Sunday, 7 December 2008

Keat Seng Restaurant

Location: 10-J, MK. 16, Ayer Itam Road, Penang.
Last Sunday after picking up Anne from the airport we headed for breakfast cum lunch. lol Hubby suggests that we go to Keat Seng @ Ayer Itam to try out their foods. And thanks to hubby suggestion, we are all satisfied with our foods order even my "GAL". lol
Keat Seng Restaurant
One thing about this place is hard to get a car park as we went there during Sunday and they have market just next to the coffee shop. We park quite far away and walk down to the coffee shop.
Hokkien Mee
Anne ordered Hokkien Mee and she loves it very much. She comments that the soup base is very nice.
Wantan Mee
This is off course my gal order. She loves wantan mee very much. lol I don't have to ask her whether it tastes nice or not, I already knew the answer. She gobbles everything. That's mean she loves it very much. lol
Bee Chai Bak Th'ng
This is my hubby order. And we get the chance to savour some. And the soup base is excellent. I told my gal about it and she asked my hubby to let her try. And she loves it and demand hubby to left some soup base for her. lol
Loh Duck Rice and duck giblets
This stall is very famous in this coffee shops and you have to wait for quite a long time as there are many people ordering it and also take away. This is off course my order and I am the first one to order it when we sit down but i'm the one who has the dish to serve last. lol

Well.......the loh duck and giblets taste very nice. Hubby forgot that they do serve Koay Chap. If I knew that I will order one to try. lol But I guess I have to go back again next time to savour other stall foods. There are lots of stall there. I am sure you will find something you like there. lol


CRIZ LAI said...

This is one of the good shop around the reservoir garden area. It's has been quite some time since I last went there. The koay teow soup is good. :)

p/s: Wasted you did not attend the floggers' meet last night. It was a a blast! :)

cariso said...

Hey, how come it's 'maggie mee' one in your hokkien mee? :)

NaNcY tEo's page... said...

is this the duck tat u mentioned to me?

Food Paradise said...

Criz Lai - Yes.... I agree with you. The koay teow soup really taste nice. lol
Actually I thought that this 3rd flogger's meeting is for the gathering for those who attend the first two flogger's meeting only. Therefore I did not attend lor. lol I missed out the good foods prepare by you huh. I love the orange smiley face. lol

Cariso - Yes.... my relative order "Maggie Mee" for her hokkien mee.

Nancy Teo - Nope, that's not the one I mentioned to you. Will blog about it soon and come back and check it up later. lol

Admin said...

Do you have the location map for this place? sorry ah, im not familiar in that area....hee

Admin said...

opps, gill from

Food Paradise said...

Gill Gill - I will get back to you asap for the map.

Food Paradise said...

Gill Gill - If you coming from town, after you pass by Chung Ling school, go straight and u will see an Indian Temple on your right then further down, you will see SHELL station (the coffee shop just located a few shops away from the shell station) and immediately turn right after the traffic light. The coffee shops is just at the right hand corner. Hope you can find it. lol Any problems let me know.

Admin said...

Can i call you regina? Thanks for the direction, now i know where it is exactly :). The delicious Deep Fried Yam Puff "Wu Kok" was selling in that coffee shop at night few year back. Wonder do they still selling?

I will definitely will try out the Bee Thai Bak. The pork mince meat & liver look so tempting from your picture. heee

Food Paradise said...

Gill Gill - I am glad that my direction do help. lol not sure about the "wu kok". If you found it let me know so I can go and savour it too. lol Yes, the bee chai bak th'ng taste really great. You can call me Mary as Regina is my gal name. lol

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