Friday, 28 March 2008

Petanak Central Market

Lcoation: Kuching, Sarawak
Kopi Peng in Sarawak
The Kopi Peng in Sarawak is not very thick compare to Penang. I like the Sarawak one better. Hahhaaaaa......
Oh Kuih
This stall oh kuih is not very nice. I like the stall selling kuih outside 4th mile Everise one.
Goh Hiang
This uncle goh hiang got vinegar inside. So it taste a bit sour. This uncle fry it b4 he serve us.
Salted Vegetables
Chai Poh with Egg
Although it is a very normal dish but the uncle put many chai poh inside. So it got nice aroma.
KaCaMa Chicken
I always order this dish when I visited this stall. It is not the best in town but Don't know why I will always order it. Hahhaaaa........ (It is chicken cooks with one type of herbs and chinese wine)

Braised Chicken Gilbret
Hot Porridge
Overall, the food is normal but we tend to go there as the central market open late at night. Usually if we want to have things to eat after 11pm then we will come here for porridge. Another reason because my dad loves to visit this stall and the uncle is very friendly.


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