Tuesday, 11 May 2010


It been quite a while that I did not visited any Japanese Restaurant since hubby are not keen of Japanese foods for the past few months. So this time round, I joined a few friends of mine for a small gathering @
Location: No. 253G-1-1, Premier Center,
Jalan Burmah, 10350 Penang.
(Next to Italian Restaurant The Place 007 and Wisma Perkeso)
Tel/Fax: 04 - 2272268
Business Hour:
Monday to Friday ~ Lunch: 12pm to 2.30pm
Dinner: 6pm to 10.15pm
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday ~ Lunch: 12pm - 3.30pm
Dinner: 6pm to 10.15pm

After arriving at the restaurant, we were served with Menu and take our order for our drinks. Some had Hot Green Tea and some had Ice Green Tea.
After browsing through the menu, we ordered quite lot of foods to share among us.
Shiro Maguro (White Tuna) and Scallop
Everyone is very happy with the white tuna and scallop. Actually the original dish is only supply 6 pieces of white tuna and 6 pcs of scallop. But since we had 7 of us. So the waitress told us that she can arranged with the kitchen to cut the slice to thinner pieces. Even though the pieces is smaller but the taste was still there. Imagine that once the foods put into your mouth, it melts. ^-^ That's what I like about white tuna compared to the normal tuna. This is the first time I try out raw scallop and I fall in love with it after the first try. OMG.....still remember the tastes after few weeks. So delicious and juicy......
King Prawn Roll ~ RM20.90
As in the gathering, mostly all of my friends are "mango" fans. So when they spotted this dish, we ordered it after enquiry with the waitress whether is mango. lol Well, overall is ok. But we feel that the mango is too thinly slice. We still prefer the one we had in Sushi Kitchen before. ^-^
Yaki Soba ~ RM13.00
We try 2 plates of this Yaki Soba since the first plate is really sour and salty. And my friend complained that to the waitress and they changed one for us. Well, I could see that their service are very good. After the second dish came out, the waitress ask my friend to try and told her that if still not good, she will go and replace another one. But it turn out to be ok. But this dish tastes more towards fusion style. ^-^
Spiderman Ramen ~ RM15.00
Then it came the spiderman ramen. It is topped with some soft shell crab. It would be nice to consume the ramen and also the soft shell crab immediately. The soup base is kinda like fusion style. It is not really spicy for non-spicy foods person. May be just just a tingy hint of spiciness. But for us are ok as all of us can take spicy foods. The ramen are ok. Although it immerse in the soup base for quite sometime, the ramen does not gone soggy.
Teppan Seafood ~ RM26.90
This is the seafood feast. With this dish it came with Teppan Salmon, Prawns, Squids, Bean Sprouts, Chawanmushi, Salads, Watermelon, Rice and Miso Soup. This will definitely fill your tummy whenever you are hungry. The squids are nice as it still remain it's springy textures after quite some time. Salmon are not bad.Chawanmushi are ok and I enjoy having the salad as it is something very refreshing. Miso soup is not bad as well.
Yaki Udon ~ RM13.00
Udon lover should give this a try. The udon are not overly cooked. That's why we still can tested the springy textures and the sauces are well blended together.
Inaka Bento D ~ RM28.90
Well, there are many different types of set meal to choose from the menu. And this time round, we ordered 2 different kind of set meals to try. The first one would be Inaka Bento D. It is the combination or Terriyaki Cod Fish, Deep Fried Beadcrumb Prawn, Beef Roll, Salads, Watermelon, Sauces for the prawn, rice, Chawanmushi, Ogonori and Miso Soup.
With this bento, you have the chance to try out few different dishes offer by the restaurant. Terriyaki Cod Fish are nice. I think kids will like it as it is quite nice to blend with rice. And cod fish got so many important vitamins for the kids. ^-^
As I don't eat beef. So I cut out some of the beef for my friends to share. And what they told me is it is very hard to bite. I guessed it sitting down there for quite sometime before they ate it. Ah..... the deep fried breadcrumbs prawn are nice. As the textures still remain its crunchiness after a long time.
Inaka Bento A - RM26.90
This is the second bento set that we ordered. This set includes Chicken, Salmon , tempura prawn and vegetables, chawanmushi, miso soup, watermelon, rice, salads, tempura sauce and ogonori.
For this bento, you have a variety choices from chicken, salmon, prawns and vegetables. The chicken is very nicely done and everyone seems to enjoy it very much. The salmons are nice as well. I enjoyed eating the tempura vegetables but not the prawn as after quite some time, the tempura became soft. I like foods that are crunchy when it come to deep fried. One other things to mentioned here is the ogonori. It is actually a green preserved seaweed. I love the textures of it. ^-^
Duck Satay ~ RM15.00 (5 sticks/plate)
Well, one of my friend told us that Inaka has it's special satay which is make from duck and asked if we ever taste it before. So we asked the waitress whether they have that. And we were told that they do serve duck satay. So what do you think? Off course we ordered it. Since we had 7 of us, so we decided to ordered 2 plates to share among us.
I never try duck satay before. In my mind, I wonder whether the satay will tastes hard? Since it is make from duck. After it arrived, we get the savour it. And out of surprise it is soft and had a nice textures. Even if you don't like to take duck, perhaps you could give it a try as there are no duck smell in the satay. It is something special.
Rainbow ice-cream ~ RM7.90
Before we ended, we decided to try their desserts since it was a temptation. ^-^ From the menu pic, we thought that it was quite a big bowl of ice-cream. So we ordered one. When it arrived, every one in the table laugh. ^-^ But it's good since every one of us are full from our meal. We just had this to wrap up out sweet gathering together.
This ice-cream consist of 6 different flavours: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Honey Dew, Macha and Kuro Goma. The ice-cream are very tiny but cute. ^-^

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day 2010

For all the mummies,
I would like to wish every mummy in the world, "Happy Mother's Day" and let the kids and hubby pampered you for this special day. ^-^
This year I decided to send my mum home made Oat Raisin Choc Chips Cookies. And I can't wait to hear from her that whether she loves the cookies that I make for her. As she loves sultanas and raisins very much. So I decided to bake her the oat raisin choc chips cookies since it is very healthy. And I never sent her any cookies before. Wonder what will her respond be after receive this box of cookies? (She still don't know that I am sending her cookies. ^-^)
Anyway, "Happy Mother's Day to all of you".
FoOd PaRaDiSe
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