Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Sea Pearl Lagoon Cafe

Location: 338, Mk. 18, Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Penang
(Next to Tua Peh Kong Temple)
Tel: 04-899 0375
Business Hours: from 11.00 a.m. onwards
Last week, after some shopping, hubby brought us to this cafe to have seafood's for our dinner. If not mistaken, the morning session only have limited choices like crab & prawn. If you want other choices, please go after 5.30 p.m.
This is one of the places that my hubby late grandpa used to visit back to 40 and 50 years ago. It seems like we are trying to visiting all the old places that hubby grandpa used to visit recently. lol
Entrance to Tua Pek Kong Temple

Brief History of Hai Zhu Tua Pek Kong Temple
There are a restaurant and few stalls operate in SEA PEARL LAGOON.

Views around the restaurant
ok enough of the views........ back to the main attention ~ FOODS lol
Well.... after we sat down, one auntie came over and asked us what we want to eat........ b4 we start to ask her, she already asked..... you want prawn, crab, satay, noodles......... lol
Hubby ordered:

Chicken Satay
The chicken satay is not bad and very tender.
Satay Sauce
The satay sauce is not spicy at all which is suitable for my gal. lol
The minimum you have to order is 1/2kg of prawn. So we ordered the minimum and that's what we got. My gal and I are so fortunate as we don't have to remove the prawn shells as we got hubby to do it for us. (How fortunate leh!!) Usually, I will do it myself but since the prawn arrived first and I have to captured the rest of the photos, hubby do it for me. lol
The prawns taste very fresh and nice. It is not under cooked or over cooked. Just perfectly done. lol

Chili sauce go with the prawn
Deep Fried Calamari
Do you like deep fried calamari? If you are like me, then please visit this stall and order their deep fried calamari. The texture is very good. You will not regret it when you order this. Very yummy! It cost RM 12.
Sauce for the Deep Fried Calamari
I loves this sauce as it is very refreshing and appetising. lol
Grilled Fish
Hubby loves this grilled fish very much as it does not have too much marinated sauce on top of the grilled fish. This fish is so fresh and tastes nice with their marinated sauce. Furthermore, it is not spicy at all and it is good for kids and those who cannot take spicy food. lol
Sauce for Grilled Fish
Baked Crab
The crabs are very fresh and taste nice. We were told by the auntie we have to order a minimum of 1 kg.
Fried noodles
Their noodles taste just so-so.
Overall, the foods over here are ok.


Anonymous said...

Yummy seafood...looks like you found another place. The grilled fish looks different...will try it soon.

Little Inbox said...

Hello, wishing you and your family Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

minchow said...

I know this place! Is it true that it's overpriced? I was told that they charge tourist prices?

Food Paradise said...

ck lam - My hubby loves the grilled fish and hope you like it too. lol

Little Inbox - Happy New Year to you and your families too. :D

550ml jar of faith - er....the prices still acceptable. lol

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