Thursday, 12 February 2009

Azuma @ Queensbay Mall

I have been lazy recently for updating my blog. lol Guess still in the holiday moods. Anyway.... the blog for today is
Azuma Japanese Restaurant
Location: No. 100-2F87, Queensbay Mall, Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas.
Table Settings
Order List
I did not take any interior photos as we went there during Friday night and it is almost full house. That could be because the restaurant is having promotion on certain foods, that's why all the crowd. lol
One of the promotion during January was :
Sake Sashimi Promotion ~ RM12
The services render by the restaurant are not so great. It takes quite long for Sake Sashimi to serve us as we have almost finished other food. Each time we check with the waiter/waitress when can we have our sake sashimi, they always came back and keep telling us our order is on the way. lol
After don't know how many attempts as we have lose count of it. lol Then came the sake sashimi.
We were very disappoint with the Sake Sashimi as compare with the promotion from Jurin eXpress ~ Sake Sashimi promotion (RM13.80), we fall in love with Jurin's sake sashimi with a first bite. They are totally different. lol
Next..... we were recommend to try......
Azuma Zushi Pizza ~ RM28
Well..... we try Japanese pizza b4 @ Kiss A Koyotei. And both pizza are totally different. Japanese pizza is actually call Okonomiyaki. Hubby loves the one @ Kiss A Koyotei as he comments that Azuma Zushi Pizza is mainly cover with mashed potatoes. lol But however, I think this is Azuma own specialty. If you love potatoes, I think this dish will suit you more. And it is top with Salmon.
Saba Shioyaki Set consists of
Grilled Mackerel
The mackerel is so fresh. And it tastes very nice but is a bit too rich when you consume a lot. lol This is actually my order and I let hubby tried some and he loves it too.
Miso Soup
Seafood Udon
Udon.... that's my hubby order as he loves noodles a lot. Especially QQ textures. And now my gal starts to love udon too. lol Hubby let my gal tastes some and end up, the seafood udon has been moved from my hubby place to her. lol The soup base is very sweet from all the seafood's.
Una Cheese Maki
After hubby browse through the menu, he cannot resist to order the una cheese maki. And we were told that we can order half of the serves as the full serve consist of 8 pcs. So we opt for half serve (4pcs). The tastes vice is just so-so and the sushi is not firmly pressed. lol
Shake Butter Yaki ~ RM12
This is also one of the promotions that's offer when we dine in January. As it is butter salmon...... so it is cover with mainly butter. And it is quite rich. Taste vice is just ok for my personal tastes.
Garlic Rice
The garlic rice has a very nice aroma. And it tastes nice.
Free Green Tea Ice- cream
After we asked for the bill, they only served us this free green tea ice-cream. lol From the photo, you can judge how is the green tea tastes. lol As hubby loves green tea ice-cream a lot but he stop after he tries once. lol
Overall, their foods are ok. It depends on which type of foods you are ordering. lol
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New Kid on the Blog said...

new layout!!! very nice, i like.
i've been there once, but didn't bring my baby along, so didn't get to snap any pics. :(

Allie said...

Wow! New outlook!
This is in my makan list too but wallet cannot tahan ler.. *sob*

cariso said...

Beh khi lah the green tea! Not even 'green' leh! :)

Food Paradise said...

NKOTB - Thanks! Hope next visit you remember to bring your "baby" along. And wait to see your review. :D

Allie - Thanks! really.... then will wait to see your review soon.

cariso - hahhahhaha.......

gill gill said...

the Sake Sashimi doesnt taste good from the picture i guess because of the cut size and also the salmon part is not mean for sashimi.

indeed the picture tells a thousand words...haha, when i saw the Una Cheese Maki already know the rice not firmly pressed before i read

Food Paradise said...

gill gill - you are right about the Sake Sashimi.
Yes... indeed the picture tell a thousand words. :D
But apart from that, I do enjoy the Grilled Mackerel.

Lingzie said...

wah new layout liao!! :)

i still havent tried this place. may go this weekend. the green tea ice cream really kenot la! like cariso said - not green also! lol

Food Paradise said...

Lingzie - yes... for a change. lol
Will see your review soon. The ice-cream is free mah. :D

Hong CN said...

Nice blog to read on :-)
Just feel that this restaurant is quite pricey. The pizza is unique, tried before - luckily didn't challenge to have one pizza per person :-P

Food Paradise said...

Hong CN - Thank you! and drop by often. lol The pizza is really too much to consume in one go. :)

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