Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Kedai Kopi Bee Hin

Location: Air Itam, Penang.
Direction: If you coming from air itam and head towards town, the stall is located on the left hand corner if you turn into Jalan Padang Tembak.

Kedai Kopi Bee Hin

Chu Char Stall
Hubby were told by his colleague about this chu char few weeks ago. So We decided to try it out two weeks ago. And we bump into his coleague there. What a small world. lol

Nutmeg Salad Chickens
This is highly recommended by hubby's colleague. So this is the first dish we ordered. It is something differents. And it tastes nice and rich. lol My gal loves it very much. When she saw this photo, she told me that she loves the nutmeg salad chickens very much. lol

Stir Fry Kappa with spring onion and bean sauce
Well..... the kappa is not bad. Although it is cook with bean sauce, it does not taste salty at all.

Stir fry tiny french beans with minced pork

Steam Fish
The fish is very fresh and nice.
Overall..... the chu char is quite nice and lots of people patronize the restaurants too. By the way, in this coffee shop they only serve chu char.


cariso said...

why no price one....

Food Paradise said...

cariso - the chu char price is acceptable but I cannot remember how much already. lol Too old liao, memory loss. lol Will ask hubby about the price later. If he remember I reply you ok. lol

Food Paradise said...

cariso - My hubby told me it cost RM50.60 for all the dishes plus 3 white rice.:P

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