Sunday, 21 December 2008

Hong Kong Tang Yuen

First of all, we would like to wish all our readers, friends and families
"Happy Dong Zhi/ Happy Winter Solstice"
Since today is Dong Zhi, I decided to blog on Tang Yuen. lol I read about this Hong Kong Tang Yuen from CK blog few months ago and when I went to search for the shops, I was told that they have  moved. lol However we found Hong Kong Tang Yuen few months back after dining @ new lane. Hong Kong Tang Yuen used to operate in Perak Road but now moved to
40, New Lane, Penang. (Oppersite Sunway Hotel, Penang)
Business Hour 7pm - 11pm
Rest on Monday
But on Friday, they will sell @ Pasar Malam ~ Jln Van Praagh, Off Jalan Perak, Penang (near Sunshine Jelutong)
Telephone No. : 012-594 9892 Mr. Ch'ng & 019-476 3618 Mr. Toh
Hong Kong Tang Yuen
Take away Hong Kong Tang Yuen Packing
Red Bean Tang Yuen
Basically there are 2 big tang yuen - black sesame filling tang yuen and peanut tang yuen + 4 pcs normal tang yuen with red bean soup.
The taste vice is not bad but hubby comments that the red bean soup is a bit too sweet for him. :)

Black sesame filling inside the tang yuen

Traditional "Gui Hua" Tang Yuen
Hubby ordered this for himself and it has a very strong aroma of "Gui Hua". lol Hubby comments that it is not bad.

Peanut fillings inside the tang yuen
Overall, their tang yuen is not bad and they have varieties of choices to choose from. Apart from Tang Yuen, they sell other desserts too. Will drop by other days to try out their other menu. lol


Allie said...

Happy Dong Zhi to you and your family !

Food Paradise said...

Allie - Happy Dong Zhi to you and your families too!

Dora said...

Gui Hua tang yuan sounds interesting and delicious to me. :)

Happy holidays!

Food Paradise said...

Dora - Happy Holidays to you too. Try it out one day. lol

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