Monday, 12 October 2009

Mutiara Selera @ Island Glades, Penang

This place is not a stranger place for most people in Penang. As it is one of the "Popular" food stalls in Island Glades. Occasionally, we will drop by this place for dinner if we are craving for some hawker foods in this area.
During one outing with my sister and mother. My sister reckon that she would like to go there for some hawker foods. As she wants more varieties. So we head on to Mutiara Selera.
Entrance to Mutiara Selera which is next to Sports Toto Shop
Since I took the photo of the western food corner on a on going car, I better blog about the western foods offer from Barbecue Corner Cheah's Delights first. In this western food corner, there are a lots of choices but usually we will order mix grilled
Mix Grilled
Few years back, I could remember that all the foods in this mix grilled are big in sized but it seems like the portion getting smaller and smaller each time we order this. This is all due to the price increasing ah......... My sister enjoyed her mixed grilled and share some with us too!
Wantan Mee
My mum is having wantan mee for the night. And she told me that she prefers some other place wantan mee than this. As she comments that the noodles textures is kinda soft towards her liking.
Fried Rice
My gal is a "rice" person. Most of the time she will go for rice during dinner. And she wants some fried rice. We never tried the fried rice before. But I can see that my gal is enjoying her fried rice. As she finished all of them. ^-^
Chicken Satay
Hubby went and order some chicken satay. Occasionally when we visited this shop, we will order some chicken satay while waiting for other order to come. The Chicken Satay is not bad. Very tender.
Lor Mee
Hubby decided to have lor mee for the night. He comments that the lor me is ok.
Char Koay Teow
I had CKT for the night. I am enjoying my plate of CKT. The CKT in this food court is nice.
Chai Kuih and Ku Chai Kuih
Ku Chai Kuih
Chai Kuih
Oh Kuih
All of the above kuih are from the same corner where auntie is selling all sort of kuihs. Be prepare to wait for your turn as many people came here and patronise the kuih stall. For me, the kuih is just so-so. ^-^


Little Inbox said...

The fried rice looks bland, but the fried koay teow looks good.

Unknown said...

Little Inbox - Yes.... the fried rice look bland but surprisingly it tastes ok. As We get to savour some. The CKT is nice. ^-^

Tailim said...

good food at every corner of Penang..

Anonymous said...

i usually go for the porridge stall....their fish head soup noodle also nice!!! is the stall still around?

Duckie said...

thought i saw you at the sg pinang food court last sat. were you there?

Unknown said...

Sin Tai Lim - lol

SimpleGirl - Yes, still around. But this time round, I did not blog about this. I think I blog about it some where in my blog before. ^-^

Duckie - No, last Saturday I was in Kulim most of the time. Btw, if next time you see me, come and say "Hi" to me ya! ^-^

allie said...

If you like chai koay, the Kulim one taste good :)
If got chance, I ta pao for u :)

buzzingbee said...

Next time my mom make chai koay, you can have some :P
If allie ta pao for you...make sure you keep some for me!!!! hahaha

Unknown said...

allie - ya.... I like chai koay. Ok... waiting for you to ta pao for me ya..... ^-^

buzzingbee - I am waiting ya..... remember to sent some to me when your mum make chai koay ya.... If she wanna teach me, I am willing to learn too! ^-^

Selba said...

The kuih(s) look so interesting... I would love to try each of them :)

♥peachkins♥ said...

your noodle order always look so yummy!

ck lam said...

Sure like to try this ku chai kuih. They look good, with lots of hei bi.

wenn said...

i love the yam kuih..

Unknown said...

Selba - You should try it when you have the chance. ^-^

peachkins - Thanks!

ck lam - Yes..... lots of hei bi in there. Give it a try!

wenn - I prefer with more yum chunks on the yam kuih. This is ok. ^-^

Steven Goh said...

I love the western food there but the wantan mee just so so. I prefer the one just a few stalls beside which is O&N Cafe. That's superb

Unknown said...

Steven Goh - Ya... my mum don't really like the wantan mee there. I did not try the wantan mee in O&N cafe yet. Just try their chu char before. Will give it a try next time. Thanks!

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