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Would you like to have some "halal" foods with your Malay colleagues and friends? Whenever we have some Malay friends/colleagues, we always have some difficulty when choosing a venue as we have to choose place that is "Halal". And recently, I found a shop that is certified "Halal" in this restaurant which serve Chinese/Vietnamese and Thai Cuisine.
During our visit to Song Yen Seafood, we spotted this newly opened restaurant ~
Location: No. 8-10 Lebuh Nipah 5, 11900, Penang.
Tel: 04 - 6455368
It is located at the back row of Hai Nan Homecook Chinese Restaurant.
We are the first customer for the dinner session and we were directed to our seats. Then came the menu. They have quite lots of things to order from the menu. But since this is our first time there, we stick to some of the ordinary orders and some recommendation by the restaurant.
End up we ordered:
Bamboo Prawns ~ RM15
As we were told that this is one of the special dishes. The bamboo prawns tasted fresh and tasty and the sauces are not very spicy but my gal found it a bit too spicy for her though. So I ate most of the prawns by myself. ^-^
Kerabu Chicken ~ RM10
Actually hubby wants to try the kerabu fish but i insisted that he ordered the kerabu chicken as my gal would like to have some chicken. The chicken is deep fried and garnish with kerabu and sauce. The kerabu chicken is pretty normal that you can find in many places. And since hubby don't take deep fried foods so often, so my gal and I finished most by ourselves.
Stir fry french beans ~ RM8
Hubby and my gal love this dish very much. Perhaps this is also the first dishes being served, and they ate most of them but they reckon some part of the stir fry french beans is salty. But it is ok to go with rice.
Claypot Seafood Delight ~ RM25
This is hubby order as he would like to try out their claypot seafood delight. But this turn out to be a bit disappointment for us. As it is too watery. It is more like a soup. ^-^ Hubby comments that it is a bit blunt. But we scoop all the ingredients out and finished it and left all the soup behind. lol
Overall, their services are good, very attentive and also the environment is bright, clean and air conditioned. We did not try out the desserts since we were full with all the order but will go back next time to try them out. Our total bills are RM68.70 (including 3 plates of rice and 2 drinks)
You can check out 忻忻妈咪 blog for this restaurant review.


Steven Goh said...

Bamboo Prawns look good. I saw once at Tg.Bungah but no chance to try out... want to rombongan there?

J2Kfm said...

the place is run by Chinese or Malay? fancy seeing a Halal restaurant serving those dishes.

esp claypot seafood, i doubt malay restaurants have them.

Unknown said...

Steven Goh - Then you can give this place a try. ^-^

J2Kfm - Well, I think is run by chinese but all the waiter and waitress are Malay. Regarding the claypot seafood, I also scratching my head but the restaurant emphasize that they are "halal".

minchow said...

The prawns look a real treat!! But the serving looks so small... only 3 or 4 prawns?? Not enough lahhh...

Unknown said...

550ml jar of faith - ah... actually more than 4 prawns in there. As it overlap one to another. And the serving is just for 3 persons. ^-^

Selba said...

I'm just so hungry looking all the food in this post :)

allenooi said...

u are really a chu char queen.

worldwindows said...

The prawn dish is unique but the chicken looks very good!

Unknown said...

Selba - ^-^

allenooi - gosh.... not again. ^-^

worldwindows - both tested no bad. ^-^

My Food Fetish said...

The restaurant owner has forwarded to me the flyers during their recent opening but I have yet to try the food here. This is the same restaurant as the Golden Bay at Sunway Tunas which has since closed and replaced by this one.

Unknown said...

My Food Fetish - Thank you very much for the information. We knew that it's from the Golden Bay at Sunway Tunas from the bill. And I hope that they maintain their customer services as previously when they operate in Sunway Tunas, one of the uncle attitute was very bad. And guess from there, they lose customers. ^-^
But so far their service is very attentive in this outlet. I am waiting to see your review. ^-^

Little Inbox said...

Err...is that called French beans?

New Kid on the Blog said...

new place???
yo, you ah... no one could beat you liao la!! chu char queen. :)

Anonymous said...

the chicken kerabu made me drools...nice place for those who wants halal food

Unknown said...

Little Inbox - yes... French bean. ^-^

NKOTB - Actually they closed down from Sunway Tunas and move to the recent place and change their name. ^-^

SimpleGirl - Yes indeed nice place. The chicken kerabu are not bad. ^-^

Big Boys Oven said...

the food sure looks good to be, is it true only 2 prawns served on the bamboo tray?

♥peachkins♥ said...

I bet my husband would love those bamboo prawns!He loves prawns.

cariso said...

Ya, now i know where the GOlden Bay ended up !

Food Promotions said...

I am looking for halal food place to gather with my Muslim friends. Good intro :D

Becklee said...

The bamboo prawns look absolutely delicious, and also the kerabu chicken.

Unknown said...

BBO - No, ther are around 6 prawns I think. ^-^

peachkins - Yes, should bring him here and try it out!

cariso - ^-^

Food Promotions - I am waiting for your review. ^-^

Becklee - They both tastes ok. ^-^

buzzingbee said...

pass by many times but no chance to try out. Was waiting for someone to blog about it! :)

Unknown said...

buzzingbee - Well, go and try it out and wait to see your review. ^-^

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