Saturday, 6 December 2008

Kedai Kopi Tai Hin

Location: Jalan Anson, Penang. (Opposite to Anson Road Wet Market)
Hubby wants to try out this coffe shops long long time ago and we went there few weeks ago, it is full house. So we went back last weekend again and this time we managed to get a seat.

Kedai Kopi Tai Hin

Char Bee Chai Bak Stall

Char Bee Chai Bak
Hubby is so hungry so he ordered char bee chai bak. And out of surprise the char bee chai bak tastes very nice. lol

Wantan Mee
Basically people came to this coffee shop for their wantan mee. And seems like the chicken rice is very popular too but they just set up the chicken rice stall when we were there. So did not savour it. Perhaps next time. As when we went back around lunch and passed by this shop again, I noticed that all the chicken was sold out. lol (It must be real good)
Hubby, PS and gal ordered this and they comment not bad only. lol

Wan Tan Hor Fun Thn'g
I ordered this as I never try this kind of hor fun th'ng. How does it taste like?????? Ah...... basically same like wantan mee just the wet version and hor fun rather than noodles. lol


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