Saturday, 13 December 2008

Jurin eXpress

Location: Gurney Plaza 170-2-59/60, Penang.
Tel: 04-2277112
Yesterday afternoon, we went down town to collect some documents. After we have done with our things, we drop by Gurney to buy something. And when we passed by Jurin eXpress, hubby told me to stop as he want to have a look. lol Actually in the past few weeks when Jurin eXpress is under renovation, he already told me that he wants to try it when they opened. lol Actually we dine in Jurin few years back when they got an outlet @ Krystal point but back then we did not do any food blog yet. lol
Entrance to Jurin Express
Seasonal promotion - Scallop (RM15.80) and Sashimi (RM13.80)
This is the main reasons after hubby saw this big advertisement make him want to dine in there yesterday. That's why I have to do this review today to share with my readers. Jurin eXpress is having seasonal promotion now for Teppanyaki Scallops and Salmon Sashimi. We asked the waitress when is the promotion ends and she has no idea. So act quick if you want to get this special promotion rate. lol
But I have to remind you that since they just opened on Tuesday, they only got limited choice to choose from their menu. They told us that the menu that we read is just temporary. They will amend it later. lol
Interior and view from Jurin Express

Table setting


Salmon Sashimi
The salmon sashimi is very fresh. It just melt in your mouth. lol We ordered 2 plates of this as it is really nice and cheap too. lol

Teppanyaki Scallop
Look @ the scallop....... it is quite big. lol and tastes nice too.

Seafood Ramen
Hubby ordered this but it turn out be a bit too spicy for him. lol So end up I am the one who finished most of them. Lucky that I did not ordered any set meal for myself. The ramen tastes ok.

Jurin Express Bento
This is my gal bento set. We were told by the waitress to order the bento set for my gal since she wants unagi. The bento set came with grilled unangi, salads, Japanese pickles,  deep fried dumpling and miso soup.
The deep fried dumpling tastes very good. However the sashimi in the bento set tastes not as good as the salmon sashimi. lol You can see the difference. lol The grilled unangi tastes not bad too.

Miso Soup
My gal loves the miso soup very much. lol
Overall their food is ok and we were very satisfy with their salmon sashimi and teppanyaki scallops. lol


cariso said...

What? You ppl order COKE to go with sashimi?????

Anonymous said...

Happy to know that there are more and more new eating outlets in Gurney :)

Allie said...

The sashimi and scallops sure looks good. :Drool:

Food Paradise said...

cariso - I want to order cold drink as I feel too thirsty and that's the only cold drink available. (As I said they got limited menu to choose from at the moment) lol

Ck Lam - yup... did not intend to dine in Gurney but hubby can't resist the promotion temptation. lol

Allie - yes it tastes nice. lol

Anonymous said...

the scallops looks yummy!!

the outlet in Krystal Point was closed for quite some time already. But just recently, some renovation has just started, so could it still be Jurin or a new shop?? Good news for penang foodies like us :D

minchow said...

Jurin goes to the mall? Does the Express mean the prices are not as hefty as their outlet at Belissa Row? I enjoyed the alacarte menu very much though it's not something I can afford on a regular basis.

Penang Tua Pui said...

Jurin get banned by Fei Fei after previous bad experience and the rest of us still ok with it.. and we know they are expensive..

but this more like a fast food concept like sushi king and sakae sushi ... may be worth a try... thanks for the sharing and ur photo shot is nice...

yum yum

New Kid on the Blog said...

wow, you're the very first few to post Jurin Express. :)

good job!!

J2Kfm said...

Jurin ... still rmbr it cost us an arm and a leg back then when we were students, dining at Krystal Point's outlet.

Food Paradise said...

buzzingbee - the scallops not only looks yummy but tastes yummy too.
I also saw some renovation going on but not really sure whether it is a new outlet or Jurin. lol

550ml jar of faith - Yes, it is in Gurney Plaza now. I cannot comments much now as we were told that the menu is just a temporary ones. So hopes the permanent menu will offer a reasonable price for all of us. lol

Food Paradise said...

PTP - Sad to hear that Fei Fei had bad experience in Jurin. Well... you can go and try out their promotion for salmon sashimi and teppanyaki scallops.
You are welcome!!!!!
Aiyo.... so happy to hear that my photo shot is nice. lol Cannot sleep liao tonight. lol

NKOTB - we just happened to drop by Gurney Plaza, therefore get the chance to try out their promotion foods. lol

Food Paradise said...

J2Kfm - hahhahahaha......if you happen to drop by Gurney Plaza during their promotion, please try out their teppanyaki scallops and Salmon sashimi. It is cheap!

Anonymous said...

I tot last time it was's jurin express now.I heard it's a new proprietor took over the business and revamp it or sumthing

Food Paradise said...

Anonymous - I am not sure about the new proprietor. They still have Jurin. But this Jurin eXpress is cater for limited foods only. As the words "eXpress" means that provide "simple and quick foods.

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