Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Balik Pulau Poh Beng Estate @ Jalan Tengah, Penang

It's not only world cup started but the "Durian Feast" is also in the season at the moment. Hubby been nagging me to have some durians in the pass few weeks. Then last week, I gave in and we have a dinner feast for our dinner. We cannot have anything else after the durian.
This year, we decided to eat in the stall rather than bringing home and eat. As hubby always the one who had to open the durian. This year he wanna enjoy and need some one to do the jobs for him.
So hubby chose to have our durian feast @
Balik Pulang Poh Beng Estate (Stall)
Their actual estate is in 17 - A, Sungai Pinang 11010 Balik Pulau, Penang.
But we went to the stall that is situated in Jalan Tengah. (Slightly opposite to the Bomba)
Tel: 04 - 8661385
They have: Hor Lor (DR 56), Kun Boh Ang Bak (DR22), Ang Hair (DR81), DR604, D-Pan, Xiao Hong and............
We started by having something sweet. Since my gal wanna some durians as well. Actually we should start the bitter part first rather than the sweet. lol But anyway we still enjoy the feast. ^-^
Hubby wanna try "Xiao Hong" since we never try that before, so the friendly uncle help us to choose one and open up for us. Auntie on that stall was surprised to see my gal eating the durians. lol
"Xiao Hong"
It is towards sweet taste of flavour and it is not very rich and creamy compares to "Kung Boh". At first glance, I thought that the flesh of durian would be very hard. But surprisingly it is more towards medium to soft textures.
"Kung Boh"
It is another sweet taste flavour. This is more creamier. And we prefer this one than "Xiao Hong". The durian flesh are more softer. Hubby and I were slurp slurp slurping away with the durian. Then hubby decided that we go for some bitter durian. Since my gal stopped after a few durians.
And since she stopped and wash her hands, the following two durians photos was taken by her since my hands are coated with durians. She was so helpful and help me to take the photos of the durians. So I can enjoy myself further. lol
"Wu Kong"
It is hard to get this type of durians. You can get this only during the beginning of the durian seasons. The uncle told us that it will finished by last weekend. I guessed we were lucky to give it a try! This durian have less flesh than the other durians that we tried. And it is very smooth textures. It is towards bitter taste flavour.
Been hearing about this very long time ago. It's very popular in the past. But never try it out. We are lucky to have the friendly uncle who entertain to us. He will recommend us different types of durians for us to try. And the last durian that we try were D11. And this turns out to have many seeds on it. So after this we have to surrender our self. lol
This durian is very dry. Not creamy. And it has the bitter taste flavour. But not as bitter as the bitter gourd. lol
If you like the above flavours of durian, you can drop by the stall and try it out. Our durian feast cost is RM52. I can imagine that hubby will go for more durians in this durian seasons hunting for more flavours. lol
Before I ended this post, I would like to wish every one of you "Happy Duan Wu Festival/ 端午节
快 乐". And also happy 95th birthday to my hubby grandma.


Anonymous said...

Penang durian- is the best!!!! support!!

Little Inbox said...

What a yummy durian feast you had!

CRIZ LAI said...

I have tried the Xiao Hong, Che Lan, Chew Chi, etc but my votes are still for Hor Lor and Ang Hae... slurps! When are you sending some over for this poor sick boy here? LOL! :P

Taufulou said...

my gawd!

i want pg durians onlyu~

Unknown said...

Simple Girl - hahhaa.... ^-^

Little Inbox - I will go for more. ^-^ 端午节快乐!

Criz - eh... you have been eating too many of durians. That's why make you sick. So you have to stop eating durians already. ^-^

taufulou - comeback over the weekend and have some. ^-^

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