hubby have the opportunity to order this and try........
Closed up version of the deep fried fish with Thai sauces
They found that it is very spicy but yet very nice aroma.
Stir fry vegetables with deep fried fish fillet
They prefer the spicy version than this as they like the aroma of the spicy version.
Next, hubby ordered:
3 cup chickens
Since there are 2 kids dinning with us, we need to ordered something not spicy. And the 3 cup chickens tastes nice and the kids love it very much. As the chicken is very crispy outside and tender inside. And there are lots of basil aroma in this pot of 3 cups chicken.
Seafood Otak
Close up of seafood otak
This is one of the dishes that the auntie recommended. And the seafood otak tastes not bad. And we enjoy the young coconut flesh. It is very cooling. It goes well with the seafood otak. But not every one will enjoyed this dish though as some cannot stand the herbs use in the seafood otak. End up my MIL, hubby's aunt and me are the one who finished it as hubby don't really enjoy having otak-otak.
Watercress Soup
My gal eyes grow big when she heard that they have watercress soup as she loves this soup very much. So she suggests us to have this soup rather than the other kind of soups. ^-^ And the soup tastes nice and I think the 2 kids finished the soup.
Thai Style Tofu
This is also another recommended dish by the auntie. And the tofu is home made and tastes nice. Especially when it is coated with some spicy sauce.
Do drop by the stall when you feel like having some chu - char. And the total bill for the night is RM66.80 with 5 bowl of rice.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Tasty P & C Restaurant - Anson Road, Penang

During one outing @ town area, we run out of idea what to have for lunch. While we passed by Tasty P & C Restaurant, hubby asked us whether we would like to have something to eat in Tasty P & C Restaurant. Since my gal did not make any comments, we chose to dine in
Tasty P & C Restaurant
Location: 72-1, Jalan Anson, 10400 Penang.
Tel: 04 - 2275542/ 0164589434
Business Hours: 11am to 3pm and 6pm - 9pm
We order the following drinks:
Home Made Soya Bean
It tastes nice as most of the place you will get very sweet tastes as for this shop, the soya bean tastes alright for my hubby and gal.
Ice Passion Fruit Juice
I opt for passion fruit juice and I love it very much as it is very cooling and refreshing for a hot day. ^-^
After browsing through the menu, hubby ordered few dishes as my gal want to have some rice. Then after our order, we were looking around and noticed that they have Poon Choi. We wanted to try Poon Choi for quite sometime but Poon Choi usually come in very big bowl and it needs about 10 people to order it in most of the restaurants and have to be pre-booked.
So when the auntie sending us the drinks, we asked her about the Poon Choi, whether need to pre-booked? Is it very big served? and.......
Then auntie told us, would you like to try now? My hubby and I puzzled!!!
Auntie continued and told us that we can have it right now and no need to pre-booked. Since that is the case, we order that and the auntie cancel all of our orders. Then auntie change us to a bigger table even though it's just three of us. ^-^ As they need to put a stove to heat up the Poon Choi while eating it. (Can see that in my pictures below)
Poon Choi on top of stove
When the Poon Choi arrived, we named this Poon Choi as Economy Poon Choi...... ^-^ It is totally different with the Poon Choi that we had in our minds. But still we are happy that we try it out.
Poon Choi
It consists of sea cucumber, roast pork, broccoli deep fried fish fillets, deep fried mussels, lotus root, pork belly, deep fried prawns, turnip, mushrooms.....
Closed up version of Poon Choi
More close up
Sauces for the Poon Choi
Basically everything from the Poon Choi in my plate with rice.
It is a nice experience for us to enjoy this economy type of Poon Choi. Next time, we will go for the real Poon Choi. ^-^ If you would like to try this Poon Choi, please drop by Tasty P & C Restaurant.

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