Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Italian Restaurant The Place 007

Location: 253 G-1-8, Jalan Burma, Premier Centre, 10350 Penang.
Tel/Fax: 604-2276619Add Image
H/P: 6019-4413000/60174768426 (Michael)
Since it is a public hoilday on Monday, we went ofr food hunting again after shopping @ Island Plaza. lol Hubby saw this restaurant few weeks ago but did not get the chance to try it out. lol I double confirm with hubby that they seperated the pub/karaoke with the restaurant as I saw the shop advertisement in Restaurant BB.
The Place 007
I guess the boss must be the fan of James Bond that's why they name it as The Place 007. lol (Just Kidding!)
I wanted to do this blog first as I want to let my readers know that they are running 15% discount now till 31st December 2008. (Except for drinks, set lunch and set dinner)
So after you finished reading this blog....... and you are thrilled with their foods, please act fast to entitle the 15% discount. lol

Interior of The Place 007

Table settings @ The Place 007
The place is "SUPER COLD" when we went in. lol So if you want cold place...... this surely is the place to go and the environment is nice and quiet.
Beverage that we order - Cappucinno, Fresh Apple Juice and Hot Chocolate
Mushroom Soup
Their mushroom soup is very thickening with cream and it tastes not bad.
Mix Salad
My gal opts for mixed Salad. And it is just a normal salad. But it serves with the special sauce.
Special Sauce for Mixed Salad
Why I mentioned it as "Special" it's because it is very spicy. lol Normally we will get the salad dressing such as thousand island, french dressing......... but this one is like chilli sauce but grind with lemon, chillies............. and it tastes very refreshing but not suitable for my gal. lol
Actually I think the waiter think that I am the one who had this salad that's why he did not comments on the sauce. lol
Mussel Gratin
This is my gal order too. My gal starts to loves mussels nowadays. lol Well...... the mussels taste nice but a bit salty to our liking. lol

Well..... hubby saw this after we had placed our order. And he ordered again as he told me he is starving. lol It is basically like the Japanese Yakitori. And the chicken and leek taste very tender and succulent. My hubby loves it very much.

Stuffed Chicken
This is hubby ordered. And it tastes not bad. But it is very rich and creamy. lol Hubby does not like creamy stuff but he finished everything. lol
Spagetti Marinara
Hahahaa...... this is my order and I am glad that I chose this. lol This is indeed very nice spagetti. My gal and hubby love it very much. I will highly recommend this to every one. lol
It's desserts time. And we asked Michael to recommend us what desserts to choose. lol And he told us their tiramisu is freshly baked. So we order one to try. Hubby savour the first bite and he told me that it is not bad but when I savour it half way, I noticed that at the bottom of it, it is too watery. lol
Pana Cotta
Michael also recommends us chocolate creme brulee and Pana Cotta. And since we never try pana cotta in Malaysia b4, we decided to order one.
"Panna cotta is an Italian dessert made by simmering together cream, milk and sugar, mixing this with gelatin, and letting it cool until set. An Italian phrase which literally means "cooked cream", it generally refers to a creamy, set dessert from the Northern Italian region of Piedmont. It is eaten all over Italy where it is served with wild berries, caramel, chocolate sauce or fruit coulis." ~ From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Well....... we loves this pana cotta very much. lol It is so refreshing.
Overall..... their foods are very nice and hubby will definitely go back to try out their pastas soon. lol


cariso said...

that spaghetti marinara how much uh?

Food Paradise said...

Cariso - spaghetti marina cost RM26.80 (if you go b4 31st dec you will get 15% discount). I know you loves spagetti marinara too. lol This one taste nice. Do go and try. :P

Anonymous said...

Passed by this place daily and have yet to try the food. Thanks for sharing your review.
Will drop by to try it out...especially the mussel. Looks like your girl girl also learning to eat yummy food like her mummy...haha

Food Paradise said...

ck lam - Please drop by soon to entitle the 15% discount. OMG! I shouldn't train her to eat yummy stuff now. Later when she grow older she demand more good stuff huh. lol (then broke liao. lol)

Cloud蘇 said...

可以給我知道google map 里的正確位置?

Unknown said...

Cloud - I just add in the map location in the blog posts. Take a look. If you not sure, let me know. Sorry for the late reply as I need to double confirm the exact location before I reply you. Hope this will help.
It is located next to Wisma Pekerso. And thanks for dropping by. ^-^

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