Friday, 5 December 2008

7 Random Things About Me

"OMG!" thats my reaction when I saw a comment left by Lingzie in my blog. I have been "TAGGED". lol This is the first time I have been tagged along with the colourful and pretty awards from Lingzie. lol
So I find it quite interesting.
Random Things About Me:
1. We (Hubby, my gal and me) like to enjoy different types of food.
2. I start FOOD blogging since last year. But I did not published it in public until June this year. Hubby is the one who encourage me to publish my food blog in public. lol
3. I start food blogging because of my hubby's uncle who situated in Melbourne, Australia. He misses Malaysian foods so much. So in order to lure him back from Melbourne, I blog FOODS around Malaysia. lol
4. Hubby and I missed the Melbourne foods very much.
5. We (Hubby and I) are pleased to meet CK Lam and her families during one of our food hunt.
6. I like baking and cooking. (It depends on my mood. lol)
7. I only cook during weekdays and food hunting during weekend. lol
Finally....... I finished my tagged. The next things is to tag some one............ and passed on the awards........ lol
I would like to tag:
Motormouth from Ipoh
My love. My Food
Makan King and Queen
After Giovanni


Lingzie said...

hey thanks for doing this tag! about time we get to know a lil random stuff abt each other, rather than just the food right? lol :)

Little Inbox said...

Hey, thanks for tagging me. :)

Food Paradise said...

Lingzie - thanks for the tagging and awards. lol Yes.... at least we get to know a little random stuff about each other rather than foods. lol

Little inbox - you are welcome and waiting to see your tagging post soon. lol

J2Kfm said...

oh its you! hahaha .. thanks Food Paradise. i forgot who tagged me back then.

i've been a good boy and answered the tags. :)

Food Paradise said...

J2Kfm- Thanks for answering the tags. lol

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