Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Red Bali Seafood Restaurant Sdn Bhd @ Ayer Itam, Penang

Wonder what am I having for this Mother's day? Yes.... you got it right it's Mother's day meal that I am going to blog about it after 3 months. ^-^ As my draft folder is piling up and i'm trying my best to post as much as possible. Since it's Mother's Day, we decide to have something simple. And we did not do any booking, so we went out for an early dinner without knowing where is our destination and in the last minute, hubby told us, we go to
Red Bali Seafood
Huh? both my gal and I was wondering where is daddy going to bring us? Then hubby told us that will bring you to eat something nice.
ok..... then we just leave it with his decision.
Location: 288E-1-13 Jalan Thean Teik, Fortune Court, Ayer Itam, Penang.
Tel: 04 - 8297369, Kuan 016-4881128, Sim 0174771910
Once we were seated, hubby rush to the counter for ordering as we can see that most of the table are occupied and also most of the tables are reserves. Since it's mother's day, we knew that it will be lots of people flocking in. So we better get our order first. ^-^
Grilled Prawn with special sauce ~ Rm18
Prawn is one of my favorite foods. So hubby ordered this for me.
The prawns are fresh and also the sauces that go with the prawn are nice.
Claypot Curry Fish ~ RM22
Hubby and my gal are on the "spicy" heat during that time. Every where they go, they would love to try "curry". And they enjoy their curry very much. Not over spicy as my gal still can handle it well as it has some hint of sourish. And the fish is fresh and juicy. But be warn, it's a very big bowl of claypot for only 3 of us. ^-^
Stir fry mini french beans ~ RM8
My gal enjoys this dish very much as the mini french beans that we had is very "young" and crunchy. I think most of this end up in my gal tummy.
Steam Garlic and chilies Scallops ~ Rm12
Hubby saw some scallops, so he ordered some as my gal loves scallops. When she is small, we always tell her that this is "fish ball" as when she is small she loves fish ball very much. So in order to let her have some scallops, we told her it's fish ball. ^-^ But when she gets older she will tell you that it is not fish ball, it is scallops. lol
The scallops is pretty normal. Nothing to shout about as you can find it in many other seafood outlets.
White Rice
Off course we are having some white rice to go with our dishes. My gal loves white rice very much. I think she had two bowl of rice that night as she would like to have some curry gravy to go with the rice.
Overall, their foods are nice and the price is very reasonable. I will certainly go back to try their other food choices. They have lot of varieties of foods to choose from.


Anonymous said...

curry fish with lots of gravy goes well with rice!! yummy!!!the used pari fish??

Big Boys Oven said...

all those dishes looked appetising indeed, great spicy food!

hApPy HaPpY said...

Been to this place during chinese new year a few years back, quite enjoy the food there...

foodbin said...

all the food looks so appealing esp. the curry fish.

Selba said...

So... the food is Balinese or .... ?

New Kid on the Blog said...

Wah good food leh!!

cariso said...

The price seems reasonable too uh, surprisingly! Last time I was told otherwise.

Steven Goh said...

looks yummy leh.... i love the Steam Garlic and Chilies Scallops kinda mixture of west and oriental... delicious.

worldwindows said...

Steamed garlic scallops and not forgetting with black beans too. Yummy.

♥peachkins♥ said...

Those are really celebration food!

Unknown said...

SimpleGirl - Yes, curry goes well with rice. Yes, hubby order Pari fish. ^-^

BBO - yes... nice foods but not really spicy. lol

hApPy HaPpY - Good to hear that you enjoyed the foods there. lol

foodbin - yes, all the foods are nice. lol

Selba - err.... not Balinese. lol

NKOTB - yes..... go and try it!

Unknown said...

cariso - ah.. perhaps changed. Now, you can go and try it out. lol

Steven Goh - Yes, tastes nice too!

worldwindows - yeah.... agree. Should go with black beans. We used to have that in Melbourne all the time. lol

peachkins -

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