Monday, 8 December 2008

Chia Chia Cafe

Location: Taman Pekaka, Sg. Dua, Penang.
Hubby went to return some novels around that area so we decide to try out this cafe. Basically there are only two stalls in this cafe - Western Foods and Thai Food Chu Char. Both of the foods look great. But we decided to try out Thai food this time.

Chia Chia Cafe
Nasi Pad Prik
I ordered this but after hubby rice arrived, he told me his ordered is too spicy. lol But mine does not taste spicy at all. So I decide to exchange with him since my gal is sharing with him. lol
The taste is just so-so. Since I ate the nasi pad prik from the Golden Lake Food Corner few weeks ago, I can compared. lol I prefer the Golden Lake Food Corner one as it has more ingredients and spicy too. lol
Tang Hoon Salads
Wow..... I like this one. We want to order Mango salads but we were told it was sold out for the night. And we were recommend to order this.
The salad is very appetizing as it got fresh lime juice, fish sauce, tang hoon, small chili padi, prawns, squids, slice tomatoes and........
It is too spicy for me but I finished it by myself. I cannot stop taking it. lol
Deep Fried Kang Kong
Very crispy.
Thai Sauce for deep fried kang kong
Basil Chicken with rice
We thought that this should not be spicy. But ii turns out to be another way. lol So I had this and it has a nice basil aroma. Taste not bad.
Overall...... the food is not bad and I saw my next table order steam Tom Yam fish and it looks nice. lol So if you go there please try it out other dishes that I did not order. They got varieties of choices to choose from their menu. And the price is very reasonable.


CRIZ LAI said...

The basil chicken with rice looks rather good. I don't mind my food spicy, just that make sure they don't put too many "little bombs" in them :P Hmmm.. I wondered why their Thai food looked rather pale here.

Food Paradise said...

CRIZ LAI - Yes their food looks rather pale. If you order the Tang Hoon Salads...... please many "little bombs" in there.

Selba said...

The food looks so yummy... I would like to try the Basil chicken :D

Food Paradise said...

Selba - The food taste nice. lol

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