Friday, 17 April 2009

Kedai Kopi Nan Shan @ Paya Terubong, Penang

Today I am going to blog about
Kedai Kopi Nan Shan @ Paya Terubong, Penang.
Each time we passed through this place during dinner time, it is full of customers. So during one outing last month, we decided to give it a try. And we arrived there around 6.30pm and after browsing all the stalls we decided to order:
Sizzling Crispy Noodles
I am having this...... as I saw many people patronise this stall. And when the owner of the stall passed by me to serve another customer, I was impressed with the noodles. So hubby ordered this for me.
Three of us fall in love with the sizzling crispy noodles and there are lots of ingredients in it too!

Bitter Gourd Soup
huh...... you must be wonder? Why bitter gourd soup? Well... actually hubby intend to order salted vegetables soup with rice but when he approached the stall, he saw "bitter gourd soup". So he decided to try it.
The soup base is very tasty. My gal enjoyed it very much and for the ingredients, there are lots of them in the bowl such as bitter gourd, minced pork, tomatoes, slice pork, pork spare parts, tofu, vegetables........
Fried Rice with Curry Chicken
My gal is having this. And she loves the fried rice...... although the fried rice look normal from the photos.... but there are lots of "wok hei" in there. And the curry chicken is very tender and tastes not bad.
We enjoyed our meals in this shop but one thing that we don't like about this place is the flies........ it irritate us so much. As we need to busy chasing the flies away and busy eating. ^o^ Perhaps we went in the wrong day of the week.


Little Inbox said...

Flies,...not only kopitiam, some restaurants with air-con facility also have flies.

foodbin said...

the bitter gourd soup is full of ingredients-must be good.

worldwindows said...

The very green thin slices of bitter gourd makes the soup looks very refreshing.

My Taste Heaven said...

Everytime I take this sizzling cripsy noodles, I would get fever. So, now I am very clever. Will not take it anymore! :)

Big Boys Oven said...

walio, this looks so nice, I just love Penang, so much of delicious home cooked food rather too many fast food like what we have in KL...! :{

Great to have meet you on Saturday, wow I got your calling card, next time we go makan2 in Penang yah!

Selba said...

Bitter gourd soup? that's a new dish to me... we usually just saute it. Isn't the soup become bitter?

Unknown said...

Little Inbox - I agree!! ^o^

foodbin - Yes, it tastes nice.... ^o^

worldwindows - Yes.....indeed. ^o^

My Taste Heaven - It's good that you know the reason behind the fever. Yes.... you better don't take it.

Unknown said...

Big Boys Oven - Great to meet you too! Yes, it's my pleasure, let me know before you come Penang again ya. ^o^

Selba - Here usually we had salted vegetables. And this is my first time to try this soup. It is not bitter at all and my gal loves it. ^o^

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