Friday, 12 December 2008

Bamboo Garden Seafood & Suana

Today...... I would like to introduce you to a nice scenery and nice Thai food restaurant. It is easily accessible but no air condition. If you like natural air...... the following recommendation might be your choice for lunch/dinner.
Last Sunday when we went for food hunting during lunch time, hubby decided to head down to Balik Pulau lol. We use the Jalan Paya Terubong at Relau then turn left into Jalan Tun Sardon (please refer to google map) that will lead you to Balik Pulau, after some distances, we saw the Restaurant signboard up the hill. So hubby stopped and have a look and it is 
Hubby decided to try it out. I told hubby that's Thai restaurant as you know I have a gal, she cannot take too spicy foods. lol But hubby said..... they should provide some non-spicy foods too.

Address of the restaurant and phone number

The restaurant sitting areas

Photo L: From the restaurant you can see the road towards Balik Pulau
Photo R: Sauna..........

Views from the restaurant

The main entrance towards the restaurant

Apple Juice

Orange Juice

Home made Belachan
Taste nice......

White Rice

Tom Yam Seafood
I saw the pictures from the menu of Tom Yam soup...... I cannot resist and order a small size tom yam but still very big. lol The tom yam tastes nice - sour..... hot and spicy. Many ingredients too. Such as Prawns, squids, mushroom, tomatoes, fresh fish slices.........

Stir fry kailan with salted pork
The kailan is not bad. The salted pork is very salty. lol

Pandan Chicken
The pandan chicken is nice..... the chicken is very tender.

Pineapple Spare Ribs
Hubby loves this but for me, I think they over deep fried the spare ribs, so it is rather too hard. lol But the sauce tastes nice.
After our lunch, we asked if they got any desserts but we were told only fresh fruits. Hubby asked for the Thai cendol(we saw it from the menu previously) and we were told that we have to pre-booked it and at least 3 tables. lol They have some set menus for birthday party, farewell, buffet........ They also provide seafood steamboat and barbecue. But I think you have to pre-booked too. For appointment, please call 019-5946138, 016-4911666 (Lim Gim Chuan).
Their business hour is from 11.30am - 10.30pm. Closed on every Monday (They will open if it is a public holiday).
We were told that they are open for 2 years now but not many people know about this place. It is actually operates by a Chinese boss but the cook is Siamese. So you want traditional Thai cuisine? Hop to this shop and try it out.
And they also provide herbal sauna and foot massage as well. for map, please refer to the following:


cariso said...

More interested in the sauna! :)

Food Paradise said...

cariso - after sauna then try out their foods. lol

minchow said...

Oh yum, always on the lookout for decent Thai places serving kickass tomyam! How strange that they also do sauna.

Food Paradise said...

550ml Jar of faith - then perhaps you can go and try it out! But their sauna is econmoy type I think. As I went to have a look just a very small room but pretty hot in there. lol

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