Wednesday, 3 June 2009

127 Food Court Centre @ Burmah Road, Penang

During one outing, hubby decided to try out the new food court outlet ~ 127 Food Court Centre. We passed by several times but we did not step in until one weekend during April. After we parked our car and entered the food centre, the rain poured heavily. So I asked hubby to order more foods since we need to wait till the rain to stop. So hubby went around and ordered:
Majestic Rojak
Both my gal and I asked hubby to order rojak for us as we suddenly craving for some rojak and since the rojak is just few tables away from us. Hubby ordered this for us. We tried the Majestic Rojak from the other branch before and we prefer the other branch rojak. But we found that it is a bit watery though towards the end. As we prefer thick rojak sauce. ^-^ But we do finished it.
BBQ Chicken
Hubby ordered some bbq chicken for us to try. If you like the burnt tastes.... than this will be your cup of tea. ^-^
Arab Fried Rice ~ RM3.50
I fall in love with this fried rice after having the first bite. And my gal cannot resist to try it out as she saw me enjoying the fried rice so much. And end up, we share the fried rice. ^-^ I recommended you give it a try!
Yong Tao Hu
Hubby ordered this to try. Tastes vice is so-so.

Hokkien Mee
Hubby ordered Hokkien Mee to try since he wanted something spicy.
There are lots of stall in the food centre to choose from and they even have chu char, Indian foods, Taiwanese foods, western foods and more........
You can pop over to see other reviews from CK Lam ~ What2see:Best of Penang Food! and Alan ~ All about Penang Food


Alan said...

Hey! did you try the satay? Not bad...the ma lak (spicy) chicken type. Slightly expensive but I think worth it.

Dragon said...

i not suppose to visit your site la. somemore in the middle of the night. i am hungry. anyway, am i the first to comment ar? got prize bo? lol.

never notice about this food court before. so far la... town area somemore. hahaha.

Big Boys Oven said...

nest time, when I am in penang you take me there yeah! :)

Little Inbox said...

I've not been there before. Looks like the Arab Fried Rice is the one that highly recommended by flogers.

Anonymous said...

penang is really heaven for hawker food...simply lovely...i love places with lots of variety...esp if you are going with a big group everyone can have their own choice.

foodbin said...

all decent looking food - the Arab fried rice looks good.

allie said...

I hv the same opinion with you on the rojak, it tends to turn watery fast. That's why the picture still pending in my pc. :P

New Kid on the Blog said...

you've changed a new camera ah???
different style of shooting wor.

tigerfish said...

Been some time since I have rojak with "jumbu" in it!

minchow said...

Fuyoh! You've brought back the Arab Rice memory like a flash flood!! I remember reading it at CK Lam's and there's always so much to eat and so little time when I go back!

J2Kfm said...

kinda lacking eh?
arab fried rice. i wonder if the taste is like those mongolian fried rice commonly found elsewhere, with a yellowish tint from the kunyit, and strong spices flavour.

Unknown said...

Alan - No, I have not try it. Will try this next time I visit 127. Thanks for the recommendation and nice to meet you. ^-^

Dragon - you are not the 1st. ^-^ So no price lor....Should visit often. ^-^

BBO - ok sure, let me know your busy schedule ah..... so we can go makan-makan.

Little Inbox - There are still lots of stall there. I cannot try all of them in one go. ^-^ So will go back next time to try other foods.

SimpleGirl - agree with you..... so everyone can get to have their own favourites. ^-^

foodbin - tastes nice too. ^-^

Unknown said...

allie - have you try the one that I recommended to you? ^-^

NKOTB - nope.... still with my old "nenek" camera. I always try to captures in different angles. Try different styles. ^-^

tigerfish - Thanks for dropping by. Perhaps it's time you should take rojak with "jambu" now. ^-^

550ml jar of faith - Yes, CK Lam's blog about it. Never mind, eat as many as you can when you come back. ^-^

J2kfm - For me there are no strong spices for the arab fried rice serve in this food court. ^-^

Becklee said...

The Hokkien Mee in Penang is different from KL's Hokkien Mee lah. I think over here it's called "mee yoke".

Unknown said...

Becklee - really? I know hokkien mee in KL is stir fry version right?

Becklee said...

Yes, the Hokkien mee in KL is stir fried in black sauce and the mee is quite thick in texture. Very delicious. Now I remember, for the Penang version of Hokkien mee, it is also called "har mee" besides "mee yoke" in KL.

Angie said...

where is the other branch of Majestic Rojak?

Unknown said...

Angie - It's at New World Park Food Court ~ Swatow Lane. ^-^

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