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Invited Review - Te Chang You Tiao Wang Enterprise

You Tiao (油條), Chinese Crullers Fried Bread Stick or Yaw Ja Kwai(油炸鬼) is one of the snack foods in Malaysia. It is easily seen in bak kut teh stall as it is normally served together with bak kut teh. Apart from that, people always eat the you tiao with kopi 'o' and some might go with soy milk, rice congee and............
Some of us are honour to get invited by Criz to do the review of Te Chang You Tiao Wang. And thanks to Criz and TH. TAN.
Te Chang You Tiao Wang Enterprise is located at
1250-A, Jalan Paya Terubong, Penang.
Opening Hours: 6am - 5pm (Close Alternate Tuesday)
Contact number: 016-4337301
From the photos above, it's show their Te Chang You Tiao which means extra long Chinese crullers fried bread stick. It is 14 inch long. And we get the honour to take photos of Mr. Tan with the Te Chang You Tiao.
From the shop, you get to see Mr. Tan make the you tiao on the spot. It is very interesting to see how Mr. Tan roll the dough, cut into shapes and ............ (You can see that in the above photos).
After making the you tiao..... it went to the deep fried process. Which was done by one of Mr. Tan workers. From the photos above, you can see the deep fried you tiao and black and sesame twins.
First of all, I would like to introduce you to Black and White Sesame Twins which some called it as Ma Keok. And the textures is a bit different from the you tiao. A bit soft compared to the you tiao.
Black and White Sesame Twins (Ma Keok) cost RM2.00/pc.
Next, the original te chang you tiao and honey + butter you tiao. We get to try the original taste of you tiao. And the texture is crispy. It cost RM1.00/pc for the original.
Then we tasted the honey + butter you tiao. I personally cannot taste the honey flavour as may be the piece that I try is not coated well with honey. If you are honey lovers, you can give it a try, Honey + Butter You Tiao cost RM2.00/pc.
Tuna + Mayonnaise is another choice that they offered. And their tuna is using Ayam Brand tuna. The You Tiao is coated with tuna, mayonnaise and some coleslaw.
This cost RM2.50/pc.
If you like sausages, then you can try their Sausage + Mayonnaise. This cost RM3.00/pc.
Chicken Floss lovers...... here something for you to try...... Chicken Floss + Mayonnaise You Tiao which cost RM2.50/pc.
If you want something sweets, you can choose Kaya + Butter and Peanut + Butter. Both items cost RM2.00/pc.
As for beverages...... we try their Black Soya Bean RM1.00/glass.
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Lingzie said...

wah! you very fast la! lol
i still havent transferred my photos yet!

Unknown said...

Lingzie - Aiyo.... I am a bit free today. So I do my home work lor.... ^-^ Can't wait to see your review. ^-^

ck lam said...

The fastest of all the bloggers to post it up...keep it up :)

Unknown said...

ck lam - Thank you! Will wait to see your review. ^-^

Food Promotions said...

Good to see the review is up. Nice meeting you.

My personal favourite is the black&white sesame :)

Unknown said...

Food Promotions - Nice meeting both of you too. And hope to see both of you often. ^-^ I like the black and white sesame too. ^-^

thenomadGourmand said...

i want to open a stall like this in KL! make loads of $ i tell u!

Anonymous said...

see how creativity can bring biz opp....will definetely try!!!

New Kid on the Blog said...

I missed this review...

CRIZ LAI said...

LOL! I had the post ready but did not have the opportunity to post up yet. I wonder why so many new restaurants opening up in Penang suddenly. Sweat~~ Watch out as there will be another BIG "green" one opening up for business in town this month... still waiting for feedback.. hehe

J2Kfm said...

interesting find. you tiao indeed a very versatile snack eh?

other varieties include stuffed with fish paste ala yong tau foo, wrapped inside chee cheong fun, etc.

allie said...

Miss out this one as I went back to butterworth. I vote for the kaya lo as I"m a sweet tooth person :P

foodbin said...

i like you tiao with coffee-the 14 inch length of it will sponge off half the cup. lol!

Unknown said...

thenomadGourmand - so... are you intended to open one shop in KL? If so, please inform us. ^-^

SimpleGirl - Give it a try when you come to Penang. ^-^

NKOTB - yes.... missed an opportunity to meet you. ^-^

CRIZ LAI - Yes... seems like every where new restaurants opening up in Penang recently. ^-^

J2Kfm - Yes.... I like you char leong though...... ^-^

allie - Have youtry it before? If not go and try it out. ^-^

foodbin - hahhaaa..... yes....agree with you. ^-^

worldwindows said...

Crullers stuffed like YTF. What's next? Now this Chinese delicacy is going places.

Selba said...

So interesting to see how they make different you tiao.

buzzingbee said...

wah fast posted up already!
my post still in the draft.
When wanna go makan-makan?? :D

Steven Goh said...

woo.. very fast. Btw, when wanna come out with our idea on the you tiao banana split so that we can make it better than Mr. Tan

cariso said...

My most favourite item of all is the black soya and not the you tiao?! :)

Unknown said...

worldwindows - may be wait till new creations. ^-^

Selba - yes.... ^-^

buzzingbee - Since free so posted up fast lor..... makan ah..... will let you know ya... ^-^

Steven Goh - hhaahha.... then should plan now.... :P

cariso - ^-^

CRIZ LAI said...

Can help change the time to 6.00am-5.00pm? Thanks~ :)

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