Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Restoran Chu Yoke Weng

On one occasion while we were in Pekaka area, we were wondering what should we had for lunch. And we looked around and decided to head to Restoran Chu Yoke Weng since it's been a while that we did not dine in there.
I recalled that the first time I savour their roast duck was few years back when my little gal was just few months old. Hubby and sis in law take away the roast duck for dinner. I was surprised that the roast duck was still warm when they reached home. Love the crispiness of the roast duck.
However most of the time, I will have take away and I hardly had it in the shop itself. So during the outing, I had chance to glance the shop interior. lol Well, it has nothing special, just simple and clean.
So hubby order the following for lunch:
Chai Buey
I can't stop ordering this soup when the waitress told us that they have this in their menu. ^.^ As I love the sourness and spiciness in the soup. Off course the soup have to serve it very hot. And this bowl of chai buey does not disappoint us. My gal cannot stops herself by digging into the soup as well. Although she found a bit spicy for her. But she glads that she tried. ^.^

Loh Bean Curd and Eggs
Initially hubby would like to order the deep fried bean curd but was told that it was sold out. And hubby kept telling me that their deep fried bean curd is very good. Guess, I should try it out some other time. ^-^ The loh bean curd and eggs are not bad either.

Roast Duck
Their roast ducks are very crispy and nice. personally, I enjoyed the roast duck without the prepared sauce. As I feel that it is more original and more fragrant.

Roast Pork and Char Siew
Personally we found that the roast pork are a bit too salty for our liking and the char siew are a bit too dry.

We ordered some greens to go with this "meaty" meals. ^.^

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Kedai Minuman dan Makanan Hua Nam @ Ipoh, Malaysia

On my last trip to Kuala Lumpur, we stopped by Ipoh to have breakfast. Initially we would like to go for dim sum @ Foh San. But we were scared off by the crowd. They were lining outside Foh San to get a seat and even the take away counter were filled with people. We gave it a passed since we had to continue our journey to KL.
So hubby chose to have our breakfast @

Kedai Minuman dan Makanan Hua Nam
Apparently this shop also full with people. And this shop also serves dim sum. But we did not try out the dim sum. As we decided to get a quick grab and continue our journey. So we went for

Pan Mee
Hubby had this. As he feel like taking this when he saw a stall selling pan mee. What I heard from his comments of the pan mee was just ok.

Ipoh Hor Fun
When I saw this. Without hesitation, I asked hubby to order this for me. When I am walking towards the table. I already checking out what other patrons were having. And most of them go for this. hmm....... It must be very delicious since most of them order this.
I am not the expert to judge this bowl of hor fun. But I like it. Especially the soup base. I can't stop myself slurping it. And my gal even try the soup base and she also reckon that it were nice. However the hor fun is a bit thicker compares to the koay teow thn'g koay teow. I love the beansprout come together. hmm...... come to think of it now, feel like having it right now. Perhaps I shall get a trip to Ipoh again for a nice bowl of Ipoh hor fun. ^-^

Friday, 18 June 2010

Tuk Tuk Thai Restaurant @ Krystal Point, Penang

In the last few weeks, when I passed by Krystal Point I noticed several new eating outlets. Guess it's good for people who stay up here. As more choices for us. Instead of always driving all the way down to town to hunt for foods.
Initially our plan were to head to Queensbay Mall but since there were jammed along the way and we still had an hour to spent before sending my gal off to tuition. We decided to try one of the new outlets in Krystal Point. After much discussion, my sis in law would like to have some Thai foods. So we decided to try:
Tuk Tuk Thai Restaurant
Address: 303-01-30 Krystal Point, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 11900 Penang.
Tel:012-4159777 Tony/016-4609332 Boy/ 0124786999 Jass/ 019-4788899 Annie
Business Hours: 11.00am - 2.30pm
6.00pm - 10.00pm
Since we were in the hurry, we browsed through the menu, and my sis in law suggest that we try out their set menu. So we chose the set menu for 4-5 person. Which cost RM49.90. Following is the set menu dishes that we ordered:

Deep Fried Thai Fish Cake
My gal loves this very much. And I found that it was quite nice. And the crunchiness still there after we left it there for quite sometime.
Stir Fry Kailan

Tom Yam Seafood
Since it's Thai restaurant, off course there will be a tom yam soup in their set menu. And the one that we had were tom yam seafood. The color of the soup were slightly lighter. But don't be fool by the color. As my hubby and sis in law found that it was spicy for them. But for me it still ok with the spiciness. Guess what? Off course I am the one who had more of the Tom Yam soup. ^-^ We had mushroom, squids, prawns in our soup.
Stir Fry Crab Meat
My sis in law was worried that the stir fry crab meat is the crab stick. As she hated the crab stick. But I reminded her that it's written as crab MEAT. It can't be crab stick. And I was right. This plate of stir fry crab meat is not spicy at all. And to be frank, I hardly had a bite of the crab meat. ^-^ But it is good for people who don't take spicy foods.
Steam Fish (One of the Tuk Tuk Thai Specialty) ~ RM15
This is not included in the set menu. We ordered this since my gal cannot take too spicy foods. So sis in law reckoned that this would be just nice for my gal.
This fish is really good for elderly and kids. As you don't have to worry about the bones. As they just took the fillet and wrapped with prawn meat and steam with soy sauce. It is something special. Which is good for people who cannot take spicy foods.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Balik Pulau Poh Beng Estate @ Jalan Tengah, Penang

It's not only world cup started but the "Durian Feast" is also in the season at the moment. Hubby been nagging me to have some durians in the pass few weeks. Then last week, I gave in and we have a dinner feast for our dinner. We cannot have anything else after the durian.
This year, we decided to eat in the stall rather than bringing home and eat. As hubby always the one who had to open the durian. This year he wanna enjoy and need some one to do the jobs for him.
So hubby chose to have our durian feast @
Balik Pulang Poh Beng Estate (Stall)
Their actual estate is in 17 - A, Sungai Pinang 11010 Balik Pulau, Penang.
But we went to the stall that is situated in Jalan Tengah. (Slightly opposite to the Bomba)
Tel: 04 - 8661385
They have: Hor Lor (DR 56), Kun Boh Ang Bak (DR22), Ang Hair (DR81), DR604, D-Pan, Xiao Hong and............
We started by having something sweet. Since my gal wanna some durians as well. Actually we should start the bitter part first rather than the sweet. lol But anyway we still enjoy the feast. ^-^
Hubby wanna try "Xiao Hong" since we never try that before, so the friendly uncle help us to choose one and open up for us. Auntie on that stall was surprised to see my gal eating the durians. lol
"Xiao Hong"
It is towards sweet taste of flavour and it is not very rich and creamy compares to "Kung Boh". At first glance, I thought that the flesh of durian would be very hard. But surprisingly it is more towards medium to soft textures.
"Kung Boh"
It is another sweet taste flavour. This is more creamier. And we prefer this one than "Xiao Hong". The durian flesh are more softer. Hubby and I were slurp slurp slurping away with the durian. Then hubby decided that we go for some bitter durian. Since my gal stopped after a few durians.
And since she stopped and wash her hands, the following two durians photos was taken by her since my hands are coated with durians. She was so helpful and help me to take the photos of the durians. So I can enjoy myself further. lol
"Wu Kong"
It is hard to get this type of durians. You can get this only during the beginning of the durian seasons. The uncle told us that it will finished by last weekend. I guessed we were lucky to give it a try! This durian have less flesh than the other durians that we tried. And it is very smooth textures. It is towards bitter taste flavour.
Been hearing about this very long time ago. It's very popular in the past. But never try it out. We are lucky to have the friendly uncle who entertain to us. He will recommend us different types of durians for us to try. And the last durian that we try were D11. And this turns out to have many seeds on it. So after this we have to surrender our self. lol
This durian is very dry. Not creamy. And it has the bitter taste flavour. But not as bitter as the bitter gourd. lol
If you like the above flavours of durian, you can drop by the stall and try it out. Our durian feast cost is RM52. I can imagine that hubby will go for more durians in this durian seasons hunting for more flavours. lol
Before I ended this post, I would like to wish every one of you "Happy Duan Wu Festival/ 端午节
快 乐". And also happy 95th birthday to my hubby grandma.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Koay Teow Thn'g @ Lebuh Clarke, Penang

It's been quite a while that we did not patronise this stall. When you live in food paradise state guess there are too many choices to choose from and you tend to forget some of the foods that you use to patronise. That's what I always think of myself. lol

This place is not stranger to most of the food bloggers. As most of them have blog about this place in the past. I just recalled that I never blog about this. So in my last visit to this shop, I decided to take some photos of the foods and blog about this place.

I still remembered that when we first visited this place. It was hubby ex-colleagued who told hubby about this place. And we searched high and low. Then we came across this stall after we parked our car. lol We usually parked our car along Argyll Road. Then walked across to this stall.

We ordered the following foods for our late breakfast:

Pak Cham Kai with bean sprouts

Since hubby are the great fans of "Pak Cham Kai", he never failed to order one plate of this to go with the KTT. I always enjoy the bean sprouts when it was coated with the fried onion oil and sauces. Their chickens are not too bad.

Koay Teow Thn'g

Each of us ordered a KTT. Including my gal. As she enjoys the soup base very much. And now she started to like koay teow. As previously she will opt for bee hoon (vermicelli) only. Guess she grown up a bit now. ^-^ In the KTT, there are various type of balls ~ such as fish ball and meat ball. And in various size too. It is hard to get so many different types of ball in KTT. And one of their specialty would be:

Meat Ball

This is one of their specialties. Honestly speaking, I did not really like it. But it is very moist. However, hubby loves this very much and usually we will gave him this piece if treasure to him. As both my gal and I found that the meat ball has a very strong aroma. ^-^

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Kedai Makanan & Minuman Satu Satu Tiga 113 (revisit) @ Lebuh Melayu, Penang

Most of the time I will go and patronise this shop in the morning for their KTT. But I never have the chance to try out their Koay Chap. So during one outing. Hubby and I decided to try our luck and see if we were lucky enough to try out their koay chap. Finally, this time we have the chance to try it out. ^-^
Plate of combination of loh duck slice, bean curd, eggs and pork intestines
Since we arrived there a bit late. They only left some choices. So we ordered whatever they had left. Since I blog about this in my last blog post, here. So I no need to elaborate much in this blog post.
Koay Chap
There are different textures of koay chap around us. So what type of koay chap textures that you like? If you like a thick koay chap textures, then you would probably love this shop koay chap. Their koay chao are thick. For me, I take both types of koay chap. This shop koay chap was being served with their special soup and sprinkle with chinese parsley. I always like chinese parsley to go with the koay chap. It brings out the fragrant of the koay chap.
Combination of loh bak
Hubby went to order loh bak in the front coffee shop. You can order foods from the front coffee shop to this coffee shop. Since we saw many people ordered the loh bak from the past visit, we decided to give it a try as well. The loh bak are nice. Hubby ordered loh bak, prawn fritters, pig ears and bean curd. It is nice to go with the sauce.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

China Town Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur

In my last trip to KL, I dropped by Petaling Street to have breakfast. A day before my departure to KL, I browsed through V Keong blog and saw a stall selling porridge in Petaling Street which is highly recommended to try. ^-^
So I told hubby why don't we go and try some foods around Petaling Street. Lucky with the GPS, we arrived safely and got our car park. Then we stroll along Petaling Street.
After we spotted some eatery stall, we stopped and order the following foods to try:
Chee Cheong Fun
My gal was a CCF fans. Most of the time she would love to try out CCF. While waiting for our congee to be serve, hubby order the CCF to try. I overheard the conversation of the owner telling the customers that they are the 3rd generation who sell CCF in this stall.
My gal does not enjoys the CCF as there are too many sauces. She preferred drier version of CCF. I am not sure whether this is the KL version of CCF. However, the CCF is quite nice. Very soft and silky.
Century Egg Congee
The congee are very smooth. It is like the Hong Kong style congee. I do enjoy this type pf congee very much. But I would say that not all people would love it. As some people would prefer the teochew porridge. This century egg congee that I had is top with century egg and dash of pepper, spring onion and thinly ginger slice.
Shredded Chicken Congee
My gal is having this. She found that the stall owner is so generously dash too many of pepper in her bowl of congee. And she found a bit too "hot" for her. ^-^ But the shredded chicken are nice.
Fish Congee
Hubby had the fish congee as he also not having appetite after arriving in KL. So he opt for some fish congee instead. And he told me that the congee is nice and the fish are free.
Yaw Char Kuih (You Tiao)
We ordered a plate of yaw char kuih to go with the congee.
We are lucky that we went early as there are lots of people waiting while we were having the porridge. If you like this type of congee, perhaps you could give it a try when you are in Petaling Street. ^-^

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Restoran Chun Fat @ Medan Mayang Pasir, Penang

It's been few years that I did not visited this shop. And we tend to forget about this place. But on one occasion, hubby and I were chatting about foods, one of us mentioned about this place. Hubby used to went there with his colleague many years ago for lunch. As there used to have one post office. So every time when someone need to visit the post office to pay bills, they usually had lunch there.
This is the first time that we brought my gal along. Lucky that she did not complained about the place. As this restaurant is situated in a low cost flat.
So for that night, there are couple of tables waiting. So we had to wait for a while since it is just operated by the husband and wife only. And both are with some age already. So we wait patiently only my gal kept complaint that she cannot wait any further as she was too hungry. :P
Following are the simple dishes we ordered to suits my gal taste buds:
Stir fry kailan with prawns
The kailans are nice and crunchy. My gal loves the kailan stem very much. It is quite unusual for a kid to love the stem only. She prefer the stem than the leafy vegetables. As she loves the crunchy textures. ^-^
Prawn Omelette's
The prawn omelette's have a rich aroma. Loves the smell and there are lots of prawn and spring onion in there.
Fish with bean and soya sauce
The fish was deep fried before hand then coated with the sauce. My gal actually enjoy the fish meat very much. And it is good that kids to have more fish as it helps them grow. lol As I never deep fried fish apart from my hubby. As I hate to deal with the greasy environment. hahhahaa...... Fish are fresh and nice.
Chicken with sesame and soya sauce
Although this is the normal dish but it has many flavours in it. It helps us to recall the foods that mum used to cook for us. A simple chu char but have the home feels.
Their price are very reasonable and the foods are quite big in plate. So it is value for money and the quality is not bad too!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Mario Ristorante @ Batu Ferringhi, Penang

When hubby's birthday few months ago, we thought of giving hubby a "surprise". My gal and I booked a hotel around Batu Ferringhi for a night. We only let hubby know about it in the last minute. After all the packing was done secretly. ^-^
I did not booked any restaurant for dinner since not sure what hubby would like to have. During dinner time, hubby decided that he would like to have some Italian Cuisines and thought of trying out
"Mario Ristorante"
Location : 152B Batu Ferringhi, Penang.
Tel: 04 - 8813775

Mario Ristorante Interior
We were politely brought by the waitress to a table. After we sat down, we were given the menu. After browse through the menu, we ordered some juices for our beverage as the weather was so "Hot". Then we have sometime by ourselves to discuss what to have for dinner. ^-^
Kid's Spaghetti Tomato Sauce ~ RM11.50
My gal was having the kid's meal. As she loves spaghetti a lots since small. She enjoyed her plate of spaghetti. She finished it in no time. ^-^
This salads come with the main course. Salads consist of some onion, tomatoes,cucumbers, capsicum, rocket and assorted lettuce and top with balsamic vinegar.
Aglio Olio Baked Tiger Prawn ~ RM78
This is the main course. I was introduced by the waitress that there are some promotion going on that night. Which is this baked tiger prawn. Sound irresistible. Since it's under promotion, I just give it a try. But heard one of the fellow blogger that she had the same dish a week before me was charged very higher price. Since the tiger prawn is charged according to the seasonal rate. ^-^
Ok back to the aglio olio. When this plate of aglio olio baked tiger prawn sit in front of me, I was worried when I looked at the textures of the spaghetti. As I don't like soft spaghetti. But lucky it looks soft but taste vice are ok. But I found that too salty for my liking. I let hubby tried mine and he also found it a bit too salty. As for the tiger prawn, it tastes nice.
Linguine Con Vongole ~ RM29
This is hubby order. The linguine is a bit softer but still taste ok for us. The only drawback was too salty for our liking. The clams were sweet and tasty.
Pizza Hawaiian ~ RM31
We also decide to order their home style pizza for a try. We love thin crust pizza. So we ordered Pizza Hawaiian for a try since my gal loves pineapple. Their thin crust pizza is nice. We enjoyed it very much.
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