Sunday, 14 December 2008

PP Food Court, 淡汶海鮮屋 (Green Lane)

Location: Lorong Delima 20,Off Jalan Yap Chor Ee,11700 Green Land, Pulau Pinang. (next to Domino's Pizza building)
From Jalan Yeap Chor Ee, you can see this big signboard of the restaurant.
P.P Food Court
And this sign board too.
This is the entrance of the restaurant. (Pictures taken from Domino's Pizza)
Interior settings of the restaurant
Bamboo Prawns (RM20)
It's been quite a long time that we did not have bamboo prawns. And this is their signature dish for this restaurant. And it tastes GREAT. The sauce is a bit like Indonesia Prawns. And guess what there are lots of prawns in there. It seems like never run out. lol (but off course finished by me)

Stir fry sweet potatoes leaves with garlic (RM8)
Stir fry flower crab with special sauces (kuai bee) ~450gm (RM27)
These flower crabs still fresh from the tank. lol And the sauces is very nice but a bit spicy for my gal. This is indeed a very nice dish.
Stir fry Kappa with spring onion and ginger (RM12)
Well.... we order this for my gal. As she loves Kappa too. lol We were told to try their kam hiong but when we asked the waitress, she says is a bit spicy. So...... we end up order stir fry kappa with spring onion and ginger.
Overall.... we were satisfied with our dinner. lol And their business hours start from 5pm daily. If you need any enquiries please call 016-4570673.


Anonymous said...

Another great finding of seafood...the crab looks good.

cariso said...

The pricing seemed OK uh. Mark down odi in my list! :)

Anonymous said...

special way of presenting the prawns...but the amount a bit small for RM20?

Allie said...

Yeah. Agree with CK. The crab looks real good. Hungry .. hungry...

J2Kfm said...

the prawns are amazing! presentation-wise. bet the taste is unforgettable as well.

Food Paradise said...

ck lam - yes.... it tastes good too. lol

cariso - yes pricing is very reasonable. So will wait to see your review soon. :P

Simple Girl - from the pictures it seem only few but I estimate at least 10pcs as some of the prawns are underneath another prawns. lol

Food Paradise said...

Allie - The crabs looks and tastes good too. Go and try it out!!!

J2Kfm - yes.... very nice. If you have the chance to drop by, please go and try it out! lol

minchow said...

Oooh great find; that kappa looks award winning!

Food Paradise said...

550ml jar of faith - the kappa taste ok.

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