Thursday, 29 October 2009

Second visit to Nippon Yataimura @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

This is my second visits to Nippon Yataimura. The first visit is some time last year, which you can have a look from here. Since the last visit, I did not managed to try the desserts so I went back again with my family to try out their other stuff as well.
During the visit, hubby is quite full since he got late lunch on that day, so he decided to order different types of sushi to try. I am so concern as he keeps on order the sushi and I am afraid to finish it all up. lol But luckily that he managed to order just the right amount for all of us.
Nigiri Sushi Combo
Closed up
Closed up of some of Nigiri Sushi Combo ~ RM18
There are some wide spread combination in the sushi combo. So each of us have the chance to taste some of them. Even my gal had the chance to tastes the shrimp sushi and she loves it.

Salmon Sakura Roll ~ RM21
Hubby and I quite enjoyed this plate of salmon sakura roll. It has a nice combination and lay out.
Maguro (RM4) and White Tuna Sushi (RM4)
In our last visit, we tried the white tuna sashimi before and we fall in love with it. So this time, we try the sushi. And it tastes nice too. As we like the tenderness of the white tuna and it can melt in your mouth. Maguro are not bad too.

Nabeyaki Gekikara ~ RM24
Since my last visit, I try Gekikara Ramen, this time I told hubby that I would like to try the other types of noodles as well. So after browsing through the menu, we decided to try Nabeyaki Gekikara. Then I asked the waitress that take our orders whether it is "spicy" and she told me it is not very spicy. So I give it a try and for me, it is not too "spicy" and the soup base is very nice. And the textures of the noodles are great. I let hubby and my gal try some and they love the noodles textures. My gal even is adventure enough to try on the soup base. lol At first sip, she say nice and not spicy and second sip, she grab her drink as quickly as possible. But at least she try but I warned her that it's spicy for her. At least she did not burst to tear. lol
Children Set A ~ RM13
Since we ordered most of the foods that my gal can't have it, so she asked for children set and after browsing through the children set section, she decided to have some fried rice. So for Children Set A, it consists of fried rice, sushi, fish fingers, sweet corn, Vitagen and sausages. She finished all the fried rice. But she don't quite like the fish fingers and sweet corn. As the sweet corn is a bit hard for her. Overall, she quite enjoyed her set meal. Following are some closed up photos of Children Set A:
Close up Sausage and sushi
Close up
Close up of fried rice
Closed up Vitagen and Sweet Corn

Anmitsu ~ RM11
After all the dinner, here comes the desserts. We browse through the menu and some of the desserts we would like to try is out of stock. End up we try Anmitsu. Which is green tea ice-cream with some jelly and red beans. As you know my hubby is the great fans of green tea ice-cream. He reckon that it is ok. It is best to go with red beans. As for the jelly, it's a bit hard.


Little Inbox said...

Try their Macha Parfait next time. Taste good. :)

Anonymous said...

sushi looks real good and fresh...but a bit pricey ya?!

allie said...

aiks, they do serve Udon? I thought they only serve Ramen? Thanks for sharing cos I like udon more than ramen.

Becklee said...

You have a new camera? The pictures look good.

New Kid on the Blog said...

Their all types of Ramen is good.

♥peachkins♥ said...

The sushi looks really good. And that Vitagen... looks like yakult.

Dora said...

The noodle really look delicious! The children set not bad too, it seems can stuff for adult who is a small eater.

Hi there, love to read your food blog. Cheers...

My Taste Heaven said...

looks cool, i only tried it once but it's the outlet in Pulau Tikus

cariso said...

Got any shots on the kid's menu? More appealing one, perhaps?! :)

Unknown said...

Little Inbox - ok.... will note down. Thanks for the info. ^-^

SimpleGirl - Sushi are ok.

allie - My hubby too! Love Udon than Ramen. So you can go for Udon there soon. lol

Becklee - Thanks! but no i am still stuck with my old camera. Hope to get one but may be not so soon.

NKOTB - really??? you try all?

peachkins - Vitagen quite similar with Yakult. But slightly cheaper than Yakult. But I prefer Yakult more.... lol

Dora - Thank you and thanks for dropping by. Ya... the kid meal can feed small eater too!

My Taste Heaven - I never try Pulau Tikus one though. Have a try next tie when you go Queensbay Mall shopping. ^-^

cariso - aiyo.... I did not take any kid menu photo bor.... you go and find out yourself. There are few to choose from. ^-^

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