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Invited Review ~ Gelatissimo @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

Today..... I would like to share something sweet..... desserts....... with my readers.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jason and Gill Gill for organising this "excursion" for a small group of bloggers. And thanks to Mr. Hong for explaining to us the differences of ice-cream and gelato. Which I will elaborate more in the following. It is nice of Mr. Hong to show us the step by step of gelato making. And we learn something from this "excursion". I think each of us who attend this "excursion" enjoyed themselves.
If you shop often in Gurney Plaza, I am sure that you knew the existence of Gelatissimo. But some of my friend are not aware of this shop as this shop is located at Ground Floor-45A, Gurney Plaza, Penang. Tel: 604-2280822
However, if you are in KL, they also have two other outlets in The Gardens and 1-Utama.
Outlook of Gelatissimo outlet
History of Gelatissimo
Actually before I went to the review, I done some research on Gelato. This is not my first attempt on Gelato. The first time I try Gelato is in Melbourne, Australia. We always enjoy having Gelato in Lygon Street, Melbourne. As Lygon street is famous for it's Italian Cuisine. If you stop by Melbourne, remember to stop by there to try out their foods.
However, in Penang, this is my second attempt. As I tried the Gelato in Maxim Cake Shop before. But this is the first time to see the making of gelato step by step. ^-^
You want to know more about the history of gelato, please click here.
Seating areas
They also have one cute little seating areas for the kids.
Ok back to the topic of gelato. What is the difference between gelato and the common ice-cream?
Gelato has:
1. Less fats (less than 8%) than common ice-cream (around 16% to 30%),
2. Less air content, which means, when the gelato machine whipped gelato, there are almost no air going into the gelato.
3. Thus produce rich texture and dense consistency of the gelato = richer creamier taste.
4. Make from all natural ingredients (eg. fruits).
All the fruits uses in Gelatissimo are from Australia. Like one of the popular mango gelato are using Australia home grown mango and not our local mangoes. ^-^ Same as the banana gelato too!
Following are some of the gelato photos that I tooked from the shop:
Different flavors of Gelato
More flavors........
Closed up of Wild Cherry Gelato
Please note that Penang Gelatissimo have around 50++ flavours. But they will rotate every two weeks with different new flavours. So check it out when you are nearby Gurney Plaza!
Different flavours type of cup ~ from 1 flavour and up to 3 flavours

Closed up version of the flavour cups + cone
Pricing of the flavour cup from the range of RM8.90 - RM16.90 (1flavour to 3 flavours). As for the cone, it's range from RM9.90 - RM17.90 (1favour to 3 flavours).
This is the take away packed with Regular (650cc) - 2 flavours and Large (1300cc) - 3 flavours. Furthermore, you will given a nice shopping back of gelatissimo.
Check out the pricing from the below photos and also the promotion.
Want to see the machine that produce all this yummy and delicious gelato?
Gelato Machine imported from Italy.
Mango Gelato
This is the end product of gelato where we saw the process of making. And we had the chance to taste the gelato directly out from the machine. ^-^ The taste is fantastic!!!! I don't mind to have more, I guess most of the bloggers will agree with me, right?
Gelatissimo Mango Shake
This is our testing cups. It is so cute! And I enjoyed the mango shake very much and it would be better off, if there are more mangoes in there. ^-^ As I am the mangoes fans. ^-^

Affogato ~ RM14.90
We were honoured to try out their affogato. They use the famous freshly grounded illy coffee and top with Biscotti Gelato. I quite enjoy the affogato. It is a nice place to sit down with a cup pf affogato and chit chat with friends. ^-^

2 flavours cup of gelato ~ Green Tea and Belgium Chocolate
There are more than 50++ gelato offers in Gelatissimo @ Gurney Plaza. Some of the flavours are: Mangoes, Green Tea, Belgium Chocolate, Chili Chocolate, Blood Orange & Passion fruit, Rum & Raisins, Chocolate Mint, Apple, Banana, Wild Chery and more.........
We wrap up the day by taking the photos of the management and staff of Gelatissimo @ Gurney Plaza. Whenever you passed by Gelatissimo, you will surelt heard the staff greeting you with "hello....... hello...... hello....." I think we run out counting how many times they greet people who passed by Gelatissimo. All the management and staff are very friendly and they are happy to recommend you which type of gelato to get. And they even let you sample some of their gelato too!
You can pop over to other attendee review:
If you need more information about Gelatissimo, please refer to their website @


wenn said...

wow, that's fantastic! lots of varieties too!

gill gill said...

Very detail post! :) Glad that you all enjoy the gelato!

♥peachkins♥ said...

I love gellatos! I had a blackcherry gellato once and I absolutely loved it!

buzzingbee said...

good info!
Now I wish I can get some gelato!!

Becklee said...

I tried the Gelato twice before but I still prefer the "normal" ice cream like haagen daz.

Little Inbox said... make me drooling.

worldwindows said...

Having these quality stuff will make the normal ice-cream tasteless. I like NZN esp at the DesaParkcity and Curve, PJ but then very costly affair.

Big boys Oven said...

one of my favourite Gelato!

allie said...

I love to taste the gelato straight out from the machine. Can't get enough of it!

Anonymous said...

tried it at gardens...nice ice cream!

vialentino said...

wooo....lots of ice cream variety...yum yummy ler...

wish to join u all to eat this nice ice cream next time...

Food For Tots said...

I have tried gelato in KL before. Maybe it's time for me to check out gelato in Singapore. The Affogato looks great! A great indulgence! :)

Steven Goh said...

nice.... I miss out the fun again :( hope to get chance to join up next round.

meiyi said...

mary.. u r so sweet.. u linked my blog :)
now, whenever i'm at gurney...
i'd remember our gelatissimo review.

Unknown said...

wenn - Yes... lot of varieties to choose from. ^-^

gill gill - We did! And thanks for the arrangement. ^-^

peachkins - Will try the black cherry next time! ^-^

buzzingbee - Your posts are more detailed than mine. lol Ya..wish to have more gelato. ^-^

Becklee - Well.... for me... I loves both. lol

Little Inbox - Go and get some to try it out!

worldwindows - Yup... a bit costly in price. ^-^

BBO - wow... you are also gelato fans!

allie - yes... agree with you. The tastes is fabulous...^-^

SimpleGirl - Great that you enjoy it!

vialentino - Yes sure.... lol

Food For Tots - Yes, I like the Affogato. Yeah... you should check out the gelato in Singapore. ^-^

Steven Goh - Yes.... you missed out wonderful excursion. lol

meiyi - That's good! So we will always remembered by you ah.... lol

甜Ω夏季 said...

but last time i purchase two flavor cups, the ppl doesn't fill all the cup with gelato, they just use the gelato to cover the top, below there 40% is nothing de.. so sad RM12.90 buy 60% gelato only.. T.T

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