Sunday, 29 March 2009

King Fire Seafood @ Relau, Penang

Location: 827A, MK13, Relau, 11900 Penang.
H/P: 016 - 4872802 (AH SIN)
I decided to combine my early blog posts about this restaurant into one blog post. The restaurant that I am going to blog about is
King Fire Seafood Restaurant
There are lots to offer beside the chu char @ King Fire Seafood Restaurant. There are also Bah Kut Teh, Satay, Fish Head Bee Hoon soup.
But today I am going to blog about the "Chu Char". We went there for dinner during January 2009 and we ordered:

Curry Fish ~ RM12
There are lots of herbs aroma in the curry. The curry tastes very nice and the fish are very fresh. My gal enjoys the curry too. As she found that she still can handle the spicy from this curry.
Chinese Herbs Soup ~ RM5
"Fu Gui" Chicken ~ RM8
The chicken is very tender and succulent.
Stir Fry Kang Kong ~ RM6
Overall.... the foods are tasty and it is very reasonably price. The total bill for the night is RM33.80 (including 3 rice). The serving is quite big too!
Chu Char taken on 29.07.2008

Map Location

Banana Leaf Spare Ribs
The spare ribs is very tender and melt in your mouth. Not Bad..... Should Try!!!!

Kam Hiong Shark Fish Fillet
wow..... this is very nice. It is a bit spicy only. Even my gal try it and say it is very nice.

Watercress Soup
Very nice soup. It's been a long time that we did not drank this soup and my gal drank many bowls. 

Stir fry french beans with pork mince and mushroom
Overall...... the food is quite nice and the price is acceptable. With the above dishes plus 3 big plate of rice, it cost us RM33.40
SATE JAWA - Chicken and Lamb Satay
This satay stall sauce is very special. A bit like rojak sauce. And you have to put lime with it. So when you eat that you feel very refreshing. And it is quite cheap. It cost RM5.00 for the above satay.
This stall is located in the same restaurant.
Chu Char taken on 22.08.2008

Stir fry bitter gourd with chicken

Curry Prawn in fresh coconut
wow...... we were recommended to try this dish. It turn out to be nice. But if you does not like the herbs than you will not like it as it has a very strong aroma of herbs. If you like otak - otak, then you will love this dish. Worth to try!!!!
Hot Plate Bean curd
Overall..... this stall chu char taste nice and cheap too. 


New Kid on the Blog said...

another chu char??? the food looks good!!!

cariso said...

Yes I agree with you! This is a cheap + good zhu char!

Little Inbox said...

Wah, you are their frequent customer.

worldwindows said...

The Curry Fish with bunga kantan has the vow factor. Can't get it here. And the banana leaf spare ribs is a recent innovation! With melt in the mouth meat it must be very nice esp it is so well sauced.

soo sean said...

I like this place too. Next to it is another chu char in kopitiam. The mamik pork(排骨王)is the best.

Becklee said...

Hmmm, yummy food. The watercress soup reminds me that I haven't tasted it in a long,long time.

Anonymous said...

i agreed..the satay really tasty and special..=)

Anonymous said...

i agreed...the satay really tasty and special..=)

ck lam said...

Sure is an ideal place for chu zhar as it has many choices and also soup.

Food Paradise said...

NKOTB - yes... another chu char... and more to come. ^o^

cariso - Give me 5. ^o^

Little Inbox - Not so frequent lah....^o^

Food Paradise said...

worldwindows - Then you should come and try the curry fish here. Yes... the banana leaf spare ribs melt in your mouth. ^o^

soo sean - yes.... I been there too.... the next door chu char..... I will go and try their mamik pork next time. Thanks for your recommendation.

Becklee - Whenever there are chu char that offers watercress soup, we will usually ordered it as my gal loves it very much. ^o^

Food Paradise said...

Vivian - I think their satay sauces are quite special. Different from other stalls. Thanks for dropping by. ^o^

cklam - yes.... they offers a wide range.... do try it out when you are in the area. ^o^

NaNcY tEo's page... said...


Food Paradise said...

Nancy - wah.... are you sure you can fnished all?

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