Tuesday, 9 December 2008

ISARIBI Japanese Restaurant

Location: 60 & 62 Chow Thye Road,
10050 Georgetown, Penang.
(Next to Burmah Road Gospel Hall)
Tel: 604 - 2298684
Business hours: 12-3pm and 6-10pm Open Daily
After shopping @ Gurney Plaza, we decide to visit ISARIBI for lunch.

ISARIBI Japanese Restaurant Entrance
I just realise that ISARIBI in Japanese means "Fire on the fishing boat to lure the fish at night" after I browse through ISARIBI website @ www.isaribi.info

Interior of ISARIBI Japanese Restaurant

Side dish for set meals - Unagi and Salmon

Unagi Rice Set meal
PS and my gal opt for the unagi set meal. Both of them enjoyed their unagi set. lol

Grilled Salmon Set Meal
This is my order. The grilled salmon tastes alright. The miso soup tastes nice and the other side dishes tastes not bad too.

This is my hubby order and hubby comments that the udon is ok but the soup taste a bit odd for him. lol I did not try it out as I got many other things to finish. lol

Assorted Sushi
PS comments that the sushi does not taste good at all. lol

Soft Shell Crab Sushi
This soft shell crab sushi taste nice.
Actually the main purpose for ME to visit this restaurant is the desserts. lol I was told by CK Lam that I must order the ice-cream for my gal when I went for a visit. lol So I did and everyone of us order it with different flavours.

Green Tea with Red Bean ice- cream
PS have this. Actually she chooses 2 different types of ice-cream but was told that one (YUZU) is out of stock another one (Black sesame) is not ready for serving yet. So she has not many choices left and she ordered green tea with red bean ice-cream. lol PS doesn't like it too. lol Hubby gets the chance to try and he also don't like it either. He prefer the snow-ice green tea. lol

Chocolate ice- cream
This is my gal order and it tastes like the normal chocolate ice-cream. lol

Sesame Seed Ice- Cream
Well..... this is hubby order and he makes a very good choice for ice-cream. This is the best ice-cream among the 4 that we ordered. lol

Blueberry Ice-cream
Hubby savours this first as I am busy taking photos for the other desserts. And after he savour it, he told me that I will not like this ice-cream. lol PS gets to savour it too and they reckon that I made a wrong choice. lol For me....... it is not the best but still eatable. lol
There are other varieties of flavour too but it depends on whether they still have stock. Actually...... I wanted to try their black sesame too unfortunately it was not ready yet. And other interesting flavours are wasabi, tempura ice-cream........... I have try tempura ice-cream from KAMPACHI. Will blog that next time.

Fruit - Watermelon
This is on house fruits and taste nice and juicy.
Right now ISARIBI will give out the rebate card when you dine there. Every RM30 you will entitle to get 1 stamp. And there are total of 12 stamps to collect. lol Once you collected all stamps, you will get RM20 rebate!


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a more enjoyable dinner in the next visit...and get to try the black sesame ice cream.

Food Paradise said...

ck lam - yes.... will try the black sesame ice-cream next time. And try out other things too. lol

cariso said...

See! ur hubby likes greentea a lot!

Food Paradise said...

Cariso - hhahhahaaa..... I think you love green tea than him. lol

minchow said...

I love this place... portions are huge and the ice cream menu is really eye-opening!

Food Paradise said...

550ml jar of faith - Good to hear that you enjoy the foods there. Yes varieties choice of ice-cream to choose from.

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