Thursday, 11 December 2008

TAO Authentic Asian Cuisine

Location: Auto City, Juru.
Last Friday, we went to Juru to try out TAO. As this is one of the places that hubby want to visit. lol And his wish has been granted last Friday and he really enjoys the foods and desserts. lol

Interior of Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine
We went there around 5.45pm and our last call is 7.30pm and we have to finish our meal by 8pm. lol The indicator is very cute right? lol

Sashimi Moriawase
The sashimi moriawase is very fresh and nice and we ordered 3 plates for the night. lol

Sary Abalone

Assorted Sushi from Sushi Corner
They serve some sushi and salads from the sushi corner. It is self service. So you can go and collect it by yourself.

Tempura Shrimp and Vege
It is very crunchy for both tempura and vege.

Tempura Sauce

Grilled Salmon
It tastes nice.

Motoyaki Scallop
The scallops are quite nice but a bit spicy for my gal. lol

Salmon Papaya
We were introduced by the waiter there to try this and it is indeed very nice. Papaya wrap with salmon. Very refreshing. lol

Salads from salad corner

Kimisu Tako
I ordered two plates for myself. lol

Grilled Lamb Shoulder
If you love lamb...... please order this. It has a very nice aroma and the meat is tender and succulent. lol

Smoked Salmon
We were introduced this by the waiter too. But hubby does not like it. For me, it is not too bad. lol


Butter Cod Fish
It has a nice aroma but it is very rich. lol

The yakitori tastes nice. The chicken is very tender and succulent. lol

This is my gal favourites. She orders two plates for the night.

Taiwanese Prawn Mentis
hmm...... we don't really quite enjoy this dish. lol

Yaki Udon
The udon is quite nice........

I am not sure what ice-cream is this. When I placed the order, I was told that they served honey dew ice-cream for the night. But I was served with this. lol It tastes not bad. However when hubby order another ice-cream, it is the real honey dew ice-cream as the following:

Honey Dew Ice-Cream
We ordered 3 cups of this ice-creams as it has a very strong honey dew aroma. lol And furthermore, it is not too sweet. lol
OMG we are too full after that.  We ate so many things. lol But we were thrilled that we get 10% for the  early bird discount as we went in b4 6pm. So please arrived TAO b4 6pm than you will entitle the early bird discount. There are other variety of choices to choose from. You can browse through their menu. lol oh yes..... b4 I forgot, they will charge half price for kids if you are under their height limit. And my gal get half price. lol
They will provide you with free flows of juice, tea, coffee............


cariso said...

You three really keng! can eat so much!

CRIZ LAI said...

It's funny that so many people had blogged about Tao and I did not even try to visit them yet. :P

Food Paradise said...

cariso - Keng leh......actually my gal eat a bit only. Me and hubby eat lots. lol

Criz Lai - This is our 1st time visiting TAO. We heard lots about TAO but never try it until last Friday. lol I advise you to bring along more people when you want to do review of this place. lol

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