Sunday, 12 September 2010

Kozue Japanese Restaurant (revisit) @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

This is a back dated post. Which is sitting in my draft for many months. As I been busy this year and have not much time to spare for food blogging. And since it is a school holiday right now, I told myself, I need to spare myself sometime to do some blogging. ^0^
Recently, one of my friend asked me to recommend her some Japanese foods. After much thinking, I suggested her to try out Kozue since she shop at Gurney quite often and also with 3 kids tag along, I think it would be nice that she could try out.
This is our second visit to this place, for the first visit, you can refer to here.

Aspara Bacon ~ RM5
After he first visit, hubby loves the food. So we decided to go back again to try out other foods. This time round, we get Ms. Ivy to recommend us some foods. And she recommend that we try aspara bacon which we love it very much. It's a wrap of asparagus with bacon in a skewer. If you take beef, then I suggest that you try out their beef skewer as well.
Grilled Fish ~ RM58
This dish was not in the menu. We only knew that they offer this dish while chatting away with Ivy. If you remembered that in my first visit post, in the menu which there are so many question marks on it? Which means that there are special meals available every day. Which you have to ask them. Their every day meal changes every day. And we were glad that we have the chance to try upon the grilled fish. It was nicely done and the fish has a rich aroma and textures.
There are additional sauces to go with you. But I prefer the ordinary aroma from the fish. Both hubby and I think that it is best to dig in with its original aroma. However the sauces are nice too. It is make of vinegar.
Traditional Japanese Braised Pork Intestines ~ RM15
This is another dish that we try on that day. We were told that this is the traditional Japanese foods. Well, it seems like the same as our Chinese braised pork intestines but the sauce uses is different. The pork intestines are very tender. Hubby loves it very much.

Yaki Udon ~ RM17
Hubby would like to try their udon. So he order yaki udon to try it out.
Unagi Don
My gal loves unagi very much. Therefore, she ordered the unagi don for herself.
Goma Ice-cream ~ RM7
Before we wrap up our meal, we decided to try out their ice-cream as recommend by my friends. And we are glad that we try out their ice-cream. As it has a very rick black sesame flavours on it.
Location: 170-03-59a/60 Gurney Plaza, 10250, Penang.
Tel: 604 - 2269336


♥peachkins♥ said...

I love bacon wrapped asparagus and is that black sesame ice cream??

Jason Wong said...

Ivy is in Miraku now. She has left Kozue, I think, in March or April.

cariso said...

It's a totally different story when the taukeh is not there. The service is simply intolerable.

My Taste Heaven said...

i have been craving for unagi for weeks already. the photo makes me hungry XD

Unknown said...

peachkins - YEs... black sesame ice cream. ^-^

Jason - Thanks for the info. ^-^

cariso - really. ^-^

My Taste Heaven - oppss.... sorry. ^-^

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