Thursday, 2 February 2012

Restaurant Ta San Wan @ Taman Intan, Sungai Petani, Kedah

Last year has been a very hectic years for me. So I don’t have much time to blog. This year I tried to sort out sometime for myself and continue blogging. I have tons of foods to share but am thinking which one should I start? Perhaps I shall start with my Chinese New Year (CNY) reunion dinner.

This year my MIL suggested that she had our reunion dinner in a restaurant. As every one of us were so busy. I left Penang around 5pm to rush back to hubby home town for the reunion dinner. There are two sessions for the dinner i.e. 6pm and 8pm. We opt for the 6pm session.

Vividly before CNY, we tried the restaurant foods before. This restaurant is more like “Chu Char” style. We tried few dishes for lunch as following:

Stir Fry Sweet Potatoes Leaf

Guinness Stout Chicken

I heard from my MIL and also hubby aunt that their Guinness stout chicken was superb. Well….. it tastes nice but my gal was reluctant to take it after the first bites. I guess she cannot take the Guinness Stout aroma. The chicken is very tender and juicy. And if you liked the styles that the chicken were not deep fried too dry, you may want to try this out.

Deep Fried Fish with Soya Sauce

This is the first time that they ordered this fish. The outer part of the fish tastes very crunchy. The inner part is very delicious. Not too hard or too soft. Just perfect! However the fish slice is very rich. Sure kids would love this.

Thai Styles Bean curd with Salted Fish

I found that this bean curd is good to go with rice. It has a combination of saltiness and spiciness. My hubby families love this dish very much. Although it is very simple dishes but sometime it works out to be the best.

Following were the 8 course meals that we had for our reunion dinner:

Four Seasons Hot Plate

This is the first dish that we had for the reunion dinner. It consists of handmade fish meats, cuttlefish with special sauce, Chicken with mayonnaise and black pepper meats. Overall……. It’s something different as I never try the hot plates that consist of blanch cuttlefish with special sauce.

Crab Meat Shark Fin Soup

Fu Gui Kampung Chicken

The chicken is tender and soft. It is full of Chinese herbs. However I feel that the chicken should not wrap with the wrapping film. I would prefer that they use other source to wrap the chicken.

Indonesian Styles Prawn with Mantou

We like the sauces used for this dish. Adults are hard to get on hold of any mantou as most of the mantou are fully booked by the kids. For some who cannot take any spicy foods found that the foods are bit spicy for them.

Steam Red Snapper with Teo Chew Styles

Braised Seafood

The braised seafood is quite nice. It is very tender. Kids love it very much. Braised seafood consists of fish maw, sea cucumber, squids, mushroom, carrots and slice abalone.


The name of the dishes is nice but however we felt that it is very salty. Apart from the ham, fatty pork, slices abalone, there were some carrots, twisted tang hoon and button mushroom.

Desserts ~ Gingko, White Fungus, Dry Longan and Red Dates

It’s never too late to wish everyone “Happy Chinese New Year 2012”.


Tailim said...

Welcome back.......

My Taste Heaven said...

the guiness stout chicken looks really tempting :) happy chinese new year

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

Sin Tai Lim - TQ!

My Taste Heaven - Have a try if you have the chance! >.<

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