Sunday, 26 March 2017

Tokyo Restaurant @ Krokop, Miri.

Apart from the kolo mee and Sarawak laksa, there are lots of food to try out. One of the outings, we were brought to try out:

Food that we savour:

Char Koay Teow with tomato sauce
Actually not many people will accept the taste of Tomata Char Koay Teow with tomato sauce. One of them would be my hubby as he said what is so special with tomato sauce?
Well, I just like the way they stir fry the tomato sauce with Koay Teow. The gravy is something different. 
As for this stall, I think they are not putting much of tomato sauce as I can't taste the tomato sauce although the outlook looks like they did. But overall still taste nice.
Kolo Mee
Chau chai vermicelli soup
Hubby is kinda a soup base type of person. Therefore, he opt for the chau chai vermicelli soup. He loves it very much as it is cook with some rice wine and chau chai. Lots of ingredients in the bowl. I would say that it has a nice fragrant aroma and tasty too.
Stir fry chau chai vermicelli 
This is another version - which  is dry version. They stir fry it with chau chai. Both soup and dry version has its own flavours. As for me I would prefer the soup base as it suits my liking.

FoOd PaRaDiSe verdict:

Overall, food was nice and the drink that I order was quite nice too but sorry I did not took any photo. Which is the fresh passion fruits drink. 
As for food that we savour, I would recommend you to try their chau chai vermicelli if you love rice wine flavours.


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