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Chai Seafood @ Batu Maung, Penang

Since after my first visit to this shop, it has been marked down in our mind that this is the place that we will be coming back often. Since it is in Bayan Lepas area so it makes us easier when we want to have some chu char. Furthermore, the service is quite fast and also it has air condition. As nowadays the kid will always complained that it is too hot. So if you facing this kind of problem, perhaps you can drop by this place for lunch or dinner.
Following are some of the dishes that we tried after several visit
From above 1st row: Hatyai Bean curd ~ RM8 and Stir fry "Yau Mak" with garlic ~ RM7
If you like the "kerabu style" of bean curd, then I would like to recommend you to try their Hatyai bean curd. As it has the best combination of sweetness, spiciness and sourness. Not to mentioned that the bean curd is very crunchy after they deep fried it.
From 2nd row: Steam Kappa with Lemon ~ RM12
During one occasion, hubby visited this shop for lunch and he happened to try the kappa there. And he insisted to bring my gal and I to try it out. As he described that the kappa is bigger in size compares to the normal one that we had.
So we head there and try the steam kappa with lemon as introduce by the lady boss there. Well, the kappa is indeed very big and juicy and not to mention that the sweetness came from the freshness of the kappa. My gal and I enjoyed it very much.
***** Please note that the big size kappa is not available all the time. *****
Last row: Steam Promfret ~ RM18 and Seaweed Soup
My gal loves seaweed soup, so we decided to give it a try. And it turn out to be not bad. As for the promfret, it is quite normal.
First row: Stir fry green beans with dried shrimp ~ RM10
Another dish that I highly recommend you to try is the stir fry green beans with dried shrimp. Providing that you love green beans and dried shrimp. The dried shrimp is deep fried and then stir fry with the green beans. That's make both the green beans and dried shrimp very crunchy.
***** Please note that this dish is very dried. If you prefer some sauces, then you should omit this dish *****
Second row: Marmite Chicken ~ RM14
Their marmite chicken is a bit different to others as it is cooked with some chili padi. So be very careful when you dig in. The chicken is very tender and tastes nice.
Last row: Steam grouper with teochew style ~ RM40 and Hot plate sizzling bean curd ~ RM12
The steam fish with teochew style makes you have more appetite as it is a bit sourish and the fish is fresh. As for the sizzling bean curd, it is quite simple dish.
First row: Steam fish with special bean paste sauce
Please be warned that this dish is a bit spicy for people that who cannot take spicy foods like my gal. She complained that it is too spicy for her. But hubby and I quite like the taste as it is something different.
Second row: Onion Omelette and stir fry asparagus
Both are quite a simple dish.
Last row: Stir fry bitter gourd with spare ribs and black bean paste, Stir fry lady fingers with garlic
Both hubby and I enjoyed the stir fry bitter gourd with spare ribs. Out of surprise with the combination, the bitter gourd does not taste bitter for us. And it is not salty as well. The spare ribs are quite tender. As for the stir fry lady fingers with garlic, it became a favourite dish for my gal right now. hahhahaha.......
First row: Flower shell ~ RM8
During one of the visit, hubby saw that they have flower shell, so he ordered some to try. As occasionally, my gal loves easting this kind of shell. But off course we will limit her to some extend. The flower shell is nice when it dip with the chili sauce.
Second row: Stir fry vegetables ~ RM7 and Assam Prawn ~ RM16
Their assam prawn is quite special as normally we will get the dark color assam prawn that cooked with soy sauce. But this is different, you can see from the photo above. As a prawn lover, off course i enjoyed the plate of assam prawn very much. hahahhahaa......
Last row: Curry Fish ~ RM18
Occasionally, my gal will ask us to order some curry fish. As she loves to coated her rice with some curry. The curry fish is quite nice and the fish itself is so fresh. But be warned that it is quite a big serving. It seems like never ending of fish inside the clay pot. hahhahahhaa.......
First row: Stir fry mix vegetables with broccoli and stir fry kappa with chili padi
After trying the steam kappa, we decided to dry other cooking style of kappa. Which is cook with soy sauce and chili padi. Which is not bad. But this time round, the kappa is the normal type.
Second row: Mantis Prawn
Since this visit is with my mum and sister. Hubby order mantis prawn for them to try. The mantis prawn is very fresh as once you order the mantis prawn, they will scope it straight from their aquarium. Their mantis prawn is nice.
Last row: Chili crab and man tou
Whenever we have more people dine in, hubby will order crab especially with my sister presence. This is the first time we try the chili crab. And it turn out to be quite nice. My gal was in love with the mantou. I think she ate lots of the mantou. hahhahaha.....
First row: Stir fry kappa with spring onion ~ RM12
Another try of their kappa with spring onion. Since my gal wants something not spicy. So that she can have some of it. As the previous stir fry kappa with chili padi is a bit spicy for her. hahhaha.....
Second row: Curry Fish ~ RM24
Since this trip is with my friend, we order some curry fish for her to try. However, we found that it is a bit different from what we ordered before. But we still enjoyed the dish.
Last Row: Hatyai Chicken ~ RM14
Hubby want to us to try the Hatyao Chicken in one of our visits but we were told that it is quite a big served for 3 of us. So since this time round we have more people. So we get to try it. I believed that it is quite similar with the hatyai bean curd that we had before. But please be warn that it is quite a big plate of chicken. We have the difficulty to finish them too. hahhahaaa....
Well, that's what we ordered after several visits.


wenn said...

i would love to try the kappa..

♥peachkins♥ said...


Anonymous said...

wow, this place must b real good....U've tried so many dishes there.....!!!

ck lam said...

Thanks for sharing this chu char place. So many dishes to choose from...I sure would like to try the Marmite Chicken.

worldwindows said...

Batu Maung is my favourite seafood haunt. This is new but to me. The menu is impressive.

Jean said...

they really look deli

A smile from SJ =)

Jean said...

they really look deli

A smile from SJ =)

J2Kfm said...

Good, comprehensive post.
everything in one, detailed.

cariso said...

Salute salute! Group all under one post, easier for us to refer. Thanks

ahmiao said...

i like their 'pai kut ong' so much loh...n their homemade taufu....n their drink-ambra sour plum,cant find other that can replace the ambra yet....

tigerfish said...

So much food! I'm jealous!

Tailim said...

wow, so much to eat, already confuse what to order....any GPS reference..TQ

Unknown said...

wenn - yes.. you should. But I think have to wait for he season. ^-^

peachkins - yup... ^-^

SimpleGirl - The foods are nice and it is quite near to where I stay. That's why, I go there often. ^-^

ck lam - yes.. please drop by and have a try!

worldwindows - yes.... you should drop by and try next time you are on Penang.

SJ - yes.... ^-^

J2Kfm - Thank you! ^-^

cariso - You are welcome. ^-^

ahmiao - I always order the ambra too! Will try the dish that you recommend next time. Thanks for sharing and thanks for dropping by. ^-^

tigerfish - hahhaha... come and try it out! ^-^

Sin Tai Lim - Sorry... did not record any GPS reference. Will do that next time. ^-^

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