Monday, 15 December 2008

Seasons Restaurant

Location: Along Jelutong Expressway, Penang.

Seasons Restaurant
Interior of Seasons Restaurant
Braised Peanuts

Grilled Cod Fish with chef special sauce ~ RM32
The grilled cod fish is very crispy and nice. My gal loves it very much. lol
Famous Beancurd
The beancurd is very soft. And there are squids, snow peas, carrots, prawns and mushroom too. And it just cost RM8. lol

Spare Ribs with grape sauce ~RM12
Grape sauce???? That's what hubby reaction when he saw it from the menu. And he asked me whether we want to try it. I told him yes..... why not! Have to be adventure some time. lol
Overall..... the spare ribs are not too bad.
Spinach with salted egg, century egg, ikan billis and chicken stock ~ RM12
We had this b4 but in different restaurant few years back and it tastes nice. But for those who is concern with cholesterol, I think you have to skip this dish as many salted and century eggs in there. lol
Longan Jelly
As for dessert......... they only have this and I will not recommend you to have this. It is just a normal longan jelly. We just order one to try and guess what????? My gal and hubby laugh after they taste it. lol
Following are some of the set dinner they offer:

We did not go for any of the set above as we would like to try on their normal dishes. Overall..... the foods are quite delicious. And the price is reasonable.


Little Inbox said...

I noticed this restaurant everytime I pass by the highway. Just wonder how many will give the special set a try at this point of time.

New Kid on the Blog said...

been to this place many times, and I have a few of their pictures in my draft folder, just dont have any mood and idea how to write the post... :(

cariso said...

I tried their set lunch RM9.90 a few times already but not yet on this monk jump over the wall set and etc. YOu got to post it up ok once you get to try it out!

Penang Tua Pui said...

fei fei been to the place for farewell lunch...hmm.. no camera at that time.. so never blog about it...

Spare Ribs with grape sauce... something special... really wan to get one to try...

minchow said...

Yummm... you know what, I'd order exactly the same things if I went to dine there. The cod fish, the ribs, that soup... the ultimate chu char meal!

Food Paradise said...

Little Inbox - Yes, we always passed by too. But we decided to give it a try! Well....may be special occasion. lol

NKOTB - seems like you have a bad experience dining there. lol

cariso - When I have the $$$ I will try and post it up. You wait ah.... lol

Food Paradise said...

Penang Tua Pui - yes.... hubby saw the spare ribs with grape sauce a bit special too. So we ordered and have a try! lol I will be waiting for your review. lol

550ml jar of faith - hahhahhaa..... same taste bud huh.

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