Sunday, 3 August 2008

Restoran Leow Nam Seng

Location: 214 Jalan Transfer, 10050 Penang
Tel:04 226 6952
Business hours: 10 30am to 2pm, 5pm to 9pm
(Closed on Thursday)
Direction: When you come from Burmah Road, Turn into Jalan Transfer, you will see second hand car seller shops in your left and a few shops down the road, you will see Restoran Leow Nam Seng (on your left too).
For parking vice, you either park in front of the shop or the opposite of the shop.

Restoran Leow Nam Seng

Soya milk with leong fun
This is the first time I had this. I saw the next table having this and I ask hubby what is that?? And he told me it is soya milk with leong fun. It is basically soya milk + leong fun. It is quite nice. My gal have a try and she is happy to suck the leong fun out.

Stir fry kang Kong with bean paste
Usually when you order something cook with bean paste it will turn out to be salty. LOL but this shop stir fry kang kong with bean paste taste nice and not salty at all.

Seaweed Soup
This soup really taste good. We found out that inside the soup got so many ingredients - minced pork, seaweed, tang chai, fish ball, fresh, fish fillet, bean curd..............
RECOMMENDED!!!! if you love seaweed soup

Loh Eggs
Their eggs are very firm.......sometime you get lumpy type of loh egg but not this shop.

BBQ pork
Not bad.... but the sauce is a bit too sweet for me.

Braised Duck
The duck meat is so tender and nice.
Overall.... the food is not bad... and serve pretty fast. It cost us RM26.20 with 2 soya milk leong fun + 3 white rice. And the restaurant serve porridge too. This restaurant cook Teochew food.


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