Thursday, 9 October 2014

Restoran Makanan Laut Gee Seng @ Simpang Ampat, Penang.

Address: 860 Bagan Bukit Tambun, 14110 Simpang Ampat, S.P.S.
Tel: 04 - 5887220
It has been years that I did not visit this restaurant. This is used to be one of the favourite restaurants in Tambun by many people.  Since we got visitors came for visit and would like to across the second bridge. That's why we ended up here to savour some seafood feast. Following were some of the foods that we ordered:
 Steam shell - RM8
Many visitors came to Penang and told me that they never tried this before. It is best go with dip of chili sauce.
 Prawn - RM 28
The prawn was perfectly done. Not overcooked just nice.
 In house specialty vegetables - RM20
This vegetables were kinda special. Something different. It is a combination of different vegetables, nuts and mushroom. 
 Mantis Prawn with Salted Egg - RM15
My visitors quite enjoyed this plate of mantis prawn with salted eggs. They reckon that it is good to go with a bowl of porridge.
 Tu Bor Sui - RM12
 Steam Lala - RM12
Chilli Crab - RM68
Mantou (Came with Chili crab)
The chili crab was quite refreshing. Combination of sweetness and spiciness together. Mantou was nice to go with the sauces. The crab was quite nice. 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Coffee on the table @ Lebuh Pantai, Penang.

My friend came  over to Penang for the CFAL cycling campaign last month. So after the event she stayed back for another two days to visit some attractions in Penang. Just one day before she left, we had dinner together and after dinner, we decided to visit the popular 3D coffee arts. 
Coffee on the table
Location: 164 Lebuh Pantai, 10200 Georgetown, Penang.
Tel: 04 - 2622611
Business Hour: 8:30am to 11pm
We were greeted by the waiter after we enter shop. He asked us whether we are coming for foods or coffee? I told him just for the coffee. So we were brought to a table and seated down.
The environment vice is quite comfy just that it is quite hot for us as the place that we were seated, they did not on the air conditioned but later they switch it on after more and more people came in.
The waiter gave us the menu and we browsed through the menu. Then we stopped by the 3D coffee section. I did not take any photos of the menu. From memory, they offer the following hot beverages only for the 3D Art:
Cappuccino, Cafe Latte, Cafe Mocha, Vanilla Latte, Hazelnut Latte, Caramel Latte and hot Chocolates.
We were introduced by the waiter to try their cake to go with the coffee and hot chocolate that we ordered. So we decided to share among 3 of us. We ordered the following cheese cake.
Oreo Chocolate Cheese Cake
The desserts looked appealing. It was quite nicely presented. It came with a scoop of ice-cream. By all means sorry for the melting ice-cream as we were busy taking photo plus the environment is a bit hot.
The waiter was kind enough to ask us about their cake. I told him that I would prefer the cake is more chiller. After few minutes later, he came back and told me that I am right, their chiller is set a bit higher on that day. 

Cappuccino and Hot Chocolates in 3D Art
Hubby had the Cappuccino with the big fat cat 3D design and whereas I have the hot chocolate with the fish design.
Cafe Mocha
My friend had cafe Mocha with the 3D bunny.
The next two 3D art is belong to the next table. I just snap shot it for fun!

FoOd PaRaDiSe verdict: Be patience and wait if you intend to order the 3D art coffee or hot chocolate drink. They take sometime to do the 3D art. If you are in the hurry, I guess that you should skip having the 3D coffee. The services provided for us during our dinning time were nice. At least after I left the comment, they look into it straight away. I think they have room to improve. I will try out their foods in the next visit.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Coya Healthy Cuisine (古雅料理)

The place that I am going to blog about is another place to go when you thinking to have some vegetarian and healthy cuisine. This remind me that the Nine Emperor Gods Festival (九皇爷) fall from 24.09.2014 till 02.10.2014 this year. Which is absolutely is another place to drop in.
Coya Healthy Cuisine (古雅料理)
Coya Healthy Cuisine (古雅料理)
Address: 4A Lorong Selamat, 10400 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang.
Tel: 04 - 2262357
Business Hour: Tuesday to Sunday 11:00am - 3:00pm, 5:30pm - 9:30pm
Closed on Monday
GPS: 5.419108, 100.326188
Coya Healthy Cuisine (古雅料理)

Coya Healthy Cuisine (古雅料理)

Coya Healthy Cuisine (古雅料理)
 Interior of Coya Healthy Cuisine 
Coya Healthy Cuisine (古雅料理)
As for the starter, I would like to introduce some of the juices that offers in the shop.  
 A: Red Queen - RM12
Mixture of pineapple, beetroot and lemon. I am having this. It tastes more towards sour due to the lemon.
B: Fair Lady - RM10.90
Mixture of celery, apple and bitter gourd.
C: Jackfruit Lassi - Rm10.90
D: Banana Lassi - RM9.90
Coya Healthy Cuisine (古雅料理)
 Golden Pumpkin Sour Plum - RM6.50
This is actually a nice appertiser to start with. The owner was telling us that base on the customer feed back about the spicyness of the pumpkin, they reduce the chili while marinate the pumpkin. The taste of this appertiser for me is actually like mango. 
Coya Healthy Cuisine (古雅料理)
 Deep Fried Eel (Mushroom) - RM10.50
This deep fried eel is another dish to recommend. I love the deep fried mushroom coated with the special sauce and the hint of fragrant sesame seed topped on it.
Coya Healthy Cuisine (古雅料理)
 White Tom Yam - RM8.50
If you like something sour and hint of spicyness, perhaps you could give this a try. It  is actually consists of vegetables, dumplings, fresh mushrooms with fresh lime, chilli and lemongrass.
Coya Healthy Cuisine (古雅料理)
Claypot Bak Kut Teh - RM12
This claypot bak kut teh consists of soy meat pork ribs simmered in a complex broth of herbs and spices including star anise, cinnamon, dang gui and fennel seeds for six hours.
If you like stronger herbs flavour of bak kut teh, perhaps you could give this a try!
Coya Healthy Cuisine (古雅料理)
Curry Chicken Rice - RM12


Coya Healthy Cuisine (古雅料理)
 Green Pepper Bolognese Spaghetti - RM12.50
It like the texture of the spaghetti being served here. At least it is not soft and lumpy. But beware of the chilli served in this plate of green peppeer bolognese spaghetti. For me, I feel that the spicyness is ok but I think will be a bit too spicy for those who can't take spicy food.
Coya Healthy Cuisine (古雅料理)
 Hot & Spicy Noodle - RM10.50


Coya Healthy Cuisine (古雅料理)

Coya Healthy Cuisine (古雅料理)
Portobello Giant Mushroom Burger - RM49.90/plate
If you like to savour this plate of Portobello Giant Mushroom Burger, please call them  two days in advance. As it is a pre-order item. 
This is Coya signature breadless burger. They marinate the Portobello Giant Mushroom in mild spicy pineapple paste and cook under low heat to maintain the tenderness and trap the juice inside the mushroom. As for the burger they use Hericium Erinaceus Mushroom, potato and mix together with the herbs and spices to form an unique vege burger.


COYA Healthy Cuisine is going to cook healthy foods every day for 10 days from 23.09.2014 till 02.10.2014 during The Nine Emperor Gods Festival. They will supply lunch to Shan Children' Home @ Jalan Mount Erskine, Children Protection Society @ Jalam Scotland, The Ramakrishna Ashrame @ Jalan Scotland and Ru Yi Home @ Jalan Air Terjun. If you would lke to make a donation, please contact Coya Healthy Cuisine.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Kaffa Espresso Bar @ Penang International Airport, Penang.

Salted Caramel Macchiato
Aglio Olio with Turkey Ham & Seaweed - RM20.90
Grilled Chicken Burger
Turkey Ham Sandwich
FoOd PaRaDiSe verdict: I would said this is another choice to choose while dinning in Penang International Airport. I was highly recommend by a friend to try their Salted Caramel Macchiato. For me, it's something different. As for my hubby, he still preferred the normal coffee. Hahhahahaa........ As for the food vice, their aglio olio is something different from others. Worth to try if you are adventured person. I prefer the grilled chicken burger over the sandwich as it is a bit too sweet for my liking. However, I enjoyed the simple salads and mashed potatoes though. Something to balance the sweetness from the chicken sandwich.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Zi Wei Yuan Steamboat (紫薇園魚頭火炭爐) & Raja Uda Yew Char Kuih @ Raja Uda, Butterworth, Penang

Location: 6525 Jalan Raja Uda, 12300 Butterworth.
Tel: 04-3312736
Business Hour: 6pm to 11:30pm (Closed on Wednesday)
During one Sunday late afternoon, we went to Prai to settle something. After finished everything, we headed to Raja Uda for dinner. However, we did not know what to eat. Then suddenly I recalled that hubby want to try out Zi Wei Yuan Steamboat (紫薇園魚頭火炭爐) for quite a long time. So I suggested that he stoped by there for dinner.
The restaurant was so crowded when we arrived around 6:25pm. We were told that inside were full. Then we seated outside. Few minutes later, we were told that there were seat inside but it will be bit hot in there. So we decided to stay put. 
Then we continue with out ordering as below:
Herbal Tea
Charcoal Steamboat
Fried fish steamboat. RM40
We ordered additional foods for the steamboat as the following:
Pork Slice 肉片 RM10
Black Fungus 黑木耳 RM4
Cintan Noodles 金旦面 RM2
Beancurd 豆腐 RM3
Mushroom 蘑菇 RM5
Cuttlefish 鱿鱼 RM4
Fish Ball 鱼丸 RM3
Mushroom 香菇 RM4
Vermicilli 细米粉 RM2
Vegetables 茼萵 RM4
FoOd PaRaDiSe verdict: It was a great dinner. Love the soup base. In our next visit I think will order extra deep fried yam and the fish ball. As my gal loves it very much and the fish ball is very springy. I manage to taste one of it only. We did not order extra as yet we need to finish the other foods that we order.
Total bills: RM87.50 ( for 4 persons including 3 drinks and two white rice).


While waiting for our steamboat to be served, we saw couples of tables were eating Yew Char Kuih. And one after another. We were puzzle where is the Yew Char Kuih (油条) came from. Some ate ham zi peng (咸煎饼). So when our foods being served we asked the waiter where did they bought the Yew Char Kuih (油条)?
The waiter was so friendly and also very humble and replied us:
 "It's just next door. You can get it by walking."
So we decided to visit this stall after our dinner. Well, it's full of patrons here. So I just grab hubby hand phone and snap snap snap! By all means, people were looking at me! Hahhahahahaha...........


If you BUY 10 you will get FREE 1( 买十送一).
We just bought total 5pcs so total RM5. Each cost RM1. We tried out their Yew Char Kuih (油条),  ham zi peng (咸煎饼) and 原味花子.
FoOd PaRaDiSe verdict: We tried this after several hours back from Raja Uda. Surprisingly that their Yew Char Kuih (油条),  ham zi peng (咸煎饼) and 原味花子 still tastes so crispy and nice. However, I found that the Yew Char Kuih (油条) is bit salty. If you like something sweet, you can try their 原味花子. 

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Sin Yik Hwa Restaurant (新益华餐室) @ Sungai Petani, Kedah

During a visit to Sungai Petani, we visited this restaurant. Hubby was been telling me about this restaurant lot of time but unfortunately I don't have the opportunity to visit it. As normally, we will have home cook food awaiting for us. So it was hard to savour this restaurant. 
There are quite full houses when we arrived. But luckily enough to grab a table for the 4 of us. So we started to order the foods. Hubby wanted us to try the roast pork and sausages but unfortunately all sold out and need to wait for the next batch. Since my daugther need to attend tuition session in Penang, we just tried other foods. Will surely be back to try their other specialties.
Sambal prawns and squids
This sambal dish was not too spicy. So my gal loves to mix it with her rice. 
Steam rice
There are few restaurants on Sungai Petani that serves their rice in this kind of bowl.
Peanut Spare Ribs Soups
This soup looks so normal and nothing special but after the first sip of the soup, you will feel the different. The aroma of the peanut filled the soup. It's been quite a long time that did not savour the peanut soups. Usually restaurants will offer black bean soup.
Braised pork with yam
The braised pork is very tender and so as the yam.
Egg with prawn
By the look of this dish is just a simple "Fu Yong Tan" but after you the first bite, it is more like the western style of omelette. 
FoOd PaRaDiSe verdict: The foods were simple and yet delicious. It is a place where you can have a quick lunch. The place is very clean and well maintain.
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