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Food hunt at Sungai Bakap, Jawi

Few weeks ago, we followed my MIL to Sg. Bakap. I always heard lots about the foods in Sg. Bakap from my hubby, MIL and their family members. They told me about 40-50 years ago, my hubby's grandpa already visited the following shops for foods. They told me numerous times about their ark ka pau. They told me that it has a very nice aroma and it is prepared in a traditional way. OMG they kept telling me from time to time. And when I taste some ark ka pau in Penang, my hubby will remind me that the ark ka pau is different from the one in Sg. Bakap. Oh gosh....... I cannot stand it any more with their description, so I asked my MIL to bring us to savour the foods. And since she wants to do some praying in the nearby area, she brought us there.
But it is quite far from Penang....... lol but the trips is memorable and satisfied our taste bud. lol
First, I would like to introduce you :

Soon Lee Restaurant
Location: 34, MK 12, Main Road, Sg. Bakap, 14200 Sungai Jawi, Seberang Perai Selatan.
Tel: 04 -5824063
Business Hour: 7am - 2pm (Close on alternate Monday, please call before you go)
This shops famous for their Chai kuih, dim sum and chu char. My MIL and hubby's  aunt told me about their chai kuih, so we went there to try it out. Hubby and my gal went there first as we went to collect the ark ka pau which is opposite to this restaurant. This is also hubby 1st visit to this restaurant. When they sat down, immediately the shop owner brought 5 plates of Mang Kwang Chai Kuih and 5 plates of Ku Chai Kuih out and put on the tables. Hubby was surprised. lol
Then hubby told the shop owner that they are only 2 persons for the time being and cannot finished all 10 plates of chai kuih. So hubby only ordered 4 plates (2 Mang Kwang Chai Kuih and 2 of Ku Chai Kuih) while waiting for us.

Mang Kwang Chai Kuih
When we saw the outlook of the chai kuih, we asked my MIL why the chai kuih skin look terrible. My MIL told us it is their specialties. lol The Mang Kwang Chai Kuih is just so-so for our liking.

Ku Chai Kuih
We preferred their Ku Chai Kuih then the Man Kwang Chai Kuih. But it is a bit salty for us too. lol
Then the owner asked whether we would like to order chu char and since it is around lunch time, we decided to have lunch there and the shop owner recommended their specialties to us. So we ordered:
Stir fry tang hoon
When the tang hoon being served, it does not look appealing to me. lol But after we savour it.......... you will start to loves it. It is indeed a very nice stir fry tang hoon and many ingredients in there too.
Next came the......
Fish Soup
Everybody loves the soup. It is very nice. The fish is very fresh and the soup tastes sour. Very yummy! lol
The following shops is just located directly opposite to Soon Lee Restaurant. This is the main purpose of visiting Sg. Bakap. lol
Kedai Makanan Wah Seng
Please make sure that you go to the right shop as they got two Wah Seng in that area. Just make sure that this Wah Seng is directly opposite to Soon Lee Restaurant.
All the delicious foods.......
The owner of Kedai Makanan Wah Seng
The sons of the owner of Kedai Makanan Wah Seng
Another way to make sure you are in the right stores is to remember their faces. They are very friendly people. lol
We take away everything from Wah Seng as we are dining @ Soon Lee Restaurant. My MIL call and ordered ark ka pau and roast duck 2 days b4 hand as they only do limited ark ka pau per day. (unless you pre-order it)
Ark Ka Pau

The ark ka pau is wrap with duck giblet and liver. However in Penang, it is wrap with many other ingredients. It has a very great aroma. So we cannot stand the aroma while we were in Soon Lee Restaurant. We started eating there. lol We were told by my MIL that they still do it in traditional way while others do that in modern way now. lol

Roast Duck
This is my "HIGHLY RECOMMEND" dish for this food hunt trip. I never taste any better roast duck than this b4. I fall in love with this roast duck after my first bite. My MIL told me that their roast duck is very nice as she just savour that when she attend a wedding @ Bagan Serai few weeks ago. And she is RIGHT. The roast duck skin is very crispy and the duck meat is very tender, juicy and succulent. My MIL bought us 1 whole duck and we gave away some to our neighbour to try it out. And they comments that the duck is very juicy and tender. lol They love it very much too.
Since we cannot finished it in one day, I reheat it in my oven and it tastes equally delicious. While doing this blog post...... it makes me drolling........ lol
While we were in the shop, I went to the food counter to see what other foods they sold. And I saw they sold
BBQ Pork (Char Siew)
I asked the son of the owner, what is this and I was told that it is char siew. lol Char Siew???? My eye went "BIG". As usually we see the char siew in red colour. And they told me that they marinate with their home made soya sauce. So I order some to try and it tastes not bad.

Duck Giblet
I was offered by the owner to try a piece of sausage that make by them. And it tastes very nice. So I order some and was told that there are only few left. So I "Sapu" everything. lol As the owner told me that I will not regret it. 
And lucky I "sapu" everything as my gal and hubby love it very much. lol
We were invited to dine in there but since hubby and my gal already start eating @ Soon Lee , we reject their offer. lol The owner told us to come back next time and he will belanja us. lol
Please contact them @ 04-582 4834


Penang Tua Pui said...

aiks.. what a great food explore...

Huat Koay is very familiar with the place..... we had try both the Chai Koay and the duck..

btw... wanna try to drop u a mail... but seems like no one reply, i may drop into the junk mail i assume...

can u drop us a line at PenangTuaPui at

minchow said...

I've not seen ark ka pau before! This is really an enlightening post! Don't know if I can handle so much duck at one go though...

New Kid on the Blog said...

wow, good post... something new to me. :)

Food Paradise said...

PTP - What a coincidence. lol I did not received any email from PTP but I already sent you email. Please Check. Thanks!

550ml jar of faith - I guess not many ppl know about ark ka pau. Just try everything in small portion so you can savour everything. lol

NKOTB - hope you enjoy reading it. lol

NaNcY tEo's page... said...

walau, want to fly over to penang immediately

Anonymous said...

A worthy trip with all the yummy food...will sure to drop in for some of the ark ka pau.

Food Paradise said...

Nancy - When you have time, please come over and try it!lol

CK Lam - yes, you should go and try it! lol

cariso said...

I love the kuu chai chai koay there loh !

Food Paradise said...

cariso - I prefer their ku chai koay too. lol

Hojiak said...

tomorrow will go to food hunt in Jawi, will try what u posted.
must be HOJIAK

Melanie said...

I've been to this shop since I was small (20years ago) and until today the taste is still the same. Just went there 2weeks ago.

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