Saturday, 18 September 2010

Goh Huat Seng (Chu Char) @ Lebuh Kimberley, Penang (revisit)

On and off we will stop by to Goh Huat Seng for some comfort foods. I still remembered my first trip to this restaurant. It's about 8 years ago. My mother in law (MIL) brought me there with great grandma, hubby's aunt and uncle. We had lunch there. And my MIL ordered us so many different dishes. And their steamboat is also one of my hubby favourite foods. This lead me to think of going back for their charcoal steamboat soon. ^-^
During our visit, we had a quick dinner with my sister in law (SIL) as we were in the hurry to settle something after the meal. So we order some simple dishes such as
Seaweed Fish Ball Soup
My gal loves the soup and not sure how many bowl of soup she had on that day. She told me she loves the fish ball too as it is in springy form.

Braised Duck and pork intestines
The braised dick is very tender. I love the way they cut the braised duck. It is cut into thinly sliced. It is easy for kids and the elderly.

Deep Fried Fish
Although it is just a simple deep fried fish but it is such a comfort foods for all of us. And my gal enjoys easting the fish since it is less bone intact. ^-^
Stir fry bean curd with leeks, prawn and mushroom
This dish can be easily found in most of the Teochew Cuisine. Sometime my mother in law also cooks this for us. Loves the bean curd as it is crunchy in the outer layer and soft inside.


enqvist said...

i like their steamboat, very delicious

♥peachkins♥ said...

everything is awesome!

Little Inbox said...

It's been a while haven't dine in there. The fish balls and seaweed soup is my favorite.

Tailim said...

maybe I should try this place again. It has been a long long time ago.

J2Kfm said...

Oh and I thought this place only serves steamboat.
I am not an avid fan of steamboat, hence I never thought of paying this place a visit.

Unknown said...

enqvist - Thanks for dropping by. ^-^ Ya... loves the steamboat too!

peachkins - ^-^

Little Inbox - It's my gal too! ^-^

Sin Tai Lim - Yes, you should in your next trip here. ^-^

J2Kfm - They served Teochew Cuisines and also Steamboat as well. You should give it a try! ^-^

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