Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Invited Review ~ Noodle Station @ Kulim

This is my first ever post of food around Kulim. And it is also the first outing with a bunch of floggers for makan trip out of Penang islands. Our review for the day is
Noodle Station
Kulim Landmark Central
Shopping Centre,
G-07, Ground Floor,
No.1, Jalan KLC Satu (1),
09000 Kulim, Kedah Darul Aman.
Tel/Fax: 04-495 4168
Business Hours: 10.30am-10pm
Map Location, please refer here.
Also available at E-Gate Penang, Sunway Carnival Mall Penang and Taiping Central.
Let me start by introducing you the drinks that we try during this outing. There are lots of them.
Ice Age RM8.00, Iced Ceylon Lemon Tea RM4.00, Au Natural RM6.50, Mocha Iced Blended RM8.00, Iced Teh Tarik RM4.00, Iced Cream Cappuccino RM8.00, Havana Holiday RM7.00, Teh Tarik Hazelnut RM3.50, Snowflake Americano RM 6.00 and After Dinner Mint Cappuccino RM7.00 From the above, I personally love the Mocha iced blended as the mocha is so smooth and nice. If you love peppermint , perhaps you could try Havana Holiday and Snowflake Americano as it has a strong peppermint syrup taste and the espresso mixed taste so smooth and silky. If you want something nice and refreshing, you can try Iced Ceylon Lemon Tea. Ice Age is also another drink to try. It consist of Vanilla, Blue Curacao, Black Currant Juice and yogurt blended. The mixtures make the drink very nice but little bit sweet.
Sunrise RM8.00, Mango Snow RM7.50, I Love You Lemonade RM3.50, Angel Face RM8.00, Raspberry Truffle Italian Soda RM4.50, Kiwi Sorbet & Mango Sorbet RM6.00 each, Pure Chocolate Iced Blended RM8.50, Green Tea Honey Latte RM 6.50 and Iced Honey Peach Fruit Tea RM7.50
From this category, I personally like Sunrise, which is the combination of mango juice, orange juice, strawberry and yogurt blended. I found that this drink are not too sweet. Just perfect for my tastes. As I am a mango fans, I also like Mango Snow and Mango Sorbet, which has nice mango aroma. However both are too sweet for my liking. Pure Chocolate Iced Blended also my favourite drinks. The chocolate ice blended is so smooth, rich chocolaty aroma and not too sweet. The colourful Angel Face attract my attention and it is the mixtures of lemon, blue curacao, lychee with soda. But if you don't like soda, please omit this. Honey Peach Fruit Tea is also a nice refreshing drink. The taste is like the Boh Peach Fruit Tea.
Next, back to the foods. We try several different kinds of foods as following:
Springy Noodle With BBQ Honey Whole Leg Chicken RM 8.00, Springy Noodle With Fried Chicken Dumpling RM 6.50, Fried Springy Noodle With Prawn- No Spicy RM6.50 and Fried Springy Noodle With Prawn- No Spicy RM6.50
Curry Springy Noodle With Prawn & Fish Ball RM 7.50 and Springy Noodle Soup With Tom Yam Seafood RM 7.50
Curry springy noodle with prawn taste a bit salty towards my liking. And since we have to take pictures for the foods, we cannot savour it immediately when being served, so cannot comments about the springy noodles textures. For the Springy Noodle Soup with Tom Yam Seafood, I found that it is suitable for those who cannot take too spicy and sour foods. As tastes rather sweet.
Spicy Fried Kuey Teow RM6.00, Fried Rice With Prawn RM6.00, Tom Yam Fried Rice With Prawn RM6.50, Fried Yellow Noodle Hokkien Style- Kicap Hitam RM6.50 and Ladna Kuey Teow RM6.50,
Fried Chicken Dumpling- 10PCS RM5.00, Honey BBQ Chicken Wing- 6PCS RM14.50, Chicken Chop With Brown Sauce RM10.90 and Super Sandwich With Smoke Turkey RM7.50
The purpose of this blog post is to let people aware that they have a new branch in Kulim recently. If you want to know more menu offers by Noodle Station, please refer here.
Other attendee are:
Allie Food Talk, All About Penang Food, Yummy Station, Buzzing With FOOD, Criz Bon Appetite,
Cokeworld Citizen, Now Eating, Gourmet Garden and Cariso.
I would like take the opportunity here to thanks Mr. Khoh, the management and staff of Noodle Station and Cariso for the arrangement of this review.


hApPy HapPy said...

wow you were in Kulim, that's the place I did my secondary education 71 - 75...

Unknown said...

hApPy HapPy - yup, was there last Saturday. Then you are from Kulim? Any nice "makan" outlet to introduce? ^-^

Anonymous said...

may i know what is ladha koay teow??whats the difference from ordinary one??

Unknown said...

SimpleGirl - Ladha koay teow is the normal sar hor fun. But this one is top with the bbq chicken slice. ^-^

cariso said...

Your last paragraph is straightfwd! :p

Unknown said...

cariso - really? lol

♥peachkins♥ said...

everything here looks delicious. I would love to be there and try them out.

Unknown said...

peachkins - You can give it a try when you come to Malaysia. They have a wide range of foods and drinks in their menu. ^-^

wenn said...

delicious looking food..

CRIZ LAI said...

When are we going for more trips? Haha... I love this sort of trip with you all. It rocks!!


Unknown said...

wenn - Give it a try next time.

CRIZ LAI - It's fun! And now waiting for some one to organise. lol

Little Inbox said...

Wah they prepare almost all the dishes in their menu?

Unknown said...

Little Inbox - No. There are still more in their menu. ^-^

Duckie said...

food looks good!!!

buzzingbee said...

wah cepatnya...
I dunno when only I'll come out with this post. hahaa

Unknown said...

Duckie - ^-^

buzzzingbee - I have to do it fast or else later I am busy then have no time to do it. lol

allie said...

I'm with you on the sweetness of the mango snow. Although I'm a mango lover too and a sweet tooth person, but somehow I find it a bit too sweet to my liking. :p

Unknown said...

Allie - Same taste buds ya..... and same mango lover. lol

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